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    [–] Is today's club scene dominated by electronic music? Notanydj 1 points ago in DJs

    In America there’s a ton of clubs playing country. They two step and line dance and have a freaking ball. Not my scene but they seem to genuinely love it.

    [–] to smoke some pot in peace Notanydj 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    This is why you shouldn’t smoke pot kids. You don’t want to get eaten by a tiger.

    [–] Difference between tech-house and techno? Notanydj 43 points ago in Techno

    Look man, you are probably going to get a bunch of answers on this topic and some may even contradict others but at the end of the day no one is going to have a definitive answer that sums everything up for you. You are absolutely right that many tracks can be called techno and/or tech house and/or tech funk or Chicago house or whatever faddish new sub genre that’s out now. Truth is even old grizzled veterans like myself will argue over what makes a track fall into a certain genre. The good news is that good music is good music. Don’t be pigeon holed into playing any one genre. Play the sick shit, no matter the genre, and be done with it.

    [–] Late 90s trance mix recommendations Notanydj 2 points ago in trance

    PVD Live in Berlin. Absolutely perfect

    [–] do split cue adapters exist? Notanydj 1 points ago in Beatmatch

    Are you talking about a headphone cable splitter?

    [–] do split cue adapters exist? Notanydj 1 points ago in Beatmatch

    Yes and they are perfect for teaching someone how to beat match

    [–] Real EDM fans only Notanydj 1 points ago in EDM

    The failed video game designer from Grandmas Boy

    [–] Bells Winter White Ale anybody??? Notanydj 3 points ago in CraftBeer

    It’s good on tap. Had it’s Friday at a local bar.

    [–] My club dj sucks Notanydj 1 points ago in Beatmatch

    I may be a little cynical 😂. DJing is tough to break through though. When I was playing clubs every weekend, EDM was still underground. I would think it would be easier to get gigs now that it’s so main stream. That said, I know it’s still this way to a degree. Too bad. Good luck though. Don’t let my attempt to be funny slow you down.

    [–] My club dj sucks Notanydj 11 points ago in Beatmatch

    I’m a 15 year DJ in the Charlotte area. First off you have to buy lots of blow and do it with the club owners and promoters in your local scene consistently and over a long period of time. Then you have to record a good promo and get it in the hands of those club owners and promoters. Then you have to consistently show up at shows that those promoters and owners are throwing, even if you don’t like the music and it’s on a week night, and no one else is there. Then you have to play the patio several times when it’s freezing cold and no one wants to go out there. Then maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll get lucky and play the main room and have a million Johnny come lately bedroom DJs talk shit about your skills on Reddit.

    [–] Yo mama so fat Notanydj 8 points ago in Jokes

    After sex she smokes a turkey

    [–] Yo mama so fat Notanydj 1 points ago in Jokes

    When see walked pass the tv I missed 3 commercials

    [–] Yo mama so fat Notanydj 11 points ago in Jokes

    She’s on both sides of the family

    [–] What's your least favorite movie cliché? Notanydj 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The obligatory break up and get back together in every Rom-Com.

    [–] Is Traktor S4 MKII still relevant? Notanydj 5 points ago in DJs

    I’ve been on a Traktor S2 for years and it’s still my fav even though I own a Pioneer rig also. Hope this helps. If you started as a producer you should like the NI platform better than most.

    [–] What are your favorite party games for 4-8 people? Notanydj 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The card game “Oh Hell” has been entertaining folks for years and years.

    [–] sennheiser hd25 vs vmoda crossfade m100 Notanydj 3 points ago in Beatmatch

    The sound quality on the vmodas stay strong for a long time. I’ve had some for 8 years that still sound great.

    [–] DJ Sharaz - Rain (Sharaz's Icon Mix) Notanydj 2 points ago in breakbeat

    I just made a mix with this song in it