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    [–] Who is the one player you’re reaching for in every draft? OrangElm 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    And he somehow manages to catch a touchdown every 3rd time he touches the ball too. You expect regression, and it just never comes lol.

    [–] Who is the one player you’re reaching for in every draft? OrangElm 0 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I don’t think it’s the risk that’s the problem, it’s the upside.

    Without a Julio injury, he will never be the WR1 on the offense and is still competing with Sanu for targets.

    [–] “Solid dock” OrangElm 1 points ago in thanosdidnothingwrong

    This is beautiful

    [–] Mike Tagliere’s Must-Have Players (2019 Fantasy Football) OrangElm 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    If this is Emmanuel Sanders, I don’t think that’s too fair of a comp. We all know what sanders did/could do this season, but he is coming back from a torn Achilles (an injury which is notoriously hard-impossible to return and be the same player).

    Now I guess he has some super healing ability because somehow he played in preseason and looked pretty good, but I think it is fair to be drafted where he is at because there are still questions about the injury.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love him to come back and I have him on my team, but I would never freak do touching him if he cost me anywhere near what Alshon would cost me.

    [–] If you have an IR slot, pick up Atlanta QB Kurt Benkert right now. OrangElm 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Well I know we got to Z but I have another in fact:

    In Hebrew “Ben” like that in a last name means “son of”

    So his name is effectively Kurt Son Of Kert

    [–] Let's Do a "Talk me out of _____" Thread (2019 Edition) OrangElm 2 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I agree and I would love that lol. Hopefully they don’t play Carson too much, don’t want him to get hurt.

    [–] Let's Do a "Talk me out of _____" Thread (2019 Edition) OrangElm 2 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I’m always happy to have a rational discussion in this sub! It’s much better than when people just downvoted opinions they disagree with, and it’s a shame it doesn’t happen as often.

    I think it’s more likely that they split the difference than just completely revert to what it used to be, and I also don’t think it’s too outlandish to think that they will get near 500 carries again.

    When people look at the stats from past seasons, it looks like the Hawks are in for a ton regression in running volume, but what people need to understand is that last seasons numbers weren’t some fluke, they were done intentionally due to a change in game plan/strategy for the team. (they are probably due for some regression, just not too much).

    I also don’t think Wilson will run too much as he is trying to be healthier/take less hits.

    I think 350-375 is the most realistic range of runs between Carson and Penny. And as you said if Carson can remain the lead back in the offense (which I think he will) then he will live up to his draft price as at least a consistent, high-end RB2. And if he ends up getting used in the passing game then RB1 here we come (again, just a possibility, not necessarily going to happen).

    Overall I think round 3 is a fair price for him. It’s not crazy value or anything, but it’s fair and if someone really loves and believes in him, then I’d say go ahead. I really loved when he was going in the 5th just a couple weeks ago, because I was all over that, but he seems to be prices fairly now.

    [–] Vikings 'can't stop' raving about Mattison OrangElm 6 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I dropped him in order to pick up Darwin Thomson. Should’ve dropped Hyde instead. Fuck the sunk cost fallacy making me do dumb ass things lol.

    [–] Team Logos OrangElm 2 points ago in XFLFootball

    I like most of them but I think the DC logo is a bit too cartoonish. Like it looks like it came out of a comic book. Maybe some type of lettering with the lighting would look better.

    I guess I’m always just looking for dual image /meaning logos lol.

    [–] Team Logos OrangElm 4 points ago in XFLFootball

    Only thing that could be cooler is maybe some sort of letter or image in the negative space with the black stripes.

    Still looks awesome though.

    [–] Dark mode is coming. Yes, this subreddit was 💯where the idea started. Thank you. OrangElm 2 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I haven’t seen that around here (unless you are talking about the Reddit adjusted trade value charts from last year).

    Care sharing a link? It sounds super interesting.

    [–] Fantasy Footballers? Very entertaining but then I looked at their ‘My Guys’ for 2018-19 season... OrangElm 3 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Yea, his podcasts really are great. He gets straight to the point, and most are less than 20 min yet seem to cover just as much as the hour long podcasts up there.

    He also uses a lot of statistical analysis which I love. But honestly the best part about it is that he always owns up to when he is wrong. On top of that, he’ll do a deep dive into why he was wrong, and what we should learn from it.

    Also a lot of his episodes are “evergreen” where they work year to year because they are just about strategies (Streaming QBs, TEs,spotting breakout players, etc.)

    [–] Fantasy Footballers? Very entertaining but then I looked at their ‘My Guys’ for 2018-19 season... OrangElm 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I 100% agree, and honestly your picks last season weren’t as bad as this sub is saying right now. Obviously they weren’t spot on, but it’s hard to say that many on the sub would have disagreed with you last season.

    Lynch was a solid RB2 before injury. Cam was also tearing it up before injury. There wasn’t really any way you could’ve seen Philip Lindsay coming (if someone posted here last year that Philip Lindsay would take over work for Freeman you would’ve been downvoted into oblivion and no one would have believed you). The only really bad pick I saw that I’d have hated last season would have been Hogan, but again this sub was high on him too. And it’s the same for Jordan Howard.

    The thing I love about the show is you all explain why they are your guys. An argument can be made to draft almost any player, you just need to find the ones you agree with. If someone listens to the show and agrees with your explanation, then they have no right to turn around later and blame you guys for a bad pick IMO.

    [–] Chiefs rookie RB Darwin Thompson further along than expected OrangElm 6 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Total honestly, I’m not sold on him. I just posted the article so people could see info on him.

    It’s just that he might take over the backup roll from Hyde (which I think is pretty plausible) and some think he’ll take over William’s roll. I think that’s not too likely to happen, but for a waiver wire add or last round pick it’s solid upside.

    Some people think he’s the next Kamara, which I don’t think to too likely. But I think he can take over backup duty’s from Hyde

    [–] Chiefs rookie RB Darwin Thompson further along than expected OrangElm 11 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Hate to break it to you, but you need to trade up if you even want a shot at him.

    [–] Let's Do a "Talk me out of _____" Thread (2019 Edition) OrangElm 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    This is a fair point. But there were still times last season where the Seahawks were losing and Carroll didn’t give up the run game.

    Hopefully the pass catching Hype about Carson proves true so this won’t even matter lol.

    [–] Let's Do a "Talk me out of _____" Thread (2019 Edition) OrangElm 2 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I’m actually not a Seahawks fan, I’m a jets fan (it’s a hard life out there lol). I’ve just payed attention for a long time and read a lot about this. So get ready for my TED talk:

    In 2012 the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a $20.5 contract with 9 million in guaranteed money. Pete Carroll then preceded to bench him for a better player named Russell Wilson.

    In his time as HC, Pete Carroll has done these things on a smaller scale too. Usually riding the hot hand/whoever was preforming best.

    Last year the same argument was made about Penny, and we all know how it turned out. I’m not saying Penny won’t get work, he will. He’ll get Mike Davis’s work from last season, and maybe a little more. But again, there was a reason that Penny was 3rd on the depth chart last year, and why Carson dominated the touches. It’s because Carson was better.

    I’m not fully buying into the hype about pass catching. I think it’s nice, but it doesn’t have to happen. I’m not drafting him because I think he’ll catch passes. Like I said before, Carson was still top 15 without it, and he can do it again without it if he needs to. I brought it up because it’s just a nice thing to know that makes his ceiling a bit higher. I also brought it up because he said it about Carson, not about Penny (who some people were saying would be the pass catcher, despite him and Carson having limited roles in it last season).

    All of those people in the Hawks organization want one thing: they want to win. Carson is showing that he is their best chance at that. When Carroll started riding Carson last season, and then they immediately started winning games, I think everyone was just fine.

    There are only 2 acceptable argument against Carson this Season IMO. One is injuries, but it’s like that for most RBs in his range.

    The other is that Penny might be better and take his job. This is very different from saying Penny will just be given the job because of the draft capital spent on him (like you are saying).

    If people are scared of him because of that, I’d point to production last season as evidence that Carson is better suited to be the lead back. Even this preseason Carson has looked better than Penny. But if you really, really believe in Penny that much, then by all means draft him and avoid Carson. I’d disagree, but who knows, I’m just a guy on Reddit.

    But that is very different from just saying he’ll get it because they drafted him highly. I’m still all in on Carson. I also think that Penny will still get his touches. They are not mutually exclusive.

    Tl;dr Carson is better IMO, Carroll usually plays the better player (like he did last season), and Penny will get his share of touches from Mike Davis last season + his own work from last season.