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    [–] David Lynch Is Not Retiring From Filmmaking After All NinjaDiscoJesus -3 points ago in movies

    I don't get Lynch, never have, probably never will, don't see anything in his work that interests me, or that is anyway impressive

    [–] Gochu glazed pork rib over rice. [1080 × 1348] NinjaDiscoJesus 1 points ago in FoodPorn

    Korean Hot Pepper. 고추 Gochu, meaning pepper in Korean, is one of the most popular fresh hot peppers found in Korean markets or at home gardens. Fresh green peppers, 5-6 inches in length and half an inch in diameter with medium thick skin are mildly hot and well flavored, enjoyed by spicy food lovers worldwide.

    [–] Richard Trenton Chase, the "Vampire of Sacramento" NinjaDiscoJesus 11 points ago in CrimeScene

    never understood why he was thrown into a regular prison and someone like kemper was put into a psych hospital