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    [–] Pretty much OldManMalekith 2 points ago in FifaCareers

    IIRC PS3 FIFA 08 had training as well. I remember finding it like two seasons into my Rangers save and getting obsessed with it. Wasn't in the PS2 version though (had both).

    [–] Over listening to singles. OldManMalekith 8 points ago in foals

    As much as I understand, they're just better than most everything else I like at the moment, so I'm not going to deprive myself of them.

    [–] Car runs red light OldManMalekith 1 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    Yeah, definitely a panic reaction.

    [–] Redditors of Former Axis Powers: How is WWI and WWII taught? OldManMalekith 47 points ago in AskReddit

    Honestly. I only just recently found out about Unit 731 and the things they carried out there. Horrible, horrible stuff almost completely forgotten about.

    [–] Redditors of Former Axis Powers: How is WWI and WWII taught? OldManMalekith 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I've been to Auschwitz twice now. A haunting, but immensely valuable experience both times.

    [–] Car runs red light OldManMalekith 1 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    He's also hard on the brakes from a split second before the impact. Having the wheels stopped like that spells trouble if they land pointing across the momentum of the car like they did here.

    [–] If you're too stupid to clear the snow, you're too stupid to be driving in this weather. OldManMalekith 6 points ago in vancouver

    Checking your rear view should be second nature imo. It's helpful to see how close the vehicle behind you is in order to factor that into your driving/stopping distance. It's all good if you leave enough space to stop before hitting the vehicle in front of you, but it's nice to know you can reduce speed with enough predictability that the guy tailgating you won't be in your spine by the time you stop.

    [–] Ken M on munch time OldManMalekith 2 points ago in KenM

    Lady at the drive thru got upset when I asked her for chicken niggets. I guest she wanted me to order the big mcburger

    [–] Why are the Ultra Taken spawned in Gambit called Primevals? OldManMalekith 14 points ago in DestinyLore

    It's very easy to shit-talk a company as a whole, especially from behind a keyboard. Lots of people just aren't willing to take the step back and see that it's a group of people working to create something and instead see a company that spews stuff out periodically.

    [–] No licks getting hit today OldManMalekith 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    gonna "check" a nigga's bags on his way out too

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? OldManMalekith 39 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    From the inside it can be that way too. There are ignorant people no matter where you go, and generally they're the loudest voices in the crowd. My church's lead pastor took about 30 minutes of abuse and grilling (he cut it off when it was clear they were circling until they got the answer they wanted) at the end of a SOGI meeting where his message was essentially that our job is to love and support all people as well as we can, and that it's up to God to determine what's right and wrong, and ultimately up to each individual to decide whether or not they align with it. No matter what, we love and support them. For some reason, these boneheads think that "the church needs to take a hard stance on homosexuality" or that "[the pastor was] dodging the issue" when in reality, he addressed the "issue" very well. Really sad that people don't question why they believe what they do.

    [–] What is the one story you want to tell, that you can never fit into a conversation? OldManMalekith 19 points ago in AskReddit

    I have a couple of these!

    My German friend's mum was at a restaurant by herself eating lunch, and noticed a young guy also eating alone. People kept looking at him and whispering/giggling, and she thought that it was rude so she went to tell him that it was okay to eat by yourself. He tells her that he's used to it because it happens all the time, and she invites him to eat with her. Once they get to chatting she asks him what he does for a living and he says he's a professional footballer. Says he's very surprised she doesn't recognize him as he's the goalkeeper for the German national team. Yes, it was Manuel Neuer, and my friend hasn't let her mum off the hook about it since.

    Story 2: I live about 60km outside my nearest major city. Lots of filming happens in and around the area, and one day I passed someone that looked shockingly familiar as I was heading into 7Eleven. I wasn't entirely certain, because it was so surreal, but after a little research I think I am. Vin Diesel held the door for me on his way out/my way in. If my research was correct he was filming Riddick at the time.

    [–] True. OldManMalekith 14 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    Dead funny imagining you sittin at home foamin at the mouth about this because honestly it's valid

    [–] anyone else see the last three albums as a "trilogy"? (TLF/HF/WWD) OldManMalekith 9 points ago in foals

    I think the albums come across as standalone pieces, with Holy Fire and WWD being siblings because the latter was written/conceived during HF's touring life. They have a similar feel and energy because of that imo.

    [–] Ffs Matteo OldManMalekith 1 points ago in Gunners

    I've seen the glass smash/collapse on those railings before. Wouldn't trust them myself.

    [–] Vancouver 2077 OldManMalekith 7 points ago in vancouver

    Vancouver Huarena is right next to it

    [–] They're coming home! OldManMalekith 2 points ago in foals

    Foals, NBT, and TDCC is one hell of a weekend. To bad Vancouver never gets anything like that!

    [–] A FUCKING FRAUD OldManMalekith 22 points ago in Gunners

    It's perfectly acceptable, it's just increasingly hard to compete with the pay-to-win oil clubs kicking around now ¯\(ツ)

    [–] A FUCKING FRAUD OldManMalekith 2 points ago in Gunners

    And also clapped