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    [–] Pigeons looking badass OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in pics

    I’m sqwuakin’ heere!

    [–] Chunk of cement misses car by inches OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in nonononoyes

    I’ve stood on a car roof and dented it. I’m sure the object falling would’ve hit with more force than 100 pounds. They may have had a decent chance at survival but the thing would’ve fucked up their car for sure, definitely not just a dent and scratches.

    [–] Chunk of cement misses car by inches OMGitsEasyStreet 2 points ago in nonononoyes

    Yeah I was thinking it’s a piece of roofing that was blown off by wind and cut through a power line on the way down

    [–] Our parents warned us for years about the 'dangers' of the internet while knowing nothing about it, then finally dove in and fell for every. Single. One. OMGitsEasyStreet 17 points ago in Showerthoughts

    My mom once got on my case about slowing the computer down because she thought it was all the porn I was watching and then proceeded to google “antivirus” and click the big green download button totaling my laptop with an ugly virus. Had to nuke the thing to get it running again and since then I haven’t let her use my laptop.

    [–] Trucks break fails and pulverizes cars OMGitsEasyStreet 10 points ago in watchpeopledie

    I have made sure not to perform witchcraft in Africa because of this sub

    [–] Fun with a glass maze OMGitsEasyStreet 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in ChildrenFallingOver

    What the hell does the caption mean? Is “throwing bodies” a figure of speech I’m unaware of?

    [–] I just wanted a new car. OMGitsEasyStreet 5 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Their cake day was yesterday, is it still the 19th where you’re from? Funny that it shows a cake for you but not me

    [–] Worlds worst pitch invasion OMGitsEasyStreet 6 points ago in funny

    And she isn’t exactly a skinny girl, the fact that it took her off her feet says a lot about the amount of power behind that water

    [–] Does anyone remember when the launcher looked like this? OMGitsEasyStreet 72 points ago in Minecraft

    I had a friend that had a copy of this version on a flash drive and would just give out copies of it to anyone who wanted it. After awhile I started playing on a server with some friends who all owned the game and I discovered I was able to log in using their usernames and no password to play on their accounts. I got into some trouble logging in as the admin and giving myself a bunch of free diamonds and shit lol

    [–] Sneaky exchanging feet OMGitsEasyStreet 3 points ago in SneakyBackgroundFeet

    This is the opposite of what that sub is about

    [–] Roller Skiing, WCGW? OMGitsEasyStreet 3 points ago in WhyWereTheyFilming

    Actually it maximizes comfort, safety and performance, so no, they’re probably not trying to impress people with their flashy gear. However it’s funny that you’re so triggered by what someone else is wearing.

    [–] Crosspost from r/comics OMGitsEasyStreet 6 points ago in Ohio

    Thanks! Finally 21 :D

    [–] Crosspost from r/comics OMGitsEasyStreet 14 points ago in Ohio

    Yesterday was my birthday. I was not happy to walk outside and see snow on the ground. My birthdays used to be 70 and sunny growing up. Climate change, man I tell ya what.

    [–] Motorcyclist getting hitted by suddenly opening door of car and then run over by truck leading to death OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in watchpeopledie

    They have to be aggressive in lines with populations so high. Doing it in the states is obviously very rude but it’s just how they were raised. It’s either act aggressively or get funneled out when getting in lines over there. Ever seen an overcrowded subway station? People turn into animals trying to get a spot on the train.

    [–] Insta-Justice OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in videos

    Ok for example if someone is pulled over for speeding, and their brake light is also out, they’ll only get a speeding ticket and a warning for the brake light, but in circumstances like this the cop is more inclined to give you a ticket for both because they have absolutely every right to do so.