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    [–] Lol NewbSaysRawr -4 points ago in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

    I like watching pewdiepie sometimes. Political subs can sometimes take things too far and forget that some people aren't as apt on politics. I am, but I don't watch pedlwdiepie for some vague dogwhistle political BS. I just like memes.

    [–] Lol NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

    Both extremes are lunatics. It just so happens the left extremes are far less in number and severity. Extremism is never tolerable though and your beliefs should hold water without the threat of violence as coercion.

    [–] TIFU by ruining a vegetarian's love of gummy candy NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in tifu

    Hey I've been eating gummy bears my whole life and I bond with my kids over them but I found out one of the ingredients is 147 times removed from an animal so I have to stop eating them and force my kid to as well to honor some bullshit concept of a diet

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Why would the drug problem be the government's fault ?

    There was a massive campaign in the 70s/80s to introduce crack cocaine to black communities to increase the success of the war on drugs

    Here is a story about how police dropped C4 onto black communities suspected of manufacturing / distributing drugs, ultimately leading to the death of many innocent people and children

    I see using drugs is one's own fault.

    Using drugs is human nature. We've been doing it longer than we've had any form of government. Some drugs are very harmful and shouldn't be used, but that's up to the individual to decide. The war on drugs was used to target anti-war hippies and minorities (admission by Nixon is on tape) and that is why Marijuana is still schedule 1 and lobbying for politicians invested in ATF, DEA, and ICE prevent it from moving

    [–] Saw on r/memes NewbSaysRawr 2 points ago in insaneparents

    I majored in comp sci and graduated top of my class. My major required a number of outside majoe courses that the minor conveniently satisfied. I like philosophy and logic so I did it as a psuedo-elective.

    But please, continue on about how getting an education makes me stupid.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Half the stud you have said is just nonsense. Cops don’t go deep into gang territory?

    Yeah there's areas where they don't go. Maybe it's a street and maybe it's half a neighbor.

    And yea, you’re right, the republicans don’t really seem to care. Neither do the democrats,

    Democrats push for prison reform and California just made private prisons illegal

    Democrats push for better drug laws and to expunge nonviolent marijuana charges

    Democrats push for education reform and public aid systems

    ook at all of the cities that have been run by democrats for decades in states that have been blue for just as long and explain why they are the areas having all of these problems.

    Because fixing things takes time and you can't just go 0-100 unless you want to lose all your voters

    It all starts with two things, education and people behaving themselves.

    "People behaving themselves". See you're assigning an individual character to thousands to millions of people. It doesn't work that way. On that scale it's not just people being bad, it's a system that creates crime.

    Government can build you a school, but if you tear it down then there is nothing anyone can do for you.

    They can also pay teachers and fund the schools unlike what they do here in NC where they don't pay teachers enough or give them supplies.

    Anyway, I’m out. Hopefully you find the solutions you’re looking for.

    Only solution is to publicly pay to fix the problems that fall on all of our shoulders

    [–] Saw on r/memes NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in insaneparents

    I mean I minored in philosophy because I enjoy logical thought process but go ahead and call me names over and over, definitely makes your stance much more sensible.

    I'm sorry you've failed to realize two different sentences are different. Good luck on your future endeavors failing to follow simple logic and then lashing out at everyone telling you you're wrong. I'm sure it's actually everyone else that's wrong, not you and your very big brain.

    [–] Saw on r/memes NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in insaneparents

    Every situation is different is only true if the parents are immune to the law.

    That is false. Every situation is different inherently.

    That doesn't change that what you said is literally not the same as what the other person said.

    There are situations where the law says one thing but due to extenuating circumstances there's jury nullification or a judge decides one way as opposed to the other.

    Just because there's scenarios where the process is complex and nuanced does not mean parents are above the law like you suggested the person implied. That is not what they implied, that is only what you took away from their comment. You don't have to "break it down", I understand what you are saying. I understand what you are saying, it is just not right.

    You keep calling me stupid and at this point I think you're trying to convince yourself.

    [–] Rep. Omar says Trump ‘put my life at risk’ after he retweeted a false claim that she ‘partied’ on 9/11 anniversary NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in politics

    This is some of the dumbest shit I’ve read in awhile. What president doesn’t bring in people that are aligned with them?

    Tfw you think a loyalist is just someone that agrees with you

    If he was actually doing things that are illegal and unconstitutional the other powers would kick in and then deal with it.

    If you have loyalists in the senate and in the DOJ, they're not going to suddenly have a flash of righteousness and turn against you. McConnell has blocked election security bills from coming to a vote like 6 times now. The GOP leaders in the house constantly try to discredit anyone who brings anything negative towards Trump forward, even if it's critical to national security. They're all sticking up for him, so no. They won't just KiCk In AnD dEaL wItH iT. That's called checks and balances btw, and they're not all supposed to be loyal to one person.

    You just don’t like him and therefore any and all things he does are wrong and jail worthy.

    I don't like him because of all the shit he's done that's jail worthy. Even Mueller said he can be indicted once he leaves office.

    It’s amazing how blind your logic is by your hate for trump.

    I do hate Trump but it's not illogical. He's an awful person and there's evidence a thousand times over he's not fit for office. But because he's stacked all the branches of government in his favor, nothing is getting done and you lot take that as "he's innocent!"

    Don't bother replying. All you're going to do is bootlick and call me stupid anyway.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Because someone is threatening to kill you does not give you the right or moral pass to kill an innocent non involved person. That is not an excuse to kill someone.

    Didn't say it was. But it is what happens. You can't excuse murder but you also can't expect people to martyr themselves, and unfortunately you have to pick a side.

    Do you have any data to back up the rate of forced gang intimations?

    Not other than knowing it happens pretty frequently, I'm sure I could dig some up but it's not a topic I frequently research. There's plenty of first hand accounts, but recognize it's not exactly the easiest data to get (you don't just walk up to random gang members and ask them if they were forced to join) so there may not be a lot out there beyond anecdotal evidence.

    If someone gives the ultimatum to kill an innocent or be killed yourself, you should fight the aggressor, if you die you die, still a better option than killing an innocent.

    Lol ok there, maybe you've been watching a bit too many action hero movies but that's not the way it goes. If you're approached by 6 people with guns and told to take down a rival gang member or you take his place, your options are die or kill. There is no "fighting back". And even if you did, you fucking live there, so I hope you don't mind your family being in immediate danger.

    I hope you don't mind if I steal a quote from you:

    This is the stupidest comment I've ever seen on reddit.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    why should the rest of society put up with it?

    What would society do? They're still citizens and have rights.

    Why don’t people in the community turn others in?

    Snitches get stitches, and it's an accepted part of life. Police typically don't even go deep in gang territories. So maybe the corrupt police won't take you in too but then the others will.

    I went to school with people who went on to commit murder. I know people who have joined gangs.


    They weren’t forced into those situations, they liked the idea of being a bad ass and they went off and did it.

    I sure hope you're not suggesting your shithead friends from your childhood represent any larger group.

    I’m sure somewhere, someone was forced to kill someone and there was just nothing they could do. But that is not true for the vast vast majority of cases.

    Maybe you feel that way but it's not based in reality. A lot of the time people do elect to join gangs, but it''s not because it's something they want. It's because they are left without any other options. Maybe you live in a dangerous area and have to protect and provide your family. Maybe you were wrongly convicted and now can't a job. Hell maybe you can't get a job because you live in that area and no business owner in their right mind would take the risk on you.

    Under those circumstances being able to afford life's necessities and have people behind you when you're down sounds pretty appetizing.

    It is not on society to indulge all of this stuff just because big chunks of people can’t behave themselves.

    See this is what I don't get. You all are so quick to base everything on character. Oh those millions of fucking people? Guess they're just bad people! Like you can''t possibly think it's actually that simple can you? Because that's ridiculous. That is a childlike misunderstanding of how the world works.

    No in reality it's much more complex and nuanced, and good people end up doing bad things. To understand and repair this system you have to have compassion for a perspective you don't understand, and you have to follow the rabbit hole to where the problem really is.

    Private prisons. The war on drugs. Corrupt police. Republicans. It's been this way for decades.

    That’s why we lock them away from everyone else.

    We lock them away because it's profitable and helps to push a narrative. An effective one too, just look at your self repeating it. Oh the prisons, they're full of bad people that do bad things! They need to be put away because they can't behave like the rest of us!

    But when you don't strip them of their humanity you realize something

    Many of them resorted to crime because they fell on hard times and felt they had no other options. Many are wrongly convicted. Many have had their rights stripped for nonsense. Go watch the central park 5 if you don't believe me, because shit like that isn't uncommon.

    So long as you keep repeating and believing this narrative that the big bad people are put away by the good boys in blue to make the world a better place, you'll never see past the curtains.

    See which politicians profit from private prisons. See how they profit from the companies inmates are forced to use to even call loved ones. See which party it was that was responsible for distributing drugs to the communities. See which party has tobacco and alcohol and gambling in their pockets, the same groups that peddle addiction disproportionately to low income communities.

    It all ties back to the republicans. The republicans have turned poor minorities into a cash crop, and taught their constituents that they deserve it.

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.”

    ― Lyndon B. Johnson

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    What gangs are out there just picking up random people and forcing them to be a member?

    Do you not realize this absolutely happens? Forced initiation is definitely a thing, there's documentaries on it. You don't just sign up to join a gang online, a lot of the time you're in it because you have to be.

    If you’re in a gang and committing violence, that’s on you and nobody else.

    Except the people that hold a gun to your head and ask you to make a decision

    And no, saying people are responsible for their own actions is not the same as saying they are responsible for the socioeconomic station they were born into. Not at all.

    It plays a part, violent crime rates are much lower in better off areas and people go "I guess they're just... Better people?" No dummy it's the environment they're in.

    I will agree with you that race doesn’t correlate with violence. Culture does though, and the person who joined a gang in your example is perfectly fine with a culture that thinks violence makes you cool.

    And again, you clearly don't know how gangs work. Just wait until you find out about protection taxes. Turns out not only may you have to join a gang, you'll probably also have to fund it if you live in it's area. And what happens if you tell them no to the protection fee? Well then you're not protected. Maybe from rival gangs, maybe from that same gang that doesn't like you saying no.

    Shit is a lot worse than you make it out to be. You don't just live nextdoor to violent gangs and say "please sir don't bother me thank you".

    Don't even get me started on people who get arrested and then can't get jobs and have to sell drugs or steal to pay rent and put food on the table. It's a very real and tragic cycle that plays a huge part in this "statistic", and a lot of the time you're left with a decision to suffer homelessness or harm or be a part of the statistic.

    [–] Saw on r/memes NewbSaysRawr 0 points ago in insaneparents

    Everyone seems to disagree with you but keep on telling yourself that. You said 2 things that aren't equal are. That's false. You're welcome to write me a novel trying to justify it but you might as well tell me 2+2=5.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Gang initiation, kill or be killed. What do you do? Fall on the sword or do what you have to to get by? Are you going to tell me that's the same as a person who kills out of malice?

    And that's not what you said at all. You said it must be nice to not have to take responsibility for your actions, indicating you think they're the ones to blame for the situation they're in. The cards are stacked against them from birth and they're significantly more likely to get into crime for whatever reason, and then bullshit statistics like this get put out for all the middle class keyboard warriors to scoff at and go "I knew the blacks were the bad guys".

    There is nothing about race that increases murder rate, yet those are the only two things mentioned. All of the actual problems are foregone to call out race, and that's why it's racist, and that's why talking about taking responsibility makes you sound like an enormous asshole.

    What we need to do is fix these areas to start with, but that's not going to happen because they were designed to be like this. The war on drugs was manufactured, the private prison systems are profiting, and those same middle class keyboard warriors are using these "statistics" to validate themselves as they go to vote for the people that keep the ball rolling.

    It's a big fucked up system and posts like that are just a small cog in it.

    [–] Saw on r/memes NewbSaysRawr 0 points ago in insaneparents

    I'll do that and you keep denying you're ever wrong. Keep it breezy.

    [–] Fact check: No, NC House Democrats weren’t at 9/11 ceremony amid contentious GOP vote NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in NorthCarolina

    I guess? I don't really follow the point you're getting at though. Democrats don't lie about wanting to take guns and it's not really an unpopular stance either. On the other hand, the family values party getting caught up in lies and hypocrisy and sex charges, that's a bit of a different ball field.

    [–] Saw on r/memes NewbSaysRawr 0 points ago in insaneparents

    So not only are you hostile but you also can't read apparently.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    I reserve compassion for the good guys. People with hateful views towards innocent people aren't deserving of equal treatment.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Well I'm sure they'd love to have you back given your views about the topic

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    You're just showing how desperately you want to be able to use flawed statistics to call black people violent so I think it's safe to say we can agree to disagree here.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk


    1. Not racist.

    2. It's valid data

    1. Sure

    2. It's used as a premise to support an invalid conclusion, that's the issue. In that respect it is not valid.

    Take that poor people commit a disproportionate ammount of crime and a disproportionate amount of poor people are black and suddenly this statistic looses most of its validity as an argument towards racism, but is nonetheless still a valid statistic.

    It's not valid in the context it's used. What's the argument being made that requires an established link between race and murder rates - but fails to acknowledge any other important and relevant information?

    My point was that people are quick to jump onto any statistic they see and use it for validation, except for when they don't like the statistic. Then all of a sudden it's racist for even existing.

    It's not racist for existing, it's not valuable because it excludes important variables and contexts and it's used to justify racism. In that respect it is absolutely invalid.

    People like you are the problem,

    PeOpLe lIkE yOu

    because almost everything about what you said was just plain wrong but in your head it made sense so you ran with it.

    Everything I'm saying absolutely makes sense. You can't just pick 2 data points, draw a correlation, ignore ANY AND ALL related factors, then say "see, blacks kill the most"

    FaCtS dOnT lIe headass

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 0 points ago in agedlikemilk

    The outside factors aren't race you moron. Factors like illegal districting and government introduction of drugs and marketing addictive substances to lower-income individuals and for-profit prison systems and corrupt police departments. Things that stack the odds against them that they aren't responsible for.

    It's so easy to sit on an ivory tower and blame the bad bad brown man but you fucking idiots have been blind to the fact that you've been putting them in those positions all along. You would do the exact same fucking thing in their shoes, the only difference is nobody forced that shit on you.

    Just saying: you're garbage

    [–] Rep. Omar says Trump ‘put my life at risk’ after he retweeted a false claim that she ‘partied’ on 9/11 anniversary NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in politics

    He appointed loyalists to office. That system only works if the individual parts do their job. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, William Barr, Jim Jordan, they're not going to go against Trump even if it's the right thing to do.

    Are checks and balances have been corrupted and were at a point where anything could happen. The president is absolutely in criminal regardless of the fact that he hasn't been convicted. He's not going to be so long as the system is rigged in his favor.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    It's not an excuse, it's a reason. Your circumstances can absolutely impact the decisions you make. Not that I would expect you to understand, someone who isn't familiar with it and wasn't forced into it never will. It's really easy to not do anything super bad when you're dropped into a cozy pillow life where you can cast judgement on people who have it much worse than you.

    [–] Old Reddit was a different person NewbSaysRawr 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    Then why are you here blaming black people for the effects of a system forced onto them?