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    [–] Daily Help Thread - April 25, 2019 Nokomis34 2 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    I'm on my 7th. Will tm coin her when I get the STMR. Don't really need her TMR, but I have lots of moogles and trust coins can be handy.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - April 25, 2019 Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Is it just me, or is dualcasting Aureole Ray a bad thing? I was trying to chain Esther's LB with Loren, but it wasn't really working. Then I took one weapon off Loren and then it worked like a charm.

    [–] Evil's response to Gumi's Facebook post Nokomis34 3 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Dragalia Lost might just be the most responsive gacha devs out there. The upcoming update (tomorrow I think?) Is huge for this reason.

    Fire Emblem Heroes collab tomorrow too.

    [–] Redditors with toddlers, what’s the most recent illogical breakdown they’ve had? Nokomis34 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Not the most recent, but my daughter whether l went through a phase where she would lose it every time I went straight through an intersection instead of turning left or right.

    [–] Unofficial Wiki Ratings Update (Easter, Enhancements) Nokomis34 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in FFBraveExvius

    Really glad you added Esther 6*. I'm not usually interested in that, but I've only pulled her once (byebye UoC when she enters the pool), but I can get her, at 6 stars, to 2350 Attack. That's absurd for a 6 star unit. So I was curious how she stacked up to 7 stars.

    Noting the finishing comments, I wonder how that will affect A.Fry. Is she the only elementless AR chainer? Slap on the upcoming lightning G.sword, or Nalu STMR and have a lightning only AR chainer (which usually comes with two elements). Or if you have Sylvie, use A.Fry's own STMR.

    [–] Sylvie is the unit all "nostalgia players" want Nokomis34 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in FFBraveExvius

    What really makes this is that you can imbue not just the new, perfect, chaining family, but also the very popular AT family as well.

    And I also really like that it gives mag or att chaining with the same frames.

    [–] The Latest: Warren: US should nix for-profit private prisons Nokomis34 1 points ago in politics

    If the law to pass community service as punishment had a thing to make sure you still got paid, and still had a job, for doing it, I could get behind it. Could maybe make that provision be income dependent, IDK.

    [–] New Firmware: Massive battery update! Nokomis34 3 points ago in Sentio

    Can this update unbrick me from the first update?

    [–] 12 years ago today, Chocolate Rain was released. Nokomis34 2 points ago in videos

    I remember goatse being the reason we have NSFW tags... In that someone got fired browsing a forum (OT I think) and it popped up. Then he came in all mad and stuff. At least that's how I remember it, so long ago.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - April 21, 2019 Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Is LB per turn effected by fill rate? Like, 1 LB per turn with 100% fill rate is now 2 per turn?

    [–] Daily Help Thread - April 21, 2019 Nokomis34 2 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    I just pulled my 4th Marie. Her STMR put my Chow at 150% all elements resist while still 19k health and 1400ish spr.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - April 21, 2019 Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    At what point is there too much LB fill rate? Or to much "fills LB each turn"?

    [–] 10 + 1 ticket Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    5th Elfreeda. Not much to do with that

    [–] President Donald Trump's approval rating drops to lowest level of the year following release of Mueller report Nokomis34 19 points ago in politics

    Definitely not alone. I've spent my adult life in service to this nation, and I've always felt proud of any patriotic displays. Now, however, whenever I see someone waving the flag or what not with the stars and stripes I feel ashamed. Ashamed and angry. Angry at how this despicable movement has coopted pride in my country, just like they did with Christianity. There should be no shame in being patriotic and/or Christian, but here we are.

    [–] Unit Overview: Esther (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius) Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Has anyone done damage calculations for her 6 star? I know generally the math is done without STMRs, but I think it would be interesting what BiS Esther could do at 6 stars. I currently have her 6 star and 2350 attack. I mean, it's kinda absurd that a 6 star can get that high, so I'm really curious how she compares in the meta even at 6 stars.

    [–] Still waiting on Sentio 3 years later. Nokomis34 3 points ago in Sentio

    I got mine that worked until the first update which bricked it.

    [–] Kids whose parents used to put them on leashes, how are you doing today? Nokomis34 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Yep. I'll never forget I was at a stoplight, noting that there was a kid on a leash. This may have been the first time I saw that, that's why it drew my attention. Anyway, with traffic going the kid just leaps into the street right in front of an oncoming car. The mom yanks the kid back midair.

    I was recalling this later to someone who was all anti leash, "you just hold hands". Well, let me tell you. After having my own kids now, hands can slip for one. For another they can actually be pretty good at torquing their hands out of yours when they want to.

    [–] Niche tip: Man-Eater for your Esthers! Nokomis34 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in FFBraveExvius

    If only we could somehow add elemental damage to The Subservient.

    Has anyone tested which comes first? Her own damage/heal or the Subservient's?

    *Edit. I went ahead and just moogled her TMR right now and did the 10 rounds on the dummy. The Subservient hits before her standard heal. So 2k damage then 500 heal. However, her LB heal goes first. So it was 1k heal, 2k damage then 500 heal.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - April 19, 2019 Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Oh. For some reason I thought she was.