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    [–] It's hard to start a Trane Orwellian1 1 points ago in HVAC

    it doesnt take many comments to tell when someone is blowing hard, or actually knows what they are talking about. A few of your comments were experience based, not sales/book based

    [–] My coworker and I participated in the #FeelingCuteChallenge going around online. Did anyone else here do it too? Orwellian1 1 points ago in Construction

    It does. I love confident, secure women who don't take themselves super seriously all the time.

    A little superficial interest in good fun boosts the mood of everyone who is a reasonable human. I had a group of girls having lunch (with drinks) make a comment as I walked by once. pretty much made my month, and my girl had to put a ban on me bringing it up after the 50th time.

    [–] The decapitators. Orwellian1 6 points ago in HVAC

    Ok, I'm sure the engineers have some BS excuse talking about "aero flow properties", but the spikes and protrusions on those blades are blatantly for extra maiming chance.

    [–] wake up Orwellian1 1 points ago in funny

    People aren't going to be wasteful and dumb just to fit some outdated description of economic relationships.

    Basic caloric sustenance went from a prioritized reward for most human productivity, to a negligible concern among the vast majority of developed populations. We don't all have to own our own tractors and land to not have food be a concern.

    We are post-scarcity on survival calories, and arguably low priority on comfort food. Didn't take contorting systems to Marxist terminology.

    Clothing is the same. Shelter is slower, but on its way.

    Human needs and desires can be fulfilled in a post-scarcity manner without everyone having to "own the means of production".

    [–] wake up Orwellian1 1 points ago in funny

    Yes, they can do it at a fraction of the price. You are right that they cannot make a business out of that. There are a thousand reasons why, and none of them are "robots are hard to build".

    The conversion always seems limited to "automate an entire job or career". That is rarely the case, and pointing to the slow rate of jobs being wholly replaced with turnkey automation solution is shallow.

    You automate individual work flows. You optimize other areas to allow automation of productivity that would be difficult to automate in its current state. My TV repair tech analogy stands. There was no robot deployed to fix people's TVs that removed that entire service as a skilled job.

    Manufacturing labor will disappear not because some robot can stand and do the exact motions and decision making a human did. It will disappear because the entire workflow will be slowly redesigned to not need human work.

    There are lots of fuzzy reasons why there isn't vastly more automation than there is. Capability and economics are not the limiting forces. Our entire history and nature has inertia that has to be overcome. If you are out among them, I guarantee you can name off a handful of businesses and managers who have outdated policies that are only still in use due to irrational opposition to change.

    [–] [META] Our plan for the Mueller Report Orwellian1 1 points ago in NeutralPolitics

    And you will be back to insinuating everything is an alien conspiracy

    [–] wake up Orwellian1 1 points ago in funny

    The cost of tech is development. Copying and modifying is cheap.

    A machinist, electrical engineer, and programmer could reproduce the vast majority of $100k+ industrial robots in a garage with off the shelf parts for a fraction of the purchase price. Automation companies know this, which is they lean so heavily on support contracts for revenue.

    There is a shortage of automation engineers right now. When that catches up, the price of automation will plummet.

    I personally am in the process of removing 10-15 man hours a week of productivity with nothing more than an arduino and a couple hundred dollars worth of components.

    When you start looking at a large variety of jobs, it becomes very apparent that there are a scary percentage that would be trivial to automate. The economy has been pretty good for a long time. Not a lot of urgency to cut costs. One of these days other owners will discover that automation is far easier than pop-culture portrayals of million dollar robotic arms.

    [–] wake up Orwellian1 1 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in funny

    The democratization of technology was the point of my comment. There will not be a long-standing authoritarian plutocracy like dystopian entertainment depicts, because they cannot control the tech.

    We will move from what we are now, through a time of increasing automation and reduced human productivity until we hit a post-scarcity balance. How rocky that process is cannot be predicted. I doubt it will be painless.

    Ownership and economy are not incredibly important concepts without a value to human productivity. Holding on to them will just seem like stubbornness.

    I'm sure there will always be some economies, in different shapes and forms, I just dont think it will be the driving force of the human experience as it is now.

    Im not an absolutist making grand, black and white declarations. I just enjoy pondering how the fundamental motivators of human society will adapt and change on very short time spans (relatively).

    [–] PSA: Beware of refrigerator saddle valves Orwellian1 4 points ago in HomeImprovement

    That would be luck. Saddle valves are just a bad component. I have to replace them for customers all the time.

    I'm sure I could design and build one with a reasonable life expectancy and failure rate, but it would be far better engineered than the cheap things thrown in with appliances. They are just junk, and always have been.

    [–] wake up Orwellian1 4 points ago in funny

    It has been happening at an accelerated rate for the last 30 years. The bigger impact will be losing the skilled jobs due to automation in a related field.

    No robot was invented that could go into people's homes and diagnose and repair their TV. How many TV repair techs are out there?

    [–] wake up Orwellian1 4 points ago in funny

    First world countries will have to institute a UBI. The rich and powerful are not stupid. Skyrocketing unemployment and poverty among a population used to comfort is a really good way to have violent uprisings.

    AI and automation are not things that can be controlled by the elite. Even if they wanted to twirl dystopian mustaches, Feudalism and persecution of the masses require a base of industrial power unavailable to the masses. AI is just algorithms and code. Robotics are cheap components assembled in a clever way. The powerful are not going to want to be looking over their shoulder for autonomous hunter-killer drones, tailored viruses, or any other number of threats that groups of smart poor people could throw at them.

    We will cling to the concept of an economy for far too long, because that is what human society has been based on for all of history. It won't really make sense when human productivity isnt a component, and we are just shuffling resources around to pretend there is still an economy. Eventually, we will give that up and truly progress.

    Lots of things will suck while we stumble through all that change.

    [–] The at-home DNA test craze is putting us all at risk Orwellian1 1 points ago in videos

    It sounds like Sweden has handled that database with responsibility for a very long time. Why the pessimism? You can find a fringe politician who wants to do silly things. Every country has some asshat proposing stupid ideas to pander. If they have been, and continue to be fringe minority proposals, then it seems like things are going as they should.

    Government is a reflection of the public. Regardless of what reddit thinks, they aren't gonna flip authoritarian the first time someone turns their head. If your database gets opened for use, I guarantee it will be with the approval of a substantial percentage of the population. If that is the case, you have an intrinsic problem.

    [–] Tax day Orwellian1 0 points ago in funny

    f the interest from the refund is inconsequential, what does it matter if you get the refund in January or April?

    It doesn't matter. What matters is I don't wait until the last minute because i'm lazy, and then stress out about it or pay to have it done because I waited too long and don't have time.

    Putting a fixed amount per month into a savings account would do the same thing, and then you'd still have that money if you want to spend it on something frivolous and fun.

    yep. and there would be a non-zero chance of me impulse spending it, losing that cushion.

    Maybe you live your life like some perfectly efficient computer program. I don't. I'm decent at saving, but not near as good as I should be. I'm not perfect, and there are a lot of things I do that do not neatly fit into a logic equation.

    [–] How Popeyes Be Training They Employees Orwellian1 1877 points ago in videos

    Can I get a chicken po'boy?

    a what?

    A chicken po'boy. spicy. Not the meal, just the sandwich.

    We don't serve sandwiches.

    uh...its right on your menu. there is a picture.

    Sir, we do not serve sandwiches.

    That doesn't do justice to the tone used. Does anyone know if they really stopped serving po'boys? I don't want to risk asking for one again and it is the only thing of theirs I like.

    [–] Tax day Orwellian1 -1 points ago in funny

    I don't care that the gov gets an interest free loan.It isn't like they are some family enemy that my money is enabling. It is my government.

    Yes, i'm missing out on an inconsequential amount of interest. Like stupidly tiny.

    Getting a hefty refund prompts me to do my taxes as soon as possible, instead or procrastinating to the last minute.

    It trains my lifestyle to get by with less money than I make on a monthly budget basis, and I blow my refund on frivolous and fun stuff. If I have a life change that requires more income, I can adjust my w2 to be more break even, giving me more take-home pay.

    [–] It's hard to start a Trane Orwellian1 1 points ago in HVAC

    Ok, my response may have been a bit snarky. I creeped a little of your post history here. You know real HVAC, and aren't some blowhard sales or dealer rep.

    [–] 4 year old maintained every year. Guess the make? Orwellian1 4 points ago in HVAC

    You changed one of the filters. What about the extra ones they stuck behind the RA grills to do a better job? Don't forget the screens they added to the (lowes bought decorative) downflow grills to stop dust from blowing out.

    [–] It's hard to start a Trane Orwellian1 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in HVAC

    You built a body


    guessed the piston size

    I approximated, it isnt difficult.

    by passed the eev

    removed the eev

    disconnected the stepper motor

    Now you are just being redundant

    tricked the afc and evc boards into not going into lock out.

    not applicable.

    Welded a homemade orafice onto the aluminum cap tubes

    brazed (pedantic, I know) an industry orifice into a fabricated body, filled the HP bypass slots, and incorporated the original mechanical connector with teflon seal to the copper cap tubes assy.

    and it all works?

    Yes, I believe I said as much. This isn't that big of a deal... Trane equipment isn't majick. It uses the same fundamental principles that have been around for a hundred years.

    Also, you do realize the tam8 has been around forever with about a gazillion changes, right?

    While this system was already dumbed down, you can make a communicating system work as simply as a standard system in about 15 mins.

    [–] I cut open a pressure switch today. Rubber was torn that is why no worky worky. Orwellian1 4 points ago in HVAC

    The curiosity that leads to what you did is what separates great tech from a good one.

    I get so sick of holding techs hands and walking them through diagnosis as if it is 100% a book taught algorithm. Wanting to know why something is diagnosing as bad means you are much more likely to intuitively understand what a system is doing rather than just matching measurements to a flow chart that a half trained monkey could follow.

    [–] My good friend at work piped this up today. He never fails to impress me Orwellian1 8 points ago in HVAC

    Every installer has their own special blend of function, aesthetics, and economics. As long as someone doesn't short the function part, the mix of the other two can have good arguments both ways.

    [–] My good friend at work piped this up today. He never fails to impress me Orwellian1 14 points ago in HVAC

    Those are the sexiest line sets i've ever seen, but I have to ask... Is that really an efficient use of time, materials, and space?

    I mean, pretty should always be a priority, but is it an overriding one?

    Regardless, I salute his dedication to his craft. If management is fine with the time and spacing, I ain't gonna talk shit.