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    [–] I thought this was a jontron sub OgiBoka 2 points ago in skeletonswithguns

    It can be if you want it to, that's how I found out about it

    [–] Headset OgiBoka 1 points ago in Syrmor

    It's compatible for sure with the Oculus Rift and the Vive although crashes are often common even with them. I'd recommend just playing on a computer as it's pretty easy and inexpensive.

    [–] Really OgiBoka 4 points ago in facepalm

    One day this will be reposted enough that it will no longer be true

    [–] hmmmm OgiBoka 4 points ago in Minecraft

    Cursed image

    [–] BIG CHUNGUS in vrchat OgiBoka 1 points ago in Syrmor

    Well, this place would be more popular if more of his fans knew about it existing, I guess

    [–] Let's get this ball rolling! OgiBoka 1 points ago in skeletonswithguns

    If we're going to try and do a thing, we should consult with u/Colin_XD

    [–] I'm the verified Jesus Christ on YouTube AMA! OgiBoka 1 points ago in IAmA

    What is a thing from the bible that most people interpret in a wrong way?

    [–] Blessed_wallace OgiBoka 47 points ago in blessedimages

    Is this from obvious plant? The style is the same but I don't see the symbolic logo.

    [–] Terry Pratchett appreciation OgiBoka 11 points ago in books

    GNU Terry Pratchett

    [–] It's me, Sam "O'Nella" O'Nella. AMA me anything OgiBoka 1 points ago in SamONellaAcademy

    Why doesn't reddit allow me to follow your account so I can stalk you?

    [–] TIL woter OgiBoka 1 points ago in circlejerk

    Fuck you now I'm thirsty

    [–] Is it okay to not understand the hidden meanings and messages of books? OgiBoka 1 points ago in books

    It's ok to miss a point in a book. After all, what matters is that you enjoy it. As for tips, the only thing I can think of is that you may be reading the entire books in one sitting when they're meant to be read chapter by chapter?

    [–] Notification List Refresh OgiBoka 1 points ago in u_TREXHarris100

    I'm stuck in a never-ending cycle of forgetting about your comics because I have an awful memory, remembering something about them on a late night, reading them for like 2 hours in my bed and then promising myself I won't forget again.