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    [–] "Industrial Sized" Foreshadowing from Season 2 NightTrainDan 5 points ago in PandR

    I forgot about that one!

    That really is fantastic.

    [–] EVERY compliment Leslie gave to Ann NightTrainDan 1 points ago in PandR

    Except *"Ann, you devious bastard"

    [–] "Industrial Sized" Foreshadowing from Season 2 NightTrainDan 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in PandR

    That was my thought exactly.

    The show has been off the air for 2.5 years, I didn't think I could "spoil" it for anyone on this subreddit.

    That being said, I truly love r/PandR and I don't want to upset anyone or ruin their Parks & Rec experience.

    Spoiler Tag Applied

    [–] "Industrial Sized" Foreshadowing from Season 2 NightTrainDan 19 points ago in PandR

    Should I spoiler tag it?

    It's not a rule anymore, but I don't want to ruin the show for anyone.

    [–] Favorite Chang Lines NightTrainDan 5 points ago in orangeisthenewblack

    "You churn butter! You Harrison Ford in Witness!"

    [–] Our friends from Pawnee sure love a spontaneous wedding NightTrainDan 88 points ago in PandR

    Tux and Flipper actually had quite a beautiful ceremony now that I think about it.

    [–] Woman of the Year NightTrainDan 27 points ago in PandR


    Enjoy the rest of the series!

    And watching it again.

    And again.

    [–] Michael comes through when it matters NightTrainDan 84 points ago in DunderMifflin

    "Always remember you're unique.....just like everyone else."

    -Margaret Mead

    [–] Anyone Else Think This Was a Little Out of Character for Kev? NightTrainDan 27 points ago in shameless

    Kevin could have had 2 outcomes.

    1) Sleep with the coeds, realize hes not in love with V, and move on

    2) What actually happened. He wanted V more after the college girls.

    Kevin was trying to cover up his sadness & missing V by sleeping with all those coeds.

    That's what gives him the revelation that it's the love that he misses from V.

    Not just the sex.