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    [–] My pet squirrel. NinjaDiscoJesus 3 points ago in BullTerrier

    I do find those dogs very interesting, very few around

    [–] Fuck Bus Eireann! NinjaDiscoJesus 4 points ago in ireland

    Honestly, maybe after you were there for 35 years you could reach that

    But that';s nuts and should be scrapped, the whole system should be rebooted, that's fucking nutbags,22.htm saying roughly same here

    and people on here defending them? wtf is wrong with ye

    a minor minor skillset, easily replaced personnel, wtf

    and the service in general in bollocks

    [–] Fuck Bus Eireann! NinjaDiscoJesus 3 points ago in ireland

    Shocked at how people are defending them. They are grossly overpaid for their job, which will very shortly be obsolete

    [–] Meet the First Woman Filmmaker Most People Have Never Even Heard Of — Alice Guy-Blaché NinjaDiscoJesus 1 points ago in movies

    There was another longer article on here about her recently, I think I might have posted it but I forget, interesting though