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    [–] These Trump Allies Are Preparing for a New Cold War With China One_Cold_Turkey 3 points ago in politics

    China is not the USSR.

    This is a different monster with a completely different agenda.

    While the USSR wanted to export socialism, China wants to trade and while exporting socialism costs lots of money, trading only makes money.

    Good luck in a Cold War with China.

    [–] Russia says the world no longer trusts the U.S. to lead and it's time others step in One_Cold_Turkey 1 points ago in politics

    VW and Audi and Porsche and many others are the same company, but they do not design themselves.

    With a few exceptions like Porsche designing their own motor and breaks, everything for every car is outsourced to third parties, companies that are just as big as the OEMs and many smaller ones.

    These companies come from all over the world.

    German cars, and Americans and Japanese and Chinese, all have foreign parts in their cars.

    There are transmissions and breaks and air conditioners, the exact same equipment running on cars from every company and sometimes you would be surprise that a Smart has the same transmission as a Mercedes S class, coming from the exact same producing facility, just to mention an example.

    I believe you have read many car magazines, but you do not really know how it works.

    The same even applies for the Aeronautic industry, you would be surprised how many suppliers are the same for Airbus and Boeing.

    [–] Russia says the world no longer trusts the U.S. to lead and it's time others step in One_Cold_Turkey 6 points ago in politics

    lol, I work in Germany, for the automotive industry for the last 19 years.

    What you say is nonsense to a certain degree.

    I dont and will not get into it since this comment is about China and changing topics tires me.

    South Korea DOMINATED the shipbuilding industry and broke Germany and everybody else.

    Japan is good, really good, but its not what you are saying.

    Added to that, China is not Japan. No country is comparable to China on any scale. It is inevitable because of their size, not because they are better than anyone. We all are the same.

    And if you want them to be the best then I agree with you. Its all I have so say about this.

    [–] 'A monster not a journalist': Mueller report shows Assange lied about Russian hacking One_Cold_Turkey 2 points ago in politics

    It doesnt seems like he is blaming the hack. It seems like he is purposely lying with an agenda behind. The guy is not a scapegoat, the guy turns into an inflammatory bomb (if what he said was true which seems like, its not).

    As much as I like(d) Assagne, watching him doing this but even before after learning that he played his part into all this for political reasons and not pursuing the truth... its just wrong. I applaud wikileaks for what is says, not for what it does (as in, for its ideals but not really because of what they are doing).

    [–] Korean streamer gets mocked by drunk people in Berlin One_Cold_Turkey 12 points ago in germany

    It was not even the first time they interrupted, apparently, saying by the chat.

    TravlnOutdorsKapa:oh no LUL

    aKappa24:hello again LULW

    SubscriberImightheal:it's actually really easy to make

    schlaftjut888:This guy again


    Subscriberlolidoge:this guy is so drunk

    Twitch PrimeBlaxx___:amiloPepega amiloPepega

    [–] Felt cute, bout to get $125k injected into me for my disease, might delete later idk One_Cold_Turkey 1 points ago in pics

    what is the justification for such a price? do they bring stuff from asteroids to make it?

    I will support any initiative to make any medical patent "open source"and let the best producer get some profits. With competition, fair prices.

    Who makes 125K anyway? like +3% of the population?

    Best of luck and you look great in the pic btw.

    [–] The case Trump may have obstructed justice, in one paragraph One_Cold_Turkey 12 points ago in politics

    In this investigation, the evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference. But the evidence does point to a range of other possible personal motives animating the President’s conduct. These include concerns that continued investigation would call into question the legitimacy of his election and potential uncertainty about whether certain events — such as advance notice of WikiLeaks’s release of hacked information or the June 9, 2016 meeting between senior campaign officials and Russians — could be seen as criminal activity by the President, his campaign, or his family.

    [–] Puerto Rico is targeting 100% renewable energy. The Drumpf administration has other ideas. One_Cold_Turkey 4 points ago in politics

    Independence from fossil fuels!!!

    Second best "fuck you Trump" Puerto Rico can give.

    Which is the best one? I don't know, but this ranks top.

    [–] While a large number of countries are on the road to becoming cashless economies, why in Germany cash is still the king? One_Cold_Turkey 2 points ago in germany

    sure, I agree with you.

    This Datenschutz shit is important, but it makes lots of stuff annoying.

    I do videography and photography, so just imagine.

    Added to that, I am all for bitcoin, I have bitcoin for a long time, and recently I have been able to actually use them and buy stuff online.

    I am not a fan of "Datenschutzs" in the way Germany is doing it, it is too much.