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    [–] Everyone is here Normified 8 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] Bruh moment Normified 131 points ago in dankmemes

    sound effect #2

    [–] Bruh moment Normified 24 points ago in dankmemes

    Thank you fellow intellectual

    [–] Side effects may include death Normified 36 points ago in dankmemes

    “I used the depression to destroy the depression”

    [–] F B I Normified 67 points ago in dankmemes

    What if your teacher is a male🤔

    [–] ur mum homo Normified 1397 points ago in dankmemes

    Hey bitch, you just killed me on Cod!! That's not cool!! I was stopped for just a second to reload and you friggin kill me?? Theres no honor in killing a man with his back turned! My dad owns Xbox and hes gonna block your account if you dont say sorry. You better say sorry because he really does own Xbox! I'm gonna make him give me your address so I can fart in your bed when you're at school. Haha, friggin owned. I'm gonna slit your fucking neck in your sleep and make your family watch.

    [–] Oof Normified 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Shaking my smh.

    [–] Outstanding Move Normified 1 points ago in woooosh

    Look how they massacred my boy :(