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    [–] My (23 F) boyfriend’s (23 m) apartment is so disgusting that it’s creating stress in the relationship. Advice? NerdBell 2 points ago in relationships

    Hey OP. Also from Montana, and familiar with the unfortunate attitudes people from those communities sometimes have when faced with others who don't make the same life choices they did (moving to a city instead of staying near home).

    Moving in with a partner who will "let you stay for free" is opening yourself up to potential financial abuse, cleanliness issue aside. Be really careful -- moving in together can be great for a relationship but it can be stressful for the most strong of couples. If you cannot afford to move out, you should not move in. It will afford you so much peace to know that you're not trapped in a potentially bad situation to have a personal financial buffer.

    Not wanting to move in somewhere because you do not feel safe is not being "prissy".

    [–] Melatonin folks. NerdBell 12 points ago in GradSchool

    Benadryl is an antihistamine with anticholinergic side effects

    [–] Gyms in Cambridge NerdBell 1 points ago in cambridge_uni

    I liked the YMCA personally. Cheap but has all the basics, as opposed to my College gym which was free, but had very little equipment and restrictive hours.

    [–] Boston/central MA baby photography NerdBell 1 points ago in babies

    Try Mira Whiting, she's great!

    [–] Choosing a college NerdBell 4 points ago in cambridge_uni

    It's true that Emma has free laundry. They will also wash and fold a bag of laundry for you free once a week.

    [–] US PhD with a Canadian MA NerdBell 1 points ago in GradSchool

    Different programs treat these things differently. You'll have to do specific research for each program. For example, I applied to 4 programs. 3 of them had no special treatment for those who came in with a master's. The one I'm going to allows me to skip some of the qualifying exams because I have a master's.

    [–] Should I do a PhD? NerdBell 1 points ago in PhD

    Bear in mind that this advice is great in some fields and not great in others. I see you're in immunology. As I'm sure you know, the field of biology in general is really tough right now for academic jobs. Industry does have options, but they can also entail long hours (also, biology PhDs tend to have quite long postdocs beforehand!)

    [–] Finished Lev Grossman’s “The Magicians”. Am I missing something here? NerdBell 1 points ago in Fantasy

    I finished the book series today (and really enjoyed it) -- I couldn't stand the TV show. The show is also not particularly similar to the books, at least as far as I could tell from the first two episodes.

    [–] Winter In Finland. NerdBell 2 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I think it wasn't included in analysis. From what figures I could find, the US is about on par with Iceland.

    [–] Turning your coursework papers into publishable articles NerdBell 5 points ago in GradSchool

    For what it's worth you two might be talking at cross-purposes a bit: the person you responded to about the "75-80" comment is from the UK where a 75 is quite a good mark, as opposed to the US where it is... Not great :)

    [–] Getting into grad school with a different undergrad major? NerdBell 3 points ago in gradadmissions

    I have an undergrad major in Chemistry and I'm about to start my PhD in computer science. If your coursework aligns (I took a bunch of CS and did compchem) and/or you do some "extra time" (I got a master's in the UK) it's definitely possible.

    [–] All my rejections are citing my low GPA. Is it worth it to shell out for some online masters just to change this? NerdBell 4 points ago in gradadmissions

    If you're in the Bay Area(ish) I think trying to find work experience as an RA would be a great way to increase the competitiveness of your application while not breaking the bank. Feel free to DM, I am just finishing up a job as an RA in compbio and am about to start my PhD.

    [–] Best language for a biochemistry PhD applicant and coding beginner NerdBell 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in PhD

    I'm going to go against the grain and strongly recommend R. Python is a great language, but it is not the lingua franca of biology. I am working as a computational biologist, and R simply can't be beat in terms of (1) simple, usable base graphics to get a good look at your data very very quickly and (2) package support for biological programming. And because it has those things, there is immense online support for basically any biological or bioinformatic question you might have with examples in R.

    Edited to add: there's also this great thing called knitr where you can embed R code into a TeX document and it's beautiful. Easy way to write up reports, analyse data and then present with tables and graphs, etc.

    [–] PSA: losing it is expensive, but worth it. What expected and unexpected costs did you find? NerdBell 15 points ago in loseit

    They totally exist! I wear a 30F. Try r/abrathatfits for more info; it's a fantastic resource that has links to online stores. I can only find my size in the UK or online.

    [–] The academic metabolism pathway NerdBell 1 points ago in PhD

    Oh cool, I didn't realize! Where did you source your stats?

    [–] The academic metabolism pathway NerdBell 16 points ago in PhD

    And the yields on all these steps are abysmal, too :)

    [–] Can anyone tell me more about this bell I found in my barn? It reads "J. Warner & Sons Bells 1908" NerdBell 1 points ago in bells

    Yes! Warner & Sons are a fairly well-known foundry that have cast several rings of bells:

    You can sell this bell to the Keltek trust. They do amazing work "re-homing" bells, much to the happiness of ringers everywhere! Here's their contact information, taken from their ad in The Ringing World.


    We have a large number of enquiries for single bells for augmentations, for complete rings of bells and small bells for chiming.

    Please contact:

    The Secretary, Keltek Trust, The Kloof,

    Lower Kingsdown Road, Kingsdown, Corsham,

    Wiltshire SN13 8BG

    email: [email protected]

    web site:

    Registered Charity No. 1154107

    [–] PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving? NerdBell 2 points ago in PhD

    A top 5 University in CS. I did, however, do a master's in computational biology after undergrad so it wasn't exactly a straight path!

    [–] PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving? NerdBell 3 points ago in PhD

    My undergrad was in Chemistry and I've just been accepted to a CS PhD program.

    [–] What is my role as a journal club presenter? NerdBell 1 points ago in GradSchool

    Do you have to present your first week? If you can listen to how your new JC club presents papers you'll probably get a good idea!