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    [–] How can I improve my arm swing? Nyk05 5 points ago in volleyball

    How can you be more like a whip than a bat?

    That is the best way to describe it. Well said!

    [–] How to scare Blizzard Nyk05 30 points ago in wow

    And then you get yelled at for not listening to DBM. See, back to OP's point :)

    [–] [Grand Worldwide Giveaway You Can’t Miss] r/WoW is teaming up with DREVO to give away unlimited r/WoW-themed custom keyboards! Nyk05 1 points ago in wow

    1.Playing since Vanilla! Started 2 weeks before the launch of BC, took some breaks here and there but always came back. Lots of good memory in this game. Wow has kind of became my happy place.

    1. As a keyboard enthusiast, the knob is interesting, not too intrusive on the design and well placed. I also love tenkeyless keyboard so yeah, give me one please :)

    [–] Ashoka by Jason Simart Nyk05 5 points ago in StarWars

    Wow Front page! (Even with the name typo!) You guys are truly awesome.

    Please check out the artist page. He does a lot of really nice fan art.

    Thanks a lot!

    [–] Ashoka by Jason Simart Nyk05 49 points ago in StarWars

    Damn, you're right. Sorry for that. I even double checked...

    [–] Itachi by Jason Simart Nyk05 1 points ago in Naruto

    Definitely, The artist sells its art in many conventions across Canada and US (He also just came back from Japan expo in paris according to his facebook). You can also check his online store if you wish to buy 12x18in prints:

    Not trying to advertise or anything, I just love his art and thought he deserved the shoutout.

    [–] Itachi by Jason Simart Nyk05 6 points ago in Naruto

    The artist also did kisame and pain

    And Pain is on his facebook, cant link from my phone for some reasons

    [–] Berserk Art by Jason Simart Nyk05 1 points ago in Berserk

    Ask the artist on Facebook! He should answer :)

    [–] Agile Makes No Sense Nyk05 6 points ago in projectmanagement

    I think there's a problem with your link.

    [–] JVR IS BACK! Nyk05 1 points ago in Flyers

    Came here to see this.

    [–] Which modern games do you think will be timeless classics? Nyk05 1 points ago in truegaming

    I don't think God of War will be a Timeless Classic per say but I can clearly see it being a new standard for games of the same genre that comes out.

    [–] If Season Six Executions had Subtitles Nyk05 1 points ago in forhonor

    Am I the only one reading those in Deadpool's voice?

    [–] My wishes for Fire Emblem Switch that could make it an immense success. Nyk05 1 points ago in fireemblem

    I agree with all your points and I would add one :

    No more MU! Just give us a character like Ike, Micaiah, Lyn, Elliwood ect. I think the story suffer too much from having a customized character.

    [–] Finished Awakening. As a newcomer, what should I play next? Nyk05 0 points ago in fireemblem

    Awakening was also the first FE games I played. I then went on to play FE7 then Path of radiance, Conquest and I'm now doing Radiant Dawn.

    After Awakening, FE7 felt bland but i'm happy I did it. PoR and Radiant Dawn are really great! Conquest gameplay and challenge was nice, but that is all there is to it. IMHO, get an emulator and play Path of Radiance.

    [–] Inspirational Books For Entrepreneurs, Which ones do you prefer? Nyk05 5 points ago in Entrepreneur

    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    I keep seeing this book recommanded and want to read it, but I also see the other version How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age and was wondering wich version to get.

    Any suggestions?