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    [–] You must be punished OldManJenkins420th 1 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] *Listens to Eminem once* OldManJenkins420th 7 points ago in Hiphopcirclejerk

    Matt ox be cosplaying Edward Scissorhands on the daily

    [–] *Listens to Eminem once* OldManJenkins420th 8 points ago in Hiphopcirclejerk

    Dis bih said I'm the next big thang.

    Shut the fuh up and suck this big neck

    [–] Meirl OldManJenkins420th 1 points ago in meirl

    The guy responding to that is the same guy who asked Peta what cows are you friends with in that other meme

    [–] This guy right here. OldManJenkins420th 38 points ago in iamverysmart

    I'm usually pretty lenient but this one set me off 💪🗿

    [–] Just no. OldManJenkins420th 1 points ago in AwardSpeechEdits

    Who even awards that something. The most fucking basic comment

    [–] Kill me now OldManJenkins420th 2 points ago in AwardSpeechEdits

    Bitch he's a dog woof

    [–] Buy more, FEEL BETTER OldManJenkins420th 2 points ago in Anticonsumption

    This looks like the setting of a horror video game

    [–] For the honor of the empire!🖖 OldManJenkins420th 1 points ago in u_Scopely_Official

    This is a message from Jah Corporations®, we have been informed that you are in possession of JahCoins™ but are not registered as a citizen of the Jah Empire. Due to these circumstances, the JahBank® is required to seize your JahCoins™. Please forfeit them to your local JahBank™ in a matter of three JahDays™. Failure to comply with this request will result in the JahPolice® seizing your JahCoins™ Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope that you have a wonderful JahDay™

    [–] For the honor of the empire!🖖 OldManJenkins420th 1 points ago in u_Scopely_Official

    Big Chungus is without a doubt, a vessel for Jesus to teach us more lessons. A gift, nay, a PRIVILEGE of being human; this game has changed my life. It tosses the Seven Wonders of the World aside shamefully. I was blind, a fool, before the guiding light of this game embraced me in its fuzzy grasp. I would call it a sequel to the Bible, but even that pales in comparison to this wonder. Pleasantries aside, Hello Games has created what can only be described as a true masterpiece. An undiscovered relic of its time, they deserve every penny this game earns and more.

    1. ⁠The Soundtrack:

    I truly can't stress enough; this would bring Beethoven to tears. The multilayered jingles help lull the player into a sense of security and hospitality, before the sweeping soundtrack kicks in. I am not afraid to say it changed my perception of music in general. Everything else I listen to sounds grating, rough, unfinished now. The tunes are stuck in my head as I write, and even now my hands are trembling at the memory. Genius in its repetitive nature, it manages to fit an extremely dense and complex harmonic structure into such a short space of time, only heightened by a blissful instrumental texture.

    1. The Gameplay:

    Intuitive, yet simple. Intriguing and engaging, yet easy to pick up and understand. You don't play, you EXPERIENCE this. I didn't play as Daffy Duck, I WAS Daffy. Immersion is an understatement to the nth degree. The extremely tight and polished control scheme only exacerbated this feeling, so intricately designed that I didn't even noticed how expertly the tutorial was entwined with the gameplay. I didn't need a tutorial; it was almost as if this game was an extension of my body, I instinctively knew what to press. (That being said, I did indeed venture back to the tutorial after a couple of games as I was compelled to experience every inch of this divine gift).

    1. The Characters:

    I cannot begin to describe how beautifully crafted these individuals are. Elmer, Porky, and of course the Ravishing Hare himself, are all so accurately portrayed in this adaptation that I felt as though I were in the mind of Bugs Bunny himself. Every aspect from their design, to the dry wit of Bugs, to the taught, toned body of Daffy were so expertly designed that I felt truly in the scene. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours of motion capture were needed to accurately replicate the natural movements of the real world.

    1. The Setting:

    The scenic forests and the rocky slopes put the Amazon and the Mojave to shame. I strongly believe that Rockstar would turn green with envy if they looked upon the graphics in this game. I make no exaggeration when I say at first I believed I accidently looked outside my window. The real-time weather cycle, the hyper-realistic graphics, all compounded on each other to create a truly perfect visual experience. This all complements the expertly crafted and placed scenery, locations and scenarios that canonically are easy to understand and only help to expand the already huge Looney Tunes universe. After playing through this game, I now realize that our plane of existence is a mere shadow--a reflection--of the beauty of this game.

    1. The Plot:

    I refuse to reveal much here, as this is best experienced firsthand. Expect many plot twists, extremely interesting sub plots and deception galore. I can't begin to imagine a more complex and iterative story than what has been provided here. Keep tissues close by for this one!

    1. The Social Commentary:

    Now a fair warning here, the game is not scared to delve into more controversial issues. Again I feel it's best to experience this first hand, both for shock factor and to not reveal any of the numerous major plot points. I wouldn’t be surprised if society as a whole is rewritten in the mold of this gem. Go in with an open mind and there shouldn't be too many problems here. Truly, a title for the intellectuals out there.

    The only downside (if you can call it one) is that all other games pale in comparison to this masterpiece. No matter what game I play, I never get very far, as the best of them are mere puddles compared to the ocean that is Big Chungus. It is, by definition, our Magnum Opus, our crown jewel. I will live out the rest of my days knowing that there is nothing more for me on this earth. This game is mankind's single greatest achievement. All of human history has been leading up to this moment. Without a doubt, it is the pinnacle of thousands of years of human evolution. I can’t imagine what life was life before this game. Others can say they were alive to explore the world or the stars for the first time. We lucky few can say we were alive to explore Big Chungus.

    All in all I would recommend this game to everyone and anyone. It has managed to transcend genre, and even the title of "game" itself. I feel that it doesn't even begin to cover the ART that is this game. I have never felt more human than when I booted up this classic. I am proud to nominate this game for the Game of the Year Steam award and I highly urge you to do the same. A true thought consumer and tear jerker, I'm shocked it isn't on sale for 100X its price.

    That’s all folks!

    [–] There has to be a easier way... OldManJenkins420th 1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    The Snake and block shooter look like fun