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    [–] Happy Halloween Guys! O_Heck 1 points ago in DaftPunk

    something, something, alive-ing dead 2018

    [–] Cheez Whiz is an abomination. Eat anything other than provolone on your cheesesteak, you’re 100% wrong. Reddit Gold to the best responses. O_Heck 2 points ago in u_Potbellyofficial

    Cheez Wiz is imbued in modern American DNA - our own miracle of food science; It is as self-created as our own Republic was in the city of Philadelphia over 240 years ago. Its Manifest Destiny is to spread its glory over sandwiches, barely-edible vegetables, and stale corn chips from sea to shining sea. If Cheez Wiz is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    [–] Not planning on selling, but how much would this be worth? O_Heck 2 points ago in rollingstones

    Yes, and Tribune Showprint printed it back in 1976 from their printing press outside of Lafayette, Indiana.

    [–] Not planning on selling, but how much would this be worth? O_Heck 1 points ago in rollingstones

    By the by, the manufacturer, Tribune Showprint, is still in operation back in Indiana (though they moved to Muncie and their number has changed)

    [–] Mojo Monday! O_Heck 2 points ago in washingtondc

    Good luck - twice the fun and frustration I've heard from friends with twins.

    [–] Mojo Monday! O_Heck 4 points ago in washingtondc

    We're at cold #2 at the moment, but very much looking forward to the pacifier replacement capabilities coming to fruition!

    [–] Mojo Monday! O_Heck 37 points ago in washingtondc

    My baby slept seven sweet uninterrupted hours last night.

    [–] One of my roommates put this on the fridge. I feel attacked O_Heck 5 points ago in Entomology

    Just build out boxes everywhere or better yet, make a Dobsonfly mobile.

    [–] Children in line for the opening of the Metro,1976 O_Heck 15 points ago in washingtondc

    Well, did they ever return?
    No they never returned and their fate is still unlearned (what a pity)
    They may ride forever 'neath the streets of DC
    They're the riders who never returned

    [–] Phew close one O_Heck 18 points ago in funny

    How silly can you get?

    [–] Help identifying this Saint? No markings. O_Heck 12 points ago in Catholicism

    My best guess is St. Matthew the Apostle on account of the purse (tax collector), beard, and being a major saint as an Apostle and writer of a Gospel that devotional statues were cast of him.

    [–] My friend sent me this image. I felt like you guys would appreciate it. O_Heck 2 points ago in rush

    And the men who drive road races

    Must be the ones who start

    Their red barchetta with a key

    And line up at the start

    Closer to the heart.