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    [–] Disney+ episodes will release on a weekly basis, instead of the all at once “binge” model NicholasCajun 1 points ago in television

    That domain is hard banned by reddit FYI, so your comment was auto-hidden and can't be approved to be visible by mods.

    [–] Today’s Top Growing Communities NicholasCajun 1 points ago in modnews

    Can you change "Tv" to be "TV" or "Television"?

    [–] Will taking a sub out of /r/all remove it from the subreddit suggestions for new users? NicholasCajun 2 points ago in ModSupport

    You would want to uncheck this option to remove the sub from being suggested to newly registered users:

    allow this subreddit to be exposed to users who have shown intent or interest through discovery and onboarding

    [–] Probably a stupid question NicholasCajun 5 points ago in ModSupport

    The mobile platforms used to be a lot less developed. I would report something when it wouldn't be worth the inconvenience to remove it on mobile at that moment. So either another mod would take care of it, or it would be in my queue (if not already reported, but I wouldn't be able to tell) when I got to my desktop later. The inverse question is: why would you need to make anonymous reports in a subreddit you moderate? Unlike for normal users, there should be zero fear of retaliation from the mods unless there's some toxicity in the team (which would be the more pertinent issue than non-anonymous reports).