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    [–] We all know who's behind it all Ninja_Spi-D-er 5 points ago in MemePiece

    I meant the real life protests lol

    The One Piece story can go on forever

    [–] One Piece 960 Spoilers Ninja_Spi-D-er 1 points ago in OnePiece

    Isn’t it too early for spoilers?

    [–] We all know who's behind it all Ninja_Spi-D-er 10 points ago in MemePiece

    Hopefully they don’t keep Dragon on for too long and a peaceful agreement can be made

    [–] I got this awesome One Piece shirt.... Ninja_Spi-D-er 170 points ago in OnePiece

    ”Oooooooooooh... you’re Benn Beckman!”

    [–] Don’t tell Zoro Ninja_Spi-D-er 28 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in MemePiece

    Also, Zoro’s lost

    [–] You know it (Spoiler) Ninja_Spi-D-er 2 points ago in MemePiece

    That’s not proof enough

    [–] You know it (Spoiler) Ninja_Spi-D-er 7 points ago in MemePiece

    Kinemon knows the truth!

    [–] There was an error in the latest chapter and the official Oda staff twitter account corrected it Ninja_Spi-D-er 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in OnePiece

    Thank you for informing us on this, It is important! Also happy cake day! :)