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    [–] Starting a keeper league.... OrangElm 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I do this too and it works well. This year we have that 16th round Conner value! (Drafted on a whim)

    [–] The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports "all indications" are the Steelers plan to use the transition tag on free agent Le'Veon Bell OrangElm 6 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Unless I am misunderstanding, I don’t see what is wrong with this. Isn’t this the tag which says that if he accepts an offer from a team they can match it, and if they don’t match it they get a conditional pick? That makes perfect sense to me for them to do and shouldn’t be that upsetting to Le’Veon, because if they are willing to pay him the money another team would offer it’s all good, because that’s all he wanted in the first place. Please let me know if I’m wrong about this though.

    [–] Anyone else feel like the best essay they've ever written was for UChicago because of their prompts? OrangElm 7 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    My creative UChicago essay was my favorite one by far. I actually had a great time writing it and I felt like it encapsulated everything about me like no other essay did(I could even fill it with puns 🙂) I really wanted to be a part of a community where even more stuff like that one essay would be encouraged and embraced, but I guess not. I was waitlisted so I guess not all hope is lost, but at this point I have been deferred/waitlisted from every single one of my schools except my safety and I’m just longing for some closure.

    [–] Rant it Out Thread OrangElm 22 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    My feelings rn:

    I just got waitlisted from Chicago after getting deferred there EA and deferred from Cornell ED1 as well. My college counselor said she thought I had a great chance both times, I guess not. I’m not having as bad a reaction as I did before because it’s a lot of the same feelings and now they are sort of dull to me. But I just want some closure. I keep hearing that my application was good enough and blah blah they had to take other kids blah blah but now I’m kinda feeling like my application isn’t good enough, because I can only seem to get a maybe every single time. I didn’t want to be stressed about this for the next few months, I want wanted it to be over, but I guess the universe has other plans. Maybe deferral/waitlist is just my everlasting fate. But at least at this point it is totally out of my hands, so there is really no more I can do or decisions I can make.

    [–] UChicago EDII Outcomes Poll OrangElm 2 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    Wasn’t it .5% accept from deferral? I was hoping the waitlist got me past that terrifying stat, but I guess I’m just doomed to continually get deferred/waitlisted from schools.

    [–] UChicago EDII Outcomes Poll OrangElm 3 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    Anyone else get waitlisted? I don’t really know how to feel about deferral to ED2 to waitlist. Obviously I’m not feeling good about it but does anyone have any idea what the odds are of this? Probably slim to none right?

    [–] [PFF] Between Weeks 14-17 this season, #Jets Sam Darnold finished with a 87.7 overall grade which ranked 1st among QB's with a minimum of 100 dropbacks. OrangElm 3 points ago in nyjets

    I think my favorite part about Sam is his ability to salvage a lost play. Like ether are times when he scrambles a Tom and just chicks it away, and I’m like “smart decision, it’s safer to throw it away.” But then it’s actually ends up being a TD bomb! He looked so good after coming back from his injury, I’m looking forward to the Jets having an exciting offense again.