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    [–] [Official] Friday Flair Betting Thread ObserverOfReddit 6 points ago in MMA

    Deal buddeh your flair will be "Covington 49/46ed RDA".

    [–] An ultrasound scan showing a tiny fetus forming in the abdomen of her twin sister while in the womb. ObserverOfReddit 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    "A Colombian woman has given birth to a baby whose abdomen contained the tiny, half-formed — but still growing — body of her own twin sister.

    This type of birth, an example of “fetus-in-fetu,” is very rare but not unprecedented.

    The condition was described in a British medical journal in 1808 and is thought to occur in about 1 in every 500,000 births. In recent years, similar births have occurred in India, in Indonesia and in Singapore."

    From this article:

    [–] [Official] General Discussion Thread - March 21, 2019 ObserverOfReddit 9 points ago in MMA

    Would you rather him make it worse or get knocked out? It wasn't his decision either it was his coaches.

    [–] [Official] General Discussion Thread - March 20, 2019 ObserverOfReddit 5 points ago in MMA

    Heebok no hespect the fighters. ufc no hespec brazil champ. i live for fich i die for fich.