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    [–] Rep. Devin Nunes, Trump’s stooge, attacks FBI OakTownRinger 1 points ago in politics

    Imagine what a fucking idiot you have to be, to be a stooge's stooge.

    [–] Study: Conservatives amplified Russian trolls 30 times more often than liberals in 2016 OakTownRinger 5 points ago in politics

    Because Republicans are mostly selling a false diet of fear, they're much more likely to buy into crazy nonsense that fits into that worldview.

    [–] Gates's false statement to FBI came during meeting over plea deal OakTownRinger 2 points ago in politics

    In this case it looks like it's a one-way ticket to Gates probably doing a lot more prison time even after cooperating.

    [–] Well that's not rapey at all OakTownRinger 6 points ago in niceguys

    Speaking as a former trench coat goth, we were a mixed m/f crew. There wasn't anything like the "nice guy" trope, just certain guys were shy or had no game and certain guys did. (I didn't!)

    I was friends with lots of girls but didn't date seriously til I was a senior. A couple girls I had crushes on that weren't reciprocated, but like, that's life.

    So I just need to pause the Cure on my Walkman for a minute to say that if you're looking for the "nice guys" of the olden days, it wasn't us!

    [–] ‘Complimenting’ while talking about work, that’s the way to go. OakTownRinger 2 points ago in niceguys

    I'm very sorry that happened to you, that was some serious BS.

    You're a better person than me to be so cool and collected in how you answered him.

    [–] Pennsylvania’s new congressional districts are gerrymander-free — and Republicans are angry OakTownRinger -7 points ago in politics

    I'm going to be dismissed and down voted to Oblivion, but I do need to point out that gerrymandering is done by whatever party is in power; it's not a uniquely Republican issue.

    [–] LPT: If you get a kitten, DO use your hands for play so you can teach restraint when they are too rough. Restraint is naturally learned in play with hands and littermates because the fun stops when a bite or scratch is too much. Adult cats who didn't play this way are more likely to scratch or bite. OakTownRinger 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    omg this is so true. My son refused to stop messing with our cat, but basically when it got too rough he'd yell "hands aren't toys!" and now she totally will go nuts if you touch her stomach when you hold her and she's in a feisty mood, but no claws, and after one mouth touch -- as soon as she realizes her fangs are touching skin, she pivots to licking aggressively. She's the best cat. Purrs all the time too.

    [–] Pruitt's security threat? A passenger shouting, 'You're f---ing up the environment' OakTownRinger 3 points ago in politics

    I fly a lot and I get upgraded to first all the time. If I was ever sitting next to this dope, he'd be begging to trade seats with someone in coach.

    [–] Rubio: Not fair to blame lawmakers after attack OakTownRinger 1 points ago in politics

    Maybe it isn't fair. Lawmakers never unfairly take credit when things go well do they? Because if you, you probably need to wear an L on this one, Marco.

    [–] President Trump Addresses The Nation On Florida School Shooting OakTownRinger 7 points ago in politics

    It's rad he took a break from fucking porn stars and selling the country to Russia to address an issue affecting his supporters in the NRA. So much winning!

    [–] Megathread: School Shooting in Florida OakTownRinger 10 points ago in news

    Radio station in my town kept playing audio of kids screaming as they got shot. Way to glorify the violence and make the shooter a hero, ensuring some other unstable person will try this -- and delivering another big ratings day for the news.

    Cable news is worse. Fucking cable news is so culpable in these incidents it isn't even funny.

    [–] [Serious] people who live in legal states, but don’t smoke, how has your life changed since the legalization of marijuana? OakTownRinger 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Not much. More advertising for pot, fewer empty storefronts. My big fear was people smoking more outside -- I don't like the smell -- but that hasn't happened.

    On a friend's recommendation my wife and I went to a store to buy some pot-infused skin cream that's supposed to be a topical analgesic. We had a good time being the squarest people who'd ever set foot in there.

    Bottom line: I voted for it, it's been fine. I don't care about pot, but I like personal freedom and I disliked the way the "medical pot" thing forced people into lying. We should probably legalize all drugs.