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    [–] Andy Dwyer, Public Servant. NightTrainDan 18 points ago in PandR

    SOURCE: Season 3 DVD Deleted Scenes

    [–] Weaponry at Work. NightTrainDan 159 points ago in PandR

    SOURCE: Season 6 Episode 5 "Gin It Up"

    [–] Creed's Cocaine Connections. NightTrainDan 8 points ago in theofficegifs

    Yes, a deleted scene from "Goodbye, Toby".

    [–] Ron respects Mother Nature. NightTrainDan 1536 points ago in PandR

    SOURCE: Season 4 DVD Deleted Scenes

    [–] SFO to Yosemite/surrounding and back in 3 days end of the month NightTrainDan 3 points ago in roadtrip

    Have you thought about driving the coast?

    The coast is much milder, and gorgeous.

    Monterey Bay is one of my favorite places on Earth.

    Might be worth looking into.

    [–] The coziest sleeping nook ever created NightTrainDan 9 points ago in CabinPorn

    Now you're talking! The curtain is essential.

    Here's a useless fact for you: All bunk curtains on U.S. naval ships are hand-sewn by federal prisoners.

    The best sleep I've ever had in my life was in my bunk on the naval ship I lived on, which employs a similar design, albeit more utilitarian.

    Beautiful nook.

    [–] Pam's got a little savage in her. NightTrainDan 39 points ago in DunderMifflin

    SOURCE: Season 8 Episode 17 "Test the Store"

    [–] My favorite Winter Olympics Highlight. NightTrainDan 47 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Remember the jersey Michael received as a birthday present?


    [–] HQG gets a new mod. NightTrainDan 14 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    I agree, and a great use of the scene for the topic.