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    [–] Canberra woman jailed for false rape claj. Niscellaneous 3 points ago in australia

    I don't know if he'll ever regain trust again. Poor bloke.

    [–] Summer in a nutshell Niscellaneous 4 points ago in brisbane

    Soon to be a large gelatinous mass.

    [–] New Meowser Niscellaneous 2 points ago in cats

    Probably also explains that cranky expression

    [–] PSA: No longer allowed water on flights into Australia. Niscellaneous 34 points ago in australia

    This is new? Happened to me last year in October. I assumed it was the norm.

    [–] I look up and who do I see Niscellaneous 2 points ago in cats

    Ceiling cat is watching you...

    [–] Carindale never changes Niscellaneous 5 points ago in brisbane

    Actually, cars have gotten wider since the 60's due to increased safety features. So the allocated space for people getting in and out of cars decreases. Conversely, because of schemes like Green Star and NABERS they give increased scores to maximize car park spaces. So if developers narrow down the spaces by lobbying, they get more Green Stars.

    [–] Carindale never changes Niscellaneous 8 points ago in brisbane

    Don't they make a cream for your Jeep thing yet? It's been around long enough.

    [–] Veterinarians abandon profession as suicide rate remains alarmingly high Niscellaneous 4 points ago in australia

    To be fair, that was a week's worth of care, day and night with multiple catheter changes and medication to suit.

    [–] PSA: Old umart database being used by scammers. Niscellaneous 29 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in australia

    Got something similar weeks ago. Same BS, except 'We have a video of you masturbating. And we'll release it to all your friends.

    [–] Experts confirm Sydney Opal Tower is 'sound' | SBS News Niscellaneous 8 points ago in australia

    Banks have stopped lending to anyone who is looking at buying one of these units

    [–] Anyone else getting unsolicited political texts? Who can we complain to? Niscellaneous 1 points ago in australia

    I thought you could click and hold the text for more information about the text and reveal the phone number?

    [–] Almost every brand of tuna on supermarket shelves shows why modern slavery laws are needed Niscellaneous 1 points ago in australia

    Just a follow up. Mornings with Marc Fennell interviewed one of the authors of the article and had some interesting points.

    [–] Sex offender registries don't prevent re-offending (and vigilante justice is real) Niscellaneous 38 points ago in australia

    From the article.

    " Knowing where convicted sex offenders live may allow people to believe they can organise their and their children’s lives to reduce the risk of harm. This may be attractive to politicians seeking to tap into people’s wish to protect their children. But the Australian Institute of Criminology review concluded registries had no appreciable effect on levels of fear in the community. "

    " Conversely, some researchers have considered whether registries actually do the opposite and magnify safety fears. In 2007, residents of an upstate New York town displayed what the researchers called “community-wide hysteria”, including sleeping difficulties, after notification about sex offenders living nearby.

    Others have raised concerns access to registers may lead to a false sense of security and perpetuate myths about “stranger danger” when most child sex offenders are known by, and are often related to, the victim. Some Australian groups have expressed concerns that publication in small communities may mitigate against reporting, as well as identify and stigmatise victims. "

    [–] Lime recalls all of its scooters in Switzerland after multiple accidents Niscellaneous 4 points ago in brisbane

    Yes and no. Segway make the scooters and probably the software with it. Lime are just the company who put them on the street from what I can tell. More the likely, Lime will likely pass on the costs to Segway.

    [–] 'Mercedes Mum' in court after 200km/h luxury car police chase Niscellaneous 3 points ago in australia

    Fancy naming your child after an alcoholic drink. I wonder what her kids are called? Tequila, Lime juice, and Cointreau?