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    [–] What types of people do you dislike the most? NexTerren 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Hypocrites, people who don't think about others before they act, and those who live in a mindset of entitlement

    [–] The truth hurts NexTerren 8 points ago in Libertarian

    (Psst. It's a joke about him making the states leave the union by him being elected)

    [–] Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer NexTerren 19 points ago in Rainbow6

    How does reusing characters not make it a new game? Are the Arkham Asylum games not different games since they reuse Batman? The Empire Strikes Back not a new movie since Luke, Han, Leia, and Vader show up?

    [–] Harmonizing NexTerren 33 points ago in aww

    With treats

    [–] Temporal anomalies. NexTerren 35 points ago in DnDGreentext

    On a 10 you throw the Monster Manual at the wise ass.

    [–] Apple wants to sell you a $1,000 stand so you can use its new $5,000 monitor NexTerren 3 points ago in technology

    There are many, many companies that make computer stands that don't sell ads, software, or my information. And they don't charge even in the ballpark of $1000 for an adjustable stand.

    They, Apple, make money selling a brand and a marketing campaign.

    [–] Glaz still needs some work now that his scope is being nerfed NexTerren 6 points ago in Rainbow6TTS

    We're going for 100 operators. This is something you're going to have to live with.

    [–] US states consider decriminalising prostitution NexTerren 20 points ago in Libertarian

    It's not morally wrong, It's freedom of association.

    Freedom of association is a tool, like is often noted with a gun. It can, like a gun, be used morally, immorally, or amorally. It's strange to me that you're implying that it cannot be immorally used.

    [–] Libertarian Party in US: Believe that if someone is peaceful, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States. NexTerren 1 points ago in Libertarian

    Why would we hold prospective Americans to a far higher standard than current Americans?

    In my company there's far more scrutiny, and additional interviews if you're coming from external to the company as opposed to internal applicants.

    Also what are you implying? That wouldn't be holding "perspective Americans to a far higher standard." The standard isn't higher; it just is. There is no standard that Americans are held to, so perspective Americans' standards can't be higher. Like really, what are you implying? That we institute a practice of revoking citizenship?

    [–] Is Getting Ela worth it anymore? NexTerren 5 points ago in SiegeAcademy

    She's not garbage. She's a (mostly) brainless frag machine; drop your barb, drop two mines, and go frag (using the last mine).

    Although if /u/gixsmith's choice is between her and Echo, Echo is a significantly more tactical, flexible, and more "meta" op than Ela. I'd go with Echo.

    [–] Democratic Socialism NexTerren 1 points ago in Conservative

    I'd be fine with a slightly backed off model. Similar to what we have today, but tiered only once: income upto the poverty level, and income over the poverty level. We could do a lesser tax rate up until that level, and a seperate rate above that poverty level. It will grant a singular additional complication, but will account for extreme cases, and ease those just above the poverty level

    Poverty level would be determined on the state and federal level for state (if present) and federal income tax, respectively. Of course, power to the states, and if they wanted an additional "poverty level" for, say, zipcode, they could decide to do that as a state.

    (As a side note, ~12% of Americans earn under the US government determined poverty level. Wikipedia defines this poverty level in layman terms as "a [level in which a] lack of those goods and services commonly taken for granted by members of mainstream society. " and notes that the poverty line is relatively high compared to the international standards. Perhaps this level needs to be adjusted, but I believe the idea holds either way.)

    [–] Nintendo's advertising was much edgier in the 90's NexTerren 3 points ago in gaming

    My interpretation is that she's an alien, and he's attempting to shield himself from her mind rays with a governmental device cleverly disguised as a Gameboy.

    [–] dokkaebi feeling that burn...... NexTerren 10 points ago in Rainbow6

    Welcome to the Internet. Enjoy your stay.

    [–] It drives me crazy. NexTerren 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    ...From orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    [–] Any copper 4s out there? NexTerren 23 points ago in Rainbow6

    "Don't you do it! Don't you say it!"

    [–] Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Law Requiring Burial or Cremation After an Abortion NexTerren 1 points ago in Conservative

    To use the left's language against them--it's gas lighting

    When did gas lighting become a term owned by the left?

    [–] How are people supposed to sit at the bar smh NexTerren 17 points ago in Rainbow6TTS

    Next level plays. What's your gaming chair? Is it the one in the picture?

    [–] AMD Computex 2019 Keynote NexTerren 3 points ago in Amd

    Scott Howard...

    [–] Nokk Nokk! NexTerren 20 points ago in rainbow6dadjokes

    Oh, Nøkk it off.