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    [–] My daughter had a math test at school. Time to switch schools. OrangeJuicestice 1 points ago in funny

    Maybe they're teaching them base 13 early on. I mean, I think hexadecimal would be better, but what do I know?

    [–] Daily Questions Thread - July 29, 2018 OrangeJuicestice 1 points ago in DragonballLegends

    How do I level up the arts of my characters? And what does it mean when it says "can teach"?

    [–] Daily Questions Thread - July 28, 2018 OrangeJuicestice 2 points ago in DragonballLegends

    Should I be spending or saving my gems? I did the one summon event that guarantees you a sparking character, so now I have the two normal summoning banners. Should I wait until another banner or spend them?