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    [–] Trying to figure out how those waffles came from that waffle iron. NightTrainDan 2 points ago in PandR

    Nice find! I've seen the show countless times and still there are so many details I've never noticed.

    [–] The Risks of Unprotected Sex NightTrainDan 10 points ago in PandR

    That's one of my favorites, too. Here's a GIF version I made recently.

    [–] The Risks of Unprotected Sex NightTrainDan 193 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in PandR

    [–] April and Andy, the best TV couple of the 2000s NightTrainDan 1252 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in PandR

    Aubrey Plaza & Chris Pratt have such great chemistry on the show, it's one of my favorite parts of Parks and Rec. They were such an unconventional couple but opposites attract, right?

    Now that I think about it, Ben and Leslie are also a candidate for the best TV couple. Maybe April and Andy are the best unlikely TV couple.

    GIF SOURCE: Aubrey Plaza Interview

    [–] Bobby Newport likes to bowl NightTrainDan 48 points ago in PandR

    SOURCE: Season 4 Episode 21 "Bus Tour"

    [–] Alternative to Parks and Rec Season 1 NightTrainDan 12 points ago in PandR

    That's actually at the beginning of Season 3 but it is a great recap of what has happened and not a bad place to start.

    For Season 1 here's what I recommend:

    If you decide to start with Season 2, here's pretty much all you need to know about the characters.

    Parks and Rec Season 1 TLDR by u/capilot

    -Leslie Knope is the idealistic, starry-eyed public servant who believes that a well-run government can really make people's lives better. And that she's just the person to do it.

    -Ron Swanson is the hyper-masculine he-man quasi-libertarian who hates all government and only runs the P&R department to keep it from doing anything.

    -Anne Perkins is a random citizen who came to a town meeting with a complaint, and in the process met Leslie and became her closest friend.

    -Andy Dwyer is Anne's lazy boyfriend (soon to be ex). His character quickly evolves into a lovable goofball.

    -April Ludgate is the surly goth intern who really doesn't want to be there.

    -Jerry, Larry, Gary, Tom, and Donna are various minions whose characters don't start developing until after season 1.

    -Mark Brandanoquitz is nobody. Nobody. Ignore him.

    There, I just saved you the trouble of watching Season 1.

    [–] My excellent Father’s Day gift. Felt this belonged here. NightTrainDan 209 points ago in PandR

    Happy Father's Day! That is quite the gift, you're a lucky man.

    [–] The Perks of Being Ron Swanson NightTrainDan 238 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in PandR

    I'd imagine it must be flattering to have someone buy you a delicious steak in appreciation of your acting talents.


    Nick Offerman on the Conan O'Brien Show

    Bonus GIF: Curious Andy visits a health food store

    [–] An Emergency in Pawnee NightTrainDan 25 points ago in PandR

    I very much appreciate your kind words, comments like these make it all worthwhile. =)

    [–] An Emergency in Pawnee NightTrainDan 755 points ago in PandR

    We only see the "Missing Bird Guy" once in Parks and Rec but he's still one of my favorite minor characters.

    SOURCE: Season 3 Episode 5 "Media Blitz"

    [–] Why Government Matters NightTrainDan 110 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in PandR

    It's the thought that counts, right?

    SOURCE: Season 3 Episode 14 "Road Trip"

    [–] Ron's got a new look. NightTrainDan 353 points ago in PandR

    It's hilarious how completely opposite Ron dresses and acts under the influence of both Tammy I and Tammy II.

    SOURCE: Season 3 Episode 4 "Ron and Tammy II"