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    [–] "I'm the captain now" OMGitsEasyStreet 3 points ago in gifs

    I can’t see any justification for owning one except as an attack dog

    We own a pit because they’re EVERYWHERE in my state because of how bad dog fighting used to be here, thousands of them are in shelters in need of a home and even though they’re strong and powerful they can be the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet.

    Our justification? To save the life of a kind hearted dog who was born into the wrong situation

    [–] Stretching grabbies and a yawn OMGitsEasyStreet 4 points ago in LilGrabbies

    Can someone please dub the sound of a man screaming over the yawn part?

    [–] First Russian UFC champ during a ceromy honouring him OMGitsEasyStreet 20 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in sports

    What the fuck, Bubs? Are you trying to scam the government like the old man did with that wheelchair?

    [–] How do I explain TØP to my friend? OMGitsEasyStreet 4 points ago in twentyonepilots

    What’s so great about them?

    The messages they portray in their lyrics

    If she’s not someone who appreciates introspective lyrics then she’ll never understand

    [–] Happy Birthday Jim! OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Yeah the acting is a little cheesy but other than that I really like it. The humor is spot on

    [–] Happy Birthday Jim! OMGitsEasyStreet 3 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Just started watching it last night. It’s like an Asian version of Everybody Hates Chris

    [–] Walking right into it OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Try clicking outside of the pop up it should close

    [–] Walking right into it OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    They also quarantined subs like r/CringeAnarchy and some other even less offensive subs that I can’t think of right now.

    u/spez isn’t an asshole for quarantining offensive content he’s an asshole for making it almost impossible for mobile users to see the content they’re subscribed to

    Edit: formatting

    [–] [Satire] Little Seizures OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in BoneAppleTea

    Yeah iirc the original was posted on Twitter

    [–] In South Korea, rain's water is stored through an hydraulic system so it can later clean up the streets OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in pics

    It literally changes from pavement to just concrete slabs with seams every 20 feet once you hit Michigan if you’re traveling north on 23 lol

    [–] Tree constrictor (cross post from /r/mildlyinteresting OMGitsEasyStreet 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in TreesSuckingOnThings

    Imagine you’re tripping balls on mushrooms and come across this

    [–] Rihanna turned down this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show in support of Colin Kaepernick OMGitsEasyStreet 2 points ago in Music

    Maybe it was the area you were sitting? I went to a concert that I thought was terribly balanced sound-wise but I think it was the acoustics of the area I was in because I had other friends there sitting elsewhere who didn’t notice the issues I did

    [–] Poor Guy . . . Betrayed On Day One OMGitsEasyStreet 2 points ago in funny

    ITT: People participating in one large wedding tradition-hate circle jerk

    [–] Poor Guy . . . Betrayed On Day One OMGitsEasyStreet 2 points ago in funny

    They’re a shitty family because they don’t share the same sense of humor as you?

    [–] Poor Guy . . . Betrayed On Day One OMGitsEasyStreet 0 points ago in funny

    Well considering the entire crowd behind him laughing their asses off I’d say a large portion of people wanted to see that

    [–] Sir Smuggs'o'lot and his 80$(That he borrowed for the picture) OMGitsEasyStreet 5 points ago in blunderyears

    So Brick from Anchor Man was really just a moth all along? It all make sense now.

    [–] Unsuccessful road rage.. lol OMGitsEasyStreet 9 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Why would you yield at the end of the ramp? That leaves you with no room to get up to speed once you find an opening.

    [–] Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in news

    I never said the government invented marriage. I said it’s a certificate granted by them. A kid can still have a dedicated mom and dad without a marriage certificate. Parents don’t need to be married to be good caregivers. That is all that I am saying.

    The person I replied to was implying that in order for parents to be good caregivers that they need to be married which is not true in a lot of cases

    [–] Ever since I was a kid, random items of mine have “cloned” or duplicated themselves OMGitsEasyStreet 10 points ago in Glitch_in_the_Matrix

    I do believe I still have the cars, however they’d be in my moms attic somewhere. I’m gonna go digging for them next time I’m over there.

    [–] Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift OMGitsEasyStreet 1 points ago in news

    I’m simply trying to point out that marriage is merely a certificate given by the government and doesn’t have a real impact on a child’s upbringing. Because whether the parents are married or not, those parents will still raise the child the best they can.

    Those statistics are a better representation of how a child will turn out if they’re born into a lower class compared to a higher class. It has very little to do with marriage and almost everything to do with the home environment, because people who have the money and resources to get married most likely also have the money and resources to provide a better life for a child whereas people who are making less money and living in low income areas are much less likely to have those resources to provide for their children.

    A happy and successful family will still raise happy and successful children whether they have a marriage certificate or not. Children born out of wedlock aren’t destined to suffer simply because statistics say that many of them do.

    Saying that having a child out of wedlock is “stupid and irresponsible” is an ignorant statement not accounting for the infinite scenarios where a child could be born out of wedlock but into a good home.

    Would you say a financially stable and responsible woman who decides to have her own child through a donor insemination is stupid and irresponsible for not being married?

    What about the couple that isn’t married but lives comfortably in a nice area with a steady income? Would it be stupid and irresponsible for them to have a child simply because they aren’t married?