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    [–] Introducing r/redditsecurity Noerdy 2 points ago in redditsecurity

    I feel like Reddit is trying to do a great thing here, and they might have done that, but they definitely need to work on their communication, especially on posts like these.

    [–] What everyday household items are actually way more dangerous than we give them credit for? Noerdy 37 points ago in AskReddit

    Automatic garage door openers can kill you if the spring breaks and shoots out at you. Happens more then you think.

    [–] China closes Everest base camp to tourists Noerdy 1 points ago in worldnews

    Really? Aren't there less then a thousand people who have summited?

    [–] Why is Apple ignoring the EU market? Noerdy -6 points ago in apple

    This. An hour or two at 20-30 degrees is enough to kill my 6s

    [–] Introducing Firms To The Meme Economy Noerdy 2 points ago in MemeEconomy

    Right now it won't change. There will be more roles added soon

    [–] THANKS FOR THE COOKIE OWEN Noerdy 4 points ago in totallynotrobots


    [–] I Can't Charge My iPad Noerdy 2 points ago in apple

    What are you using for a power source?

    [–] shower thought on the butterfly keyboard Noerdy 7 points ago in apple

    Judging as my touch bar still freezes randomly and is super annoying to use, I hope not.

    [–] How did Apple’s AirPods go from mockery to millennial status symbol? Noerdy 1 points ago in apple

    I'm glad they did tbh. I never wanted one because of the fact I'd look ridiculous with them. Now they are find to wear, but I'm holding out until the second Gen

    [–] MacBook Air 2018 Camera Quality is Horrific Noerdy 4 points ago in apple

    They are terrible, but they don't have to be excellent. Who uses those cameras for anything except live video chatting? Which requires the video to be highly compressed to send over the internet anyway. Apple just took our an extra step and saved money in the meantime. It's not a good system, but they don't expect the average person to care. It certainly doesn't really bother me, beyond an annoyance at apples lazyness

    [–] It's a damn dictatorship Noerdy 18 points ago in dankmemes

    Thats not what a private company means. It's publically traded, but it doesn't have to follow free speech laws. If it were a governmental organization (a public one that every citizen can vote on) it would have to follow free speech laws.