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    [–] neat stuff OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in specializedtools

    With a bunch of deep cuts

    [–] Tin Can, Josh Keyes, Acrylic, 2019 OldBreadbutt 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Art

    Finally the thrust generated is miniscule, its never going to rocket some kid off to the outer solar system. If that was possible, NASA would be powering their space ships with it.

    sorry, but it would rocket him off into space because, the can would at this point be a cold gas thruster which is by definition a rocket (well rocket engine) (OK type of rocket engine) and nasa indeed uses cold gas thrusters to propel space vessels. Sure, saying he would rocket off into space might be sensationalizing his extremely slow acceleration, but I thought it "painted" a nice image what with the hoodie on the space suit and all.

    also, you really should look into plasma drives. talk about minimal thrust powering a space vessel....

    Next, a single atmosphere of extra pressure isnt going to break the nozzle. You can tell the nozzle isn't anywhere close to breaking under normal use,

    spray can nozzles break under normal use all the time. they're made of plastic, not titanium.

    you might be right that the can wouldn't explode in space, but given your thoughts on what is and what isn't rocket propulsion, I'm not convinced.

    [–] HMFT after I castrate myself OldBreadbutt 4 points ago in holdmyfeedingtube

    the combination of raging hormones, loss of coordination from growths spurts and lack of physically painful life experiences are a perfect storm in a teenager. I'm fairly sure I've done something equally as stupid. I hope his balls are ok, and that he was aware enough to laugh at his embarrassment rather than throwing a fit and looking like an asshole.

    [–] Tin Can, Josh Keyes, Acrylic, 2019 OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in Art

    that's awesome!

    I mean ... unless you were planning on saving the chips for later.

    [–] Tin Can, Josh Keyes, Acrylic, 2019 OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in Art

    before I disagree with you in an extremely geeky way, just wanted you to know I up-voted your comment because I love it when people think of it from another angle.
    In the vacuum of space, water first boils off into a mix of water vapor and tiny droplets of water. The vapor just keeps expanding, because ... vacuum, but the droplets freeze almost instantly. I think the ice crystals would probably sublimate over time, faster in sunlight, but that's another tangent. The solvents in an aerosol spray can have lower boiling temperatures and higher boiling pressures than water. Unless the can is reinforced to handle the vacuum of space, it's going to explode. The solvents will almost instantly boil off into an expanding cloud of paint mist. Each tiny droplet of paint-solvent mixture would almost certainly freeze just as fast as it boiled into a cloud, but I don't know how low the freezing temperature of those solvents would be. It (depending on the specific solvent) would almost certainly be lower than water, but I doubt it would be low enough to stay liquid in space.

    But to crawl just a little deeper in the rabbit hole, if it was in sunlight, the pigments in the paint would absorb the solar radiation, get very hot, and at that point, even the polymers that make up the body of the paint, might also melt and boil away while their molecular chains break down from the same radiation. Hell even the paint on the hull in the picture would be destroyed by the sunlight, and even if the polymer holding it together didn't get vaporized, the pigments in it would have to be extremely robust to not break down under a barrage of unfiltered UV rays like that.

    [–] The Ebony Warrior. For real OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    Obligatory "just a flesh wound"

    [–] Got a cool ring today. OldBreadbutt 2 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    Kinda new to the game, but it's my understanding that it's generally good to wait till higher levels to open elder, or any chest above gold because the contents are scaled based on what level you are when you open it. Correct?

    Also super jealous of that finger bling

    [–] Tin Can, Josh Keyes, Acrylic, 2019 OldBreadbutt 2 points ago in Art

    I can't help but think about a can of spray paint exploding the second it's exposed to a vacuum, or trying to spray paint in a vacuum, with the paint coming out so fast that it breaks the nozzle, leaves a big messy circle of paint on the hull, and literally rockets some kid wearing a black hoodie over a pressure suit towards the outer solar system.

    [–] Lost Entire Account OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    Have you tried clearing the cache? I get stuck on the login screen a lot, but clearing the cache before I open the app seems to keep this from happening.

    It's also possible that cleaning the cache doesn't make a difference and I've just had good luck the times I did.

    [–] How to countdown a work day: OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    Why? You start a chest, close the game, wait 1 hour and log back in, rinse repeat. Game is closed for the majority of the day.

    [–] How to countdown a work day: OldBreadbutt 2 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    I have a timer set for one hour for this very reason.

    [–] What level is everybody? OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    Lvl 21, and I feel like I've just hit some kind of wall. Completing quests suddenly got harder, and repair costs are starting to exceed my income.

    [–] Worth re-speccing for? Currently using a long sword & shield, but a dagger build might be fun. OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    the dmg on heavy is great, but they're so sloooow. versatile weapons have a great balance between the two, but light weapons are just so fast, and if I enchant this ring, it seems like it would be bonkers.

    [–] Saw the Chernobyl post and it reminded me of this that I saw the other day. Getting half naked at a place where so much tragedy unfolded - just for Instagram likes. Doesn’t sit right with me OldBreadbutt 2 points ago in justforsocialmedia

    Dust/dirt you really only need to protect your orifices. Eyes, nose, mouth etc. etc. you will definitely want to scrub really good afterward too. That said, I still wouldn't fuck with it, too many things to go wrong and ... why? Also the ambient gamma radiation isn't great either.

    [–] A full on bomb OldBreadbutt 4 points ago in justforsocialmedia

    30? I get when teenagers do stuff like this, but 30+? Jesus fuck.

    [–] NEW GLITCH!!! Unlimited gold orichalcum + steel ingot. Kill the first enemy from journey to fort cassynder quest. Just watch OldBreadbutt 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in ElderScrollsBlades

    don't think this works anymore. I'm lvl 18 and can craft orc gear at the smithy, but they're all dropping gold so far. third guy also dropped a gem. killed fourth guy and got disconnected, but he only dropped gold. will update after resync if anything changes.

    update 1: ok, still on the quest. I lost count of how many enemies I've gone through, but it's probably getting close to ten anyway the most recent guy dropped a silver hand axe. not sure that would be worth farming even if he was the first enemy encounter. but this far in, it's not worth it.

    update 2: except for the gem and the silver hand axe, nobody dropped anything but gold (well skeever dropped a pelt, but...) I was level 18 at the start of the quest, leveled to 19 at the end, and I've been making orc gear prior to starting the quest. also, orc gear has been showing up in my chests, so I would think enemies should be able to drop it.

    It seems like OP just got good RNG on the first enemy, or they patched this.

    [–] Datamined Job Chest Cycle OldBreadbutt 1 points ago in ElderScrollsBlades

    this is pretty cool. feels random, but prevents anyone from getting screwed by unlucky RNG.