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    [–] The academic metabolism pathway NerdBell 1 points ago in PhD

    Oh cool, I didn't realize! Where did you source your stats?

    [–] The academic metabolism pathway NerdBell 15 points ago in PhD

    And the yields on all these steps are abysmal, too :)

    [–] Can anyone tell me more about this bell I found in my barn? It reads "J. Warner & Sons Bells 1908" NerdBell 1 points ago in bells

    Yes! Warner & Sons are a fairly well-known foundry that have cast several rings of bells:

    You can sell this bell to the Keltek trust. They do amazing work "re-homing" bells, much to the happiness of ringers everywhere! Here's their contact information, taken from their ad in The Ringing World.


    We have a large number of enquiries for single bells for augmentations, for complete rings of bells and small bells for chiming.

    Please contact:

    The Secretary, Keltek Trust, The Kloof,

    Lower Kingsdown Road, Kingsdown, Corsham,

    Wiltshire SN13 8BG

    email: [email protected]

    web site:

    Registered Charity No. 1154107

    [–] PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving? NerdBell 2 points ago in PhD

    A top 5 University in CS. I did, however, do a master's in computational biology after undergrad so it wasn't exactly a straight path!

    [–] PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving? NerdBell 3 points ago in PhD

    My undergrad was in Chemistry and I've just been accepted to a CS PhD program.

    [–] What is my role as a journal club presenter? NerdBell 1 points ago in GradSchool

    Do you have to present your first week? If you can listen to how your new JC club presents papers you'll probably get a good idea!

    [–] This Friday night things to do for a person struggling to stay sober NerdBell 1 points ago in boston

    Make sure to book 2+ weeks in advance; this is their busy time of year and they need extra warning to get 2 people in at once. Source: tried and failed to book for my anniversary with my bf with a week's notice, had to rebook for Feb

    [–] Will an ASA credential with no experience positively or negatively impact my internship prospects? (Not job prospects) NerdBell 5 points ago in actuary

    As a somewhat off-topic note, unless you're not in the US, a master's degree is not a great way forward to become a professor. A PhD (and generally, in math, a postdoc) is absolutely required and you may as well get started sooner rather than later...

    [–] Should I sell my house in SoCal? NerdBell 2 points ago in personalfinance

    Part of the problem was also the undue stress it would put on rural hospitals in MA. While MGH and BWH and other big hospitals would complain but ultimately pull through, it would have been incredibly damaging to small rural hospitals like North Adams Regional. And many of these hospitals already have limits at least in the ICU...

    But then, the hospitals claim there's a nursing shortage and the nurses say it's hard to get a job so who knows.

    [–] Wedding games??? NerdBell 2 points ago in Weddingsunder10k

    Bacio is kiss in Italian, so maybe you just got mixed up :)

    [–] Wholesome dad at queer event NerdBell 27 points ago in wholesomememes

    Sex* is biological. And even then, intersex individuals exist...

    [–] Need ideas on intellectual fodder outside of work NerdBell 3 points ago in GradSchool

    If you live in a major city, trying change ringing could be really fun! It's about ringing bells in permutations rather than in tunes. I find it a friendly community, a rewarding hobby, and a pleasant flow-state escape. :)

    [–] Popular Unisex Names Over Time (US 1980-2017) [OC] NerdBell 2 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Yes, but Ashley was actually originally a male name.

    [–] Computational Biology MPhil NerdBell 1 points ago in cambridge_uni

    International students can do part III. Feel free to message me; I did the compbio MPhil and was an international student at Cambridge.

    [–] What's the most reasonable way to travel to Heathrow for a morning flight? NerdBell 1 points ago in cambridge

    I've taken the bus a time or two and it's always been fine. It is an early morning, though :/ if you're not checking any bags you can be more loose on timing.

    [–] Adult session of stake conf (in heart of Morridor): *VERY* poorly attended, and approx. 50% in their 70, or older. NerdBell 11 points ago in exmormon

    It's also a reference to the geographical "Mormon corridor" --> "Morridor" that goes through Utah, Idaho, to some extent Montana. The similar sound to "Mordor" is a delightful extra ;)

    [–] I just failed my degree NerdBell 20 points ago in GradSchool

    If you're at Cambridge there are some other avenues you might not yet have looked into. Have you tried to get your College to lobby for you? Sometimes a Chaplain will be willing to put in a good word... What college are you at?

    Based on some of your earlier posts I think I know what program you did -- I did it a few years back. S.E. may be willing to vouch for you too. Feel free to contact me directly.