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    [–] 19 year old white nationalist thinks he knows more than the history books OakTownRinger 16 points ago in beholdthemasterrace

    It's weird that anyone would gaf. The idea that you'd only date inside your phenotype makes no sense.

    [–] I fly business class a lot for work. AMA OakTownRinger 1 points ago in casualiama

    This is 100% true. My job has nothing to do with flying BC, except it got me a job at a place with a good travel policy.

    [–] I fly business class a lot for work. AMA OakTownRinger 3 points ago in casualiama

    Business development for a large tech company. We negotiate deals with partners. I have no idea what the pre-reqs are to get the job, people come from all different areas -- mostly former something or others. Ex-coders, ex-producers, etc. It's rare that someone starts in BD, they just end up there by being good at it. I just learned in my little slice of the tech industry and this was what I was best at more or less. I would say writing skills, verbal communication skills, creative thinking, and a focus on follow-up are the keys to success. Even though there is a deal element to it, it's not a "salesy" thing so you don't need to be a used car salesman type -- that would hurt. Different types of people succeed at different types of BD. I used to be on the selling side and now I'm on the buying side.

    If you memorize the books NEGOTIATION GENIUS and MASTERING THE COMPLEX SALE you can do BD extremely effectively.

    [–] I fly business class a lot for work. AMA OakTownRinger 2 points ago in casualiama

    I work in tech, on the business side. So lots of meetings with partners overseas.

    [–] I fly business class a lot for work. AMA OakTownRinger 12 points ago in casualiama

    Never really. Baby's gonna baby. If the parents don't seem to care or try, I would like to punch them!

    But if they have the good graces to look unhappy and keep trying to calm the baby, then everything is cool.

    [–] IAMA regular poster to r/gonewild. Ask me anything. OakTownRinger 5 points ago in casualiama

    What appeals to you about people seeing you naked? Can you describe the rush you get?

    [–] LPT: Unplug your electronics when going on vacation... OakTownRinger 2 points ago in xboxone

    As someone who gets to fly business class internationally sometimes, the food isn't that much better up front, but you do get more of it. Part of the problem is that you apparently can't taste as well in the low pressure environment of the plane so all food tastes kind of meh. But also, it has to be prepared in advance and then heated with everything all together. The real perks of business class though are the heated mixed nuts and the leg room. I think for the food they just remove it from the tray and put it on plates in business class.

    [–] College Tour Starter Pack OakTownRinger 109 points ago in starterpacks

    I did appreciate one tour guide at CSUN who was like "if you print to this specific printer it doesn't know how many pages you printed. This is my favorite printer on campus."

    [–] CBS News interview with ICE whistleblower interrupted by surprise visit from government agents OakTownRinger 30 points ago in politics

    In a disaster, look at people and tell them what to do. "GO TO THE EXIT AND OPEN THE DOOR, THEN GET ON THE WING."

    The #1 thing that kills people in disasters in paralysis. I'd say we're in that stage politically, personally.

    [–] College Tour Starter Pack OakTownRinger 303 points ago in starterpacks

    Also needs one random thing that no one is ever going to use that exists solely for tour purposes. "We have a 3D printing lab in the library... Anyone can use it if they take 600 pre-requisite classes and also own their own 3D printer and use that instead. Also it's from 1972."

    [–] College Tour Starter Pack OakTownRinger 98 points ago in starterpacks

    Going to be really honest, when the tour guide at SDSU said "we even have a wiffle ball club," I turned to my son and said "if you want me to pay for college, you're lettering in Wiffle Ball."

    He starts at SDSU in August.

    [–] “Stephen Actually Enjoys Seeing Those Pictures at the Border”: The West Wing Is Fracturing Over Trump’s Callous Migrant-Family Policy OakTownRinger 3 points ago in politics

    I never believe these "West Wing is Fracturing" stories. The reality is all these ghouls love seeing this shit, because they're all truly horrible people.

    Who will be remembered that way.

    [–] Street in Michigan After Massive Flodding OakTownRinger -4 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I'm calling BS based on the fact that there are no hills in MI.

    [–] checking OakTownRinger 2 points ago in creepy

    I've been there, supposedly.

    They told me I was in Melbourne, but it looked a lot like LA. Everyone had an accent but... Idk.

    [–] What dumb joke do you hear too often because of your job? OakTownRinger 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I've shown up at a hotel and been polite and clicked with the clerk and gotten the suite upgrade. Feels good!

    [–] POV of Blue Angels flying in a really tight formation. Quite terrifying, to say the least. OakTownRinger 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I posted this at the top level, but I got to ask a Blue Angels pilot about this, and he said they do bump when in tight formation sometimes, but as you note, since there is not much speed or direction differential it doesn't cause massive problems.