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    [–] Man Arrested With 17 Guns, Grenade Launcher and Nazi Paraphernalia NexTerren 1 points ago in news

    This is closer to having "one video game" or "one movie." Different guns can shoot wildly differently. Someone who does it for fun (target practice) or sport (hunting) will get different ones for different purposes, or just for the fun of something different to shoot.

    [–] Clutch with Amaru through the OTHER Trophy window on Chalet NexTerren 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    The damage-per-shot is one of, if not the, highest (normal) shotties in the game. The RoF sucks, though, so you need to land your shots... everytime.

    [–] Six months on tinder as a young sex worker looking primarily for older men. [OC] NexTerren 62 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    and still I dont match anyone but at least I know what I'm doing.

    And that makes you the real winner.

    [–] Ubisoft digging at ash mains! NexTerren 185 points ago in Rainbow6

    Pretty sure everyone hates Ash at this point honestly

    Thermite is mad that she won't let him nuke New Mexico...

    [–] looks like new event is coming.. and i think its all about zombies.. NexTerren 9 points ago in Rainbow6

    I believe the skin around her eyes was ripped off and left in her goggles if you look closely.

    [–] Password Managers, What are your thoughts? NexTerren 4 points ago in security

    I do, and a physical sheet in my safe.

    [–] Password Managers, What are your thoughts? NexTerren 10 points ago in security

    Do you personally use a password manager, why or why not?

    I actually can't think of a good reason to not use one, unless you're really, really good at memorization. And I mean really good.

    What password manager(s) would you recommend, and what made you choose them over other services?

    Offline: KeePass 2. Secure, trusted, been around for a while but still updated. Highly customizable

    Online: Passpack: No breaches. Your account is password protected and your password "pack" is encrypted where the server never has it unencrypted (it's decrypted locally), so even if the servers are compromised it would take an advance phishing (?) attack to get into your passwords.

    What kind of password do you use for your master password, a more memorable kind, a random 64char string, or otherwise?

    A long, easy to remember, nonsensical phrase. "The hippos dance only once around when the sun isn't blue." "Death is only an option when scuba teachers regret it." "Pink bridges make for fantastic landscapes in winter." Even if someone knows you're using english words in a phrase, they're crazy hard to brute force.

    What have you put in place to make sure you’re never locked out of your accounts, backups, writing it down, etc?

    Passphrase physically written down in my safe without any reference to what it is. Been meaning to also get a password backup on a flashdrive in a safe box in a bank in case I die.

    Would you recommend using more than one password manager at once?

    Seperate password groups (personal, projects, work), sure. Not otherwise. I don't really see the point in separating it otherwise. Basically manage passwords separately if there's a possibility of concerns for who should have access.

    Have you ever been in a situation where you got locked out of your manager/passwords/accounts, if so what did you do to recover from that situation?

    Yes... I deleted my local password file.

    But in theory I only memorize the following "passwords:"

    • Primary email
    • Password manager
    • Windows login
    • Cellphone pin

    I can recover accounts and access to everything if I don't forget those. If I do forget the password for the password manager, or it goes down (or... is deleted), I can still recover everything else.

    [–] I’m not a Bernie fan but he has this one right NexTerren 1 points ago in Libertarian

    I think I figured out you can't do it to yourself. :(

    [–] New operator gets screeched on NexTerren 19 points ago in Rainbow6

    Like repelling then swinging in onto someone, yep.

    [–] I’m not a Bernie fan but he has this one right NexTerren 10 points ago in Libertarian

    So to clarify "No data should exist forever" you just mean "body cam footage should have an end-of-life." Okay, that makes more sense.

    [–] I’m not a Bernie fan but he has this one right NexTerren 2 points ago in Libertarian

    Ignore this comment, just want to run the bot against myself.

    [–] I’m not a Bernie fan but he has this one right NexTerren 4 points ago in Libertarian

    a serious problem with our swat team wearing Mulitcam

    Of all the gear they could own that might cause concern, multicam is pretty much at the bottom of the list.

    [–] I’m not a Bernie fan but he has this one right NexTerren 6 points ago in Libertarian

    No data should exist forever.

    Could you explain what you mean? Do you mean state-owned data? Filmed data? Any data whatsoever?

    [–] The United States has an epidemic of traitors NexTerren 2 points ago in JordanPeterson

    As a general term for an internet search, or you used google?

    I'm not who you're replying to, but I'm wondering if there's a material difference in terms of what he said?

    "I used a kleenex to wipe my nose."

    "As a general term for facial tissue or an actual kleenex?"

    [–] The United States has an epidemic of traitors NexTerren 8 points ago in JordanPeterson

    they want the U.S. to send AR-15s

    They want the US to send a civilian weapon? Why in the world wouldn't they want, and wouldn't the US send (assuming it's going to send something) military weapons?

    [–] Suggestions for my wife NexTerren 1 points ago in preppers

    I've been looking at the CX4 Storm 9mm and Vector Gen2 9mm for a while now. CX4 is very ergonomic, and people love the Vector 9mm (Gen 1 & Gen 2) for having very little kick, even for a 9mm. The Vector also comes in a 10mm version, if you're so inclined. Both take common/semi-common pistol magazines. Both are wildly well reviewed. Both have a rail to support optics, if you can invest in those.

    I honestly never remember anyone talking in a review about them being easy or not easy to clean, and as I own neither I can't directly comment. They're both also not the cheapest options on the market... so they might not be good fits for you.

    Since a 9mm can kill at a range far beyond what a trained shooter from a resting firing position can fire it, as long as you can deliver multiple rounds downrange accurately it should be more than sufficient for self defense.

    My two cents.