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    [–] Lori Loughlin Is Free After Posting $1 Million Bond, While Her Daughter Spent Last Night On A USC Official’s Yacht OmiTsukiyono 3505 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in news

    glad they got caught and are facing public scrutiny, but something tells me they're going to get the standard 'rich privilege' of the US justice system

    edit: used the wrong they're

    [–] She [F29] cheated on me [M33] and I'm not sure what to do. [UPDATE..ish] OmiTsukiyono 49 points ago in relationship_advice

    I would leave. She cheated.....with one of her students. Gtfo now man and never look back.

    [–] How to tell my [F22] boyfriend [M25] that his personal hygiene is terrible.....especially his teeth. OmiTsukiyono 18 points ago in relationship_advice

    i think this is the best approach. No need for confrontation.

    Just casually let him know, and encourage him to make his teeth better like you said with strips or one of those DIY whitening kits.

    Not a huge fan of the strips, but i used one of the at home whitening kits a few months ago and it was a huge improvement

    [–] Total Rager OmiTsukiyono 4 points ago in videos

    this guy is wasted