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    [–] And then this existed NoKenjataimu 2 points ago in StarWarsCantina

    That's because he's eleven.

    [–] thank`s NoKenjataimu 2 points ago in gaming

    How tf does this guy have 2500 points lmao

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 1 points ago in lotrmemes

    I call out liars for what they are. If you don't like it, stop lying.

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 0 points ago in lotrmemes

    My arguments are the movie.

    [–] UNLIMITED BREADSTICKS NoKenjataimu 1 points ago in SequelMemes

    Your power is its power.

    [–] This crossover content from incel-land brought to you by [Lev Grossman’s The Magicians] NoKenjataimu 1 points ago in menwritingwomen

    Calm down and pay attention, I was obviously writing my comment from the POV of a flawed fictional character, I can now say whatever the fuck I want with no repercussions.

    [–] Vikings smell nice NoKenjataimu 11 points ago in HistoryMemes

    AC is a game where you run the risk of angering the townspeople if you interact with them in the wrong way

    [–] Outstanding move! NoKenjataimu 19 points ago in SequelMemes

    Yeah because Maz had just seen them in person days ago and had a personal comlink to them. These other people could have been random allies that nobody has personally contacted for years. Would explain why they never showed up

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 1 points ago in lotrmemes

    Imma be real with you, chief: Anyone who thought Rey wouldn't be a Jedi is fucking stupid.

    Plus, the fact that Finn only defected from the First Order because he was lucky enough to be born with the Force removes his decision of any personal agency and then splits all stormtroopers into "Force-sensitive master race" and "undesirable cannon fodder with no hope of escape" which is pretty fucked up.

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 0 points ago in lotrmemes

    Yeah because POE accidentally leaked the info. Thank you for proving Holdo right.

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 0 points ago in lotrmemes

    Lol Poe was the one DJ overheard. How else would he have gotten that information?

    I'm sorry, but the movie you're complaining about does not exist. In the actual film, everything makes sense.

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 1 points ago in lotrmemes

    Or maybe I just have a different opinion than you?

    [–] Outstanding move! NoKenjataimu 38 points ago in SequelMemes

    At least in TLJ she had some personality. She didn't fit into the plot but Rian found a way for her to show up anyway

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 2 points ago in lotrmemes

    And guess what? It killed a fucking fleet. How apropo!

    Holdo's evacuation was going smoothly until Poe spilled the beans and got everyone killed.

    Sometimes being a reckless badass is not the answer. Pretty simple lesson to learn...

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu -1 points ago in lotrmemes

    Holdo got them to Crait despite facing opposition from BOTH sides.

    [–] I am.. NoKenjataimu 1 points ago in lotrmemes

    Dude SO MANY fucking neckbeards are lying (see: describing scenes that do not exist) in order to change people's opinions on these movies and Disney Star Wars in general. They literally just lie, like they say things happened in the films that do not happen, or things don't happen that CLEARLY do. It's been going on for almost three years now.

    They call themselves the Fandom Menace and they are a fucking cult.