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    [–] Canada’s New Low Cost Data Plans a Joke Nextasy 1 points ago in waterloo

    Same. I pay 40$ for 4 gigs. The low-cost plans are terrible.

    [–] Nine universities working together to end unsanctioned street parties Nextasy 2 points ago in waterloo

    If people think the property damage is bad now, wait until a 22000 strong drunken party becomes a 22000-strong drunken riot

    [–] Red light camera-Bridgeport and Weber Nextasy 1 points ago in waterloo

    I've definitely been in a car that ran a camera (university and Lincoln) on a full red due to weather in the night. No ticket. The human reviewers thankfully take more into account than "was the subject in the intersection when it was red"

    [–] Los Angeles, CA (In-N-Out) Nextasy 1 points ago in subwaysubway

    Reminder to all that criticism and debate are permitted only if done with respect.

    [–] More questions arise around amalgamation site Nextasy 2 points ago in waterloo

    For me - I'm not always in a place to watch a video. Either due to the sound, or the data cost, or even the device I'm using. Also, it generally feels more tedious than text.

    That said, I'm happy they make them for historical purposes. Personally though, my preference is text.

    [–] Why are half brick, half sidings so common in K-W? Nextasy 1 points ago in waterloo

    Most old non-brick has deteriorated to be replaced with siding. A lot of the brick has not - on a building with poor brickwork, siding covers it. On extensions as mentioned elsewhere, siding is often used over brick.

    So we have many brick buildings half or fully covered in siding rather than repairing the brick. Any area where houses were converted to apartments are probably mixed brick/siding (tons around the unis). And, in the 60s-80s, houses that were part brick to begin with became common - see a lot of split levels, and even rowhomes built this way.

    As for why kW would be unique? Best guess is in the past brickwork was more common due to its availability. Nowadays, the brickwork remains but gets mixed with siding due to expansions or repairs.

    [–] State of advertising in the city Nextasy 9 points ago in waterloo

    Billboards are actually more or less disallowed within the city of waterloo, except for the 3 or 4 that already exist, iirc.

    [–] Wilfrid Laurier University is Closed Today Nextasy 1 points ago in wlu

    Honestly - it's all liability. Take a look around at what services commonly close due to weather - it's almost exclusively institutions that are responsible for ensuring a huge number of pathways, sidewalks, and parking lots are safe. Mcdonalds? Nah that's open, because while they might be responsible for the sidewalk, they dont have the same scale as places like universities. The city is the one on the hook for the next most amount and they can't really close.

    [–] Sweet Victory > Sicko Mode Nextasy 6 points ago in subwaysubway

    Up late making maps?? Been there lol nice work

    [–] Capers from 1963 Nextasy 22 points ago in UofT

    I don't go to U of T but found this in an old paper of my own school and found it pretty funny,,

    [–] Beginnings of a sinkhole... McDougall Rd Nextasy 1 points ago in waterloo

    That road is such a disaster - its so goddamn old, and the houses too - think a number are still on septic. I'm sure the city is loathe to try and redo it, and the residents too - they won't escape sidewalks being put in but I'd bet the majority on that street don't want them.

    [–] Kitchener putting in protected bike lanes Nextasy 2 points ago in kitchener

    iirc I have a preliminary drawing set for the pilots kicking around if you're interested

    [–] Kitchener putting in protected bike lanes Nextasy 2 points ago in kitchener

    Yup - around the 60-70% mark of my commute the infrastructure changes from completely 100% ideal to essentially the worst of the worst. I can totally see how people don't feel comfortable using what's been built

    [–] 19-Year-Old dies after being struck at University/Sunview. Nextasy 2 points ago in waterloo

    This whole stretch is supposed to be redone since it's been recognised that the design is grossly inappropriate for the number of pedestrians that use the space - leading to instances like this. Sucks though, because the region has been dragging their feet for years now on the study for what the new design will look like. Meanwhile, every year another few people have their lives changed or ended entirely.

    [–] free shipping or not ? Nextasy 1 points ago in Aliexpress

    I think there was a sex tiu service that worked this was

    [–] this piece of fuzz that doesn’t want to leave my jacket Nextasy 1 points ago in woahdude

    No problem! I used to spend hours (back when I had them) reading this stuff. Very interesting!