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    [–] Amazon’s series The Boys demonstrates why evil-Superman stories are so popular Nokomis34 5 points ago in television

    I hope they do. There's certain aspects that should be the same, like what he is. But I really hope they change what he does.

    When they were at the Christian camp I thought they were going in a cult leader direction, and I hope that's what they do, it would be very interesting. They could end up in the same place as the comics at the end of it, while at the same time being a bit more relevant to current events.

    [–] A simple, 105 year old explanation of climate change Nokomis34 1 points ago in pics

    A single raindrop does not believe it is responsible for the flood.

    [–] A simple, 105 year old explanation of climate change Nokomis34 1 points ago in pics

    Yes. That's why deforestation is a big deal. That's why plans to combat climate change includes planting trees, lots of them.

    [–] GL - Anniversary Follow-Up Ticket (Total Login Days) - Megathread Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    1100 some odd tickets. Only things of note were 2 5* EX, a 5+1 and a moogle container

    [–] What’s your favourite “go fuck yourself” saying of all time? Nokomis34 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I thought lawyer speak for it was "I take your question". Though it's in a different context.

    [–] Rich and Jay talk about The Boys Nokomis34 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in television

    Just watched it. Kinda touches on that, but more of the moral dilemma and not so much "world of cardboard". Kind of a condensed Kingdom Come.

    [–] When the call of the void becomes irresistible Nokomis34 359 points ago in MyPeopleNeedMe

    I love the idea of the call of the void. I was at the harbor a while ago with my kids, and my, then, 5 year old said while standing on the rocks looking at the water "My body feels like it wants to jump."

    [–] Rich and Jay talk about The Boys Nokomis34 35 points ago in television

    I think Homelander showed why Superman has to be such a Boyscout.

    Is there a Superman series that focuses on his internal struggle to just not destroy everything without even trying? I think that could be interesting. Like the one line from one of the animated movies "I live in a world of cardboard". I want to see more of that internal conflict.

    [–] Our View: Deficit would be zero if not for tax cuts Nokomis34 10 points ago in politics

    Can also look at California. Now running a budget surplus in the billions.

    [–] Daily Help Thread - August 11, 2019 Nokomis34 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in FFBraveExvius

    When running the double Gladiolus strategy, how do you gear them? For physical? Magical? Mix?

    Also, can you magic cover the party while Gladioluses cover the units?

    [–] Ideas to improve summoners Nokomis34 2 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    You just gave me an idea. Ever since someone was looking for WoW ideas for collab units I've been thinking about Thrall. My idea was that Thrall would be a unit you want to use a party of 5 (and also get those 5 party missions). This is because he would fill that 6th slot with a totem. Each totem could do different things and basically automate a role. Kind of like a bard, but it could do different things like draw attacks or buff/debuff or heal depending on the totem. What if we took this idea to summoners. Instead of a totem they can summon an Esper to fill the 6th slot. And maybe being an Esper they can have their own movesets, and not be as automated as a totem would be.

    [–] Only getting friend request from people in the r60 neighborhood. Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Yeah, no random requests and all 5 slots are filled with STMR equipped units. I can get requests from the player ID though.

    [–] I(14M) was born when my mom was 15. She is 29 and I'm 14. AMA Nokomis34 64 points ago in casualiama

    This was basically my neighbor in NC. I think it was 5 generations still alive, each one having kids at 15 or 16.

    [–] The world wonders what's happened to America Nokomis34 5 points ago in politics

    But there's also Occam's Razor. In this case it all starts with the southern strategy and moves on to Fox News and conservative media.

    [–] Brad Pitt Is A Character Actor Trapped In A Movie Star's Body Nokomis34 1 points ago in movies

    Same. I wanted to hate him like we do Robert Pattinson, because all the teen girls go crazy. But 12 Monkeys converted me.

    [–] Elena TMR in Item World: How much is enough? Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Absolutely. I've had rare enchants and the rest be completely crap. Like 1 or 3% of a useful stat. Or MP, not even HP or SPR which can be arguably useful for physical attackers.

    [–] Elena TMR in Item World: How much is enough? Nokomis34 1 points ago in FFBraveExvius

    Yeah, I reach attack cap without even trying. I want full mag on my Astrea

    [–] The longer the worse Nokomis34 2 points ago in MurderedByWords

    My wife's nails. She's a nurse.