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    [–] Pence hasn’t released any tax returns since becoming VP OregonTripleBeam 3 points ago in politics

    Tax returns of federal lawmakers should automatically be made public in my opinion. Input them into a publicly accessible database.

    [–] Dwight wore it better OregonTripleBeam 11 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Call my man Dwight just to see what was shakin'

    [–] House Democratic leaders say no immediate plans to open impeachment proceedings after Mueller report OregonTripleBeam 0 points ago in politics

    If the votes aren't there than it's best to not proceed. That's not to say impeachment efforts aren't warranted, but it will be weaponized by Rs and thwarted. Keep digging for info while pushing the party platform and use both accordingly for campaiging next year.

    [–] Happy 420. Broke up with my gf today because i smoke weed.... OregonTripleBeam 10 points ago in trees

    Plenty of fish in the sea. You will find someone that loves you and lets you be your whole self!

    [–] Mueller revealed why he didn't charge Trump with obstruction, and it directly contradicts what Barr told the public OregonTripleBeam 12 points ago in politics

    This is the most thorough breakdown of the report that I have seen thus far. I have been reading the redacted report myself and am about 2/3 of the way through.