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    [–] [DISC] 5Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 74 Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in manga

    pretty sure he would get murdered by the second episode

    [–] [DISC] UnOrdinary - Episode 130 Optimus-_rhyme 3 points ago in manga

    I really really really hope that john doesn't get manipulated by the other girl now

    but I bet this will be the arc where seraphina will finally discover john's secret, however it will be meaningless because the whole fucking reason john wanted to pretend to be weak was because he didn't want to be what he became in middle school. and then for some bullshit reason, and in the name of protecting seraphina, john will take over the school and become the bad guy, becoming the person he didn't want to become. And he will do all of this in order to protect seraphina, BUT FOR SOME REASON THEY WILL NEVER TALK TO EACH OTHER FOR SOME BULLSHIT REASON. I bet arlo the healer girl with green hair and seraphina will hide or associate with the lower classes, becoming aware of how awful most of the school has been living

    And then, for another bullshit reason, seraphina and john will fight one another, john probably thinking he needs to protect seraphina form herself or some bullshit, but then seraphina will say the same exact thing that other girl from middle school said, thus shocking john out of his mental state and then he will be sad. but of course seraphina will hate him and john will turn on the girl that manipulated him, and john will become another outcast until arlo (who has now turned into a nice guy) will extend an olive branch and save john from his own demons by arlo somehow beating john in a fight.

    Then john will make up with seraphina and it will combine with the other subplot of the secret hero killing organization. (which has been moving at an equally slow snails pace in order to not get ahead of the school drama plot). probably john will save seraphina from the organization and seraphina will completely forgive john. And it will all come to a head and john will be the awesome OP MC that he was always destined to be and defeat the hero killing org, kissing seraphina for the first time and everyone cheering and then it ends.

    boom thats what we are gonna get for the next 4 years

    [–] r/2meirl4meirl Optimus-_rhyme -10 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    here's a fact, your mind makes everything seem worse than it really is.

    you know why you think life sucks? because you think that by being cynical you are reaching some ultimate truth. But in reality, in the "real world" that exists outside of your mind, cynicism is fucking stupid. Don't you think that people who believe everything in life is great and fun are stupid? well you are exactly like them by deciding everything in life is awful, 2 sides of the same flawed coin.

    Do you even realize how goddamn arrogant you sound? You seriously think that the millions of people who get better after therapy are ignoring their problems? no they got better because therapy allowed them to see their problems from a different perspective. They got better because they faced their problems and conquered them, and here you are sitting in a pit refusing to pull yourself out because you see any kind of help as a form of harmful action. You don't even realize what therapy is and yet you think you are informed enough to talk shit about it? Do you even realize WHY drugs are used? no? of course you don't, you haven't actually tried to inform yourself about the very topic you act like you are an expert on.

    you think life is an inescapable torment, but you are essentially trying to push your way through a door that you need to pull open, no shit you are having a bad time. If you went to therapy they could inform you and say "look here try reading the door before attempting to open it". You seriously think you have life figured out? goddamn be a bit more humble and realize you don't have all the answers. You are the equivalent of an illiterate person complaining about how hard life is while never attempting to learn how to read.

    and I say all this because I used to be exactly like you, and it pisses me off seeing another person equally arrogant as I was. You think people are being nice to you by agreeing with you and upvoting you? no fuck that what im doing is clearly the nicest thing anyone has said to you in a while, because any "nice" person wouldn't allow another person to deceive themselves like this.

    [–] Mason gets stunlocked Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in DotA2

    i think its ingrained into society to an extent. You see your parents do it, people on TV do it, they get angry and take their anger out by crushing a drink or breaking something.

    that shit isn't right, that's the sign of someone unable to deal with their emotions. There is a reason why in media the kinds of people who break stuff in anger are usually the bad guys

    [–] Mason gets stunlocked Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in DotA2

    that really isn't a healthy habit, there are better ways to deal with losing/dying due to something out of your control

    [–] [DISC]Arafoo Kenja no isekai seikatsu nikki chapter 8 Optimus-_rhyme 10 points ago in manga

    this series is interesting, even though he is OP the author manages to create interactions that don't end with the MC needlessly showing off. Everytime he uses magic he has a purpose for doing so. Plus the supporting characters are fun as well

    [–] [DISC] Peerless Dad Ch. 61 Optimus-_rhyme 9 points ago in manga

    I really want to see the father come back and deal with all the drama by using his simple reasoning

    [–] [DISC] Solo Leveling Chapter 59 Optimus-_rhyme 5 points ago in manga

    nah because his soldiers dying costs him mana to revive them

    [–] 🔥 Blue whale jumping out of the water Optimus-_rhyme 2 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    lol I think I was a bit loopy at 3 in the morning when i made that post, but I do remember my intent and I'm glad you were able to understand it. While I don't think I necessarily deserve praise for being honest, I appreciate your kind words.

    [–] Reporting is a Form of Bullying Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in DotA2

    you need to learn what to say, you are probably saying things that aren't constructive, even though it isn't necessarily flaming people get annoyed easily. But its ok its a learning process for everyone.

    compliment when teammates do well, but never insult them. If there was a single social rule in dota to follow its that. I don't give a fuck how much they deserve it or how much you were right or how many times they insulted you, NEVER EVER insult others. Its easy to think now and say "I would never insult anyone", but when you have invested 30 minutes into game, you guys have a small chance to win, and your teammate walks into enemy highground alone without vision and dies over and over, it can be very frustrating. But it is your job to stay calm and to not let it affect you. You can't make your teammate have 3 less deaths because the past is unfixable, focus on changing the future instead of worrying over the past.

    don't tell anyone that what they did was the wrong decision after the fact, it's better to offer advice before than to talk about hindsight. If they make a mistake and die, they know they fucked up. And if you are not 100% sure on your advice, don't say it. There are many times in games where I think my teammate is doing the wrong thing (buying midas, buying dagon, stealing tome for themselves), but because I'm not an expert I don't say anything, they may have a legit reason. And then things turn out ok in the end randomly 50% of the time, so what do I know.

    Mention when you think it's your fault with the classic "my bad", if people see you are making mistakes but you don't appear to be aware of those mistakes it can be irritating for them. If you are dying over and over and over it can get even more irritating for others, so maybe don't say it literally every time you die but when you actually make an error in judgement.

    Also, don't complain, don't whine, idk if you do that but just don't

    The only times you should talk freely is when you are talking about strategy for the game or if someone is friendly on your team (rare event). And if you are talking about strategy for the game, talk about it well in advance. No one likes a teammate micromanaging them to drop their stick. Talk about when you guys should rosh/group for pushing towers/group for smoke. Say something like "hey I have medallion we can rosh fast" or "I have smoke lets gank" You have to sell them on the idea because even though you are all playing dota, some people don't necessarily want to play.. dota... Let them know well ahead of time so that they can plan their farming patterns to "maximize their GPM". In other words your team is greedy as hell, so getting them to group up at a moments notice is usually impossible unless you are high mmr. Communicate with your team about your "goal" for the game well before the 20 minute mark. Ask them when they want to push and such, even if you are 1.5k mmr. Many people won't think about pushing or taking objectives unless you make them aware. If they want to afk farm and then randomly get into fights, don't argue with them over it. If your sniper says he wants butterfly before he pushes towers, maybe mention that he can do it with yasha instead but don't argue over it. This is because the purpose of asking them is to gauge the type of people you are playing with. If no one says anything in response, don't try to talk that much, accept it will be a 0 communication game and move on. If people do talk, awesome you can actually strategize. Knowing your team is key in avoiding reports.

    If you are telling someone some advice, be specific but brief. Instead of giving an essay like im doing, keep it to a single line. And be specific, if you say "get back" they will often ignore you, but if you combine "get back" with a reason for it, it can be very effective. Imagine for AM is farming top lane on the enemy side of the map and the enemy bane is missing. You know bane has glimmer so you say "AM, get back bane is missing and invis". This not only informs your AM (which currently has tunnel visioned on farming) that he is in danger, but it also tells him that he will not see the enemy until it is too late

    Keep it light, don't get snarky and you will rise in behavior score. Sometimes you will have awesome games where everyone commends everyone else, sometimes you will have really bad game and get reported, but as long as you follow my advice you should be good. The things I've said are things that i've picked up over the years, I used to flame criticize and complain to others and get LP once every other month. Now I've got like 8.7k behavior score, not as good as others, but I'm happy where i'm at considering my past.

    [–] Clutch plays by OG Optimus-_rhyme -5 points ago in DotA2

    they have what, 2 heroes with blink stuns, and an ember?

    isnt ember known for plays like this?

    [–] 🔥 Blue whale jumping out of the water Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    blue whales don't breach like this, they are too big

    [–] 🔥 Blue whale jumping out of the water Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    because I don't like pointless blatant misinformation.

    this is hard to mess up, so I assumed it was intentional

    [–] 🔥 Blue whale jumping out of the water Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    i have reflected on my actions and have determined that although i will try to be more considerate in the future, this really isn't that bad. I think you are seeing more malice in my comment than I intended, but since you care enough to reply again like this, I'll give you a proper answer.

    there are a lot of things to be ashamed about it life, being a rude to someone who most likely doesn't care about me or what I said is not worth worrying about. I make a shit ton of mistakes in judgement every day, this is might be one of them but I will never truly know. So i won't worry about it todrdrdrdtftttl ldddredddo much. I'm sorry but I won't make myself feel like shit despite your feelings on the matter, I think working to avoid something like this in the future is better than making myself depresse lzlzlzlzlzlzld anyways.

    [–] Mind the gap Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    its just that its off-putting to see someone volunteer that kind of personal information

    you may be sincere and not attempting to do some bizarre bragging, but unfortunately no one wants to hear that from an anonymous user. If anyone did want to know, they would specifically ask for such info.

    not telling you what to do, but you will probably get downvoted and possibly have your comment removed depending on the subreddit

    [–] Mind the gap Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in CrappyDesign

    i really hope you are being satirical right now

    [–] MDL Macau 2019 - Day 1 Match Discussions Optimus-_rhyme 8 points ago in DotA2

    pls, if she was bullshit she would have 100% ban rate

    [–] MDL Macau 2019 - Day 1 Match Discussions Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in DotA2

    ah interesting, i wonder how similar S4 plays in EG as he did in alliance

    [–] Found this on fb about Jump force. The middle ones Luffy’s Optimus-_rhyme 2 points ago in OnePiece

    yeah having perfect power is boring. Its much more entertaining when abilities are have drawbacks or are creative without being OP

    superman would be awful to read without kryptonite being in the story

    [–] MDL Macau 2019 - Day 1 Match Discussions Optimus-_rhyme 6 points ago in DotA2

    it depends on the lineup, i remember cr1t doing a lot of work when he gets the right hero. But idk if its really the "notail strat" considering how little OG plays EG

    [–] MDL Macau 2019 - Day 1 Match Discussions Optimus-_rhyme 1 points ago in DotA2

    that riki pick really destroyed EG, they lost the lanes too hard

    at least EG put up a fight despite being behind from minute 0, both teams made mistakes

    [–] MDL Macau 2019 - Day 1 Match Discussions Optimus-_rhyme -6 points ago in DotA2

    liquid just wasted all of our time, if they are going to give up as soon as the game gets hard why even continue just gg and let us get on to the real matches

    [–] 🔥 Blue whale jumping out of the water Optimus-_rhyme -3 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    i mean, i didn't call him both clickbait and dumb, it was one or the other. And I said I don't think he is dumb, just clickbait.

    either way he really did not care about the post, so its fine.