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    [–] The faceless jury of Chin NotSeveralBadgers 1 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    Now look at us!
    [horrified aang]

    [–] 'Well of course he COULD..' NotSeveralBadgers 1 points ago in TheSimpsons

    He's got the mustache; and the diddly!

    [–] It really is Gendo. NotSeveralBadgers 5 points ago in evangelionmemes

    The Gang Initiates Third Impact

    [–] Made this in the Paint program using only the “curved line”, “fill with paint”, and “pencil” tools. NotSeveralBadgers 3 points ago in evangelion

    Not bad! If you enjoyed the process, you might get into vector art. Essentially quite similar, and a fairly high-demand skill. It's especially useful for digital inking and graphic design.

    [–] I used grease pencil to create some plants. No materials or textures, just 2 lights. NotSeveralBadgers 2 points ago in blender

    Very sinister vibe without being overt. Looks really cool. I would definitely watch a full short done in this style. Visual storytelling; limited motion (mostly for workload's sake, but it's also quite stylish). Great job.

    [–] Just something that has always bugged me. . . NotSeveralBadgers 2 points ago in XFiles

    Ret-Con? Continuity Error? Mandela Effect?
    Secret Meta X-Files Easter Egg??

    The little bits that bother me are science mistakes by the writers, or their heavy-handed explanations of real phenomena. Can't think of an example right off, but they're only bothersome because the rest of the time they do such a good job.

    [–] (GASPS) NotSeveralBadgers 6 points ago in TheSimpsons

    Oh for flavin' out loud

    [–] Thinking_irl NotSeveralBadgers 5 points ago in furry_irl

    Sex Cauldron? I thought they closed that place down.

    [–] When people ask me what is my favorite role of The Rock NotSeveralBadgers 14 points ago in That70sshow

    I didn't know until quite recently that Johnson is in fact the son of a wrestler named Rocky, so he's playing his real life father.

    [–] “On my Way” NotSeveralBadgers 2 points ago in blender

    Very interesting overall effect, especially the speckled grass. I like it a lot. The saturation / contrast of the building looks a bit odd. This kind of strangeness is common when you create or adjust materials in colored scene light instead of neutral global light. The composition of this shot is pretty unconventional, but I think it works well here; the only caveat being that it's weighed on the left, drawing attention to the building, which is not the subject of the shot. Great piece with lots of emotion - good job!

    [–] Guys this was randomly recommended to me by TikTok... NotSeveralBadgers 5 points ago in evangelionmemes

    I thought I could play this on piano. This guy can play it on himself...

    [–] Axe NotSeveralBadgers 2 points ago in blender

    Great lighting. I really like the blade edge texture.

    [–] Drawing_irl NotSeveralBadgers 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in furry_irl

    Came here to say this. Not always that simple in practice, but it can save your butt sometimes.

    [–] fine_irl NotSeveralBadgers 7 points ago in furry_irl

    Well said. Everyone runs the full gamut of emotion; it's the human condition. Some are predisposed toward one extreme or another, whether by neurology or circumstance. Or as fictional american hero Forest Gump once said: life is like a box of chocolates.

    [–] fine_irl NotSeveralBadgers 54 points ago in furry_irl

    This seems like a baseline average for most people, which is sort of like being fine..