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    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 1 points ago in singularity

    Oh no! You, in all your authority, are going to brand me some stupid label that you arbitrarily decided I fit! (great application of sound logic).

    Please officer! Who do I appeal to??? There is no way I will be able to sleep at night knowing I have not earned your endorsement.

    Still didn't go back and read what you skipped, huh? It's OK. Debate is hard when you can't make your opponent fit some category you have rehearsed points against.

    I'm a creationist, by your declaration... That is just rich! Thank you for the entertainment. If you have that need to get the last word in, go ahead. I won't ruin it for you by responding.

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in singularity

    What the hell??? I wrote 3 paragraphs why it was reasonable to question the inevitability of the singularity. You ignored all of it to go off on souls. That was a side point illustrating your misunderstanding of what is or isn't proven, fact, or truth. Did you even read the rest of it???

    The singularity is a projection supported by good evidence and sound reasoning. That does not mean those with doubts are shallow or unscientific.

    Give me the epistemological proof that dualism, creationism, theism, or hell... Aether and fairy thoughts are impossible. Let's see how good you are swinging the hard logic club.

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 0 points ago in singularity

    I think you need to look up the definition of absolutism. Something isn't a fact/fundamental truth until it is proven. Showing the opposite is unlikely is not enough.

    Maybe read what people actually write instead of making unjustified assumptions about their entire philosophy. That way you don't waste so many calories deriding the straw man you set up.

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 1 points ago in singularity

    Someone who supports all the things you are railing against... I have no fucking idea why you are ranting on this stuff to me. I challenged your absolutism, not your conclusions. I challenged your arrogance and condescension, not the substance of your position. I criticized your misunderstanding of what is fundamental fact, and what is merely supported by evidence.

    I don't know who you are arguing with, but it sure doesn't seem to be me.

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 1 points ago in singularity

    You seem desperate to argue with a very specific philosophy. Maybe you should try to find one of them to yell at?

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 1 points ago in singularity

    Obviously I wasn't. The point was about absolutism.

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 2 points ago in singularity

    I think some facts are absolute. Like that we don't have "Souls" as a source of our "Consciousness". There's no middle ground.

    That is not an absolute fact. You are likely correct. There is insufficient evidence to support the concept of a "soul" (assuming a metaphysical definition of the word). We may have a vocabulary difference when it comes to concepts like "logic, objective fact, scientific proof".

    I didn't say I was doubtful about the singularity. In fact, as I said in my comment I find it likely. I am criticising your comment based on its contents and insinuations. I do not think healthy skepticism or a challenging mindset to something as nebulous as the prediction of a unique occurrence is shallow or unscientific. If you did not mean to give that impression, then I misunderstood your intent.

    For example, I am not convinced strong AI is inevitable. While not an absolute requirement for Singularity, strong AI is one of the major predictions in these discussions. I worry that the increasing complexity of code interactions could outpace the management portion of the code base. There may be a mathematical roadblock to mechanical intelligence where controller resources outpace processing resources well before the threshold of strong AI or AGI.

    We are barely scraping the surface of figuring out how our only example of complex, abstract cognition works, which is markedly different from digital intelligence, yet many Singularity enthusiasts accept AGI as an inevitable progression.

    It is reasonable to wonder if we are nearing our societal limit in specialization if we do not get help from strong AI. Already cross-discipline breakthroughs are difficult due to the continued isolation of fields of study because of specialization. To achieve the exponential advancement to qualify as a Singularity requires an increase in capacity to integrate different fields. If we do not have strong AI to fill that need, it will require our own abilities to be materially increased. Again, our neuro and cognitive sciences are nowhere near that level. Also, developments in human cognitive improvement is full of very serious societal dangers.

    These are not shallow critiques based on ideological "anti-science" conservativism. Objections like them are the reason Singularity discussion isn't the primary conversation for the entire scientific community.

    [–] Anyone left doubting the singularity Orwellian1 5 points ago in singularity

    Short answer: There is absolutely no Scientific or Logical basis for the rebuttal of Singularity. Anyone who does so needs Science education or Brain enhancement/treatment.

    Do you really mean to sound as condescending as your comment reads?

    List out the number of assumptions required for the singularity concept and tell me it is a logical inevitability. Your absolutism rings of the same attitudes of those you mock.

    I have followed the singularity discussion for a decade. Very broadly, I am on board with many of the predictions. That being said, many of the concepts make serious assumptions.

    It is a projection. Just because you can point at some dummies on the opposing side doesn't mean everyone not a member of the Church of Kurzweil needs reeducation.

    [–] Buzkashi, the sport that uses dead goats as the ball, a breakdown Orwellian1 69 points ago in videos

    Every once in a while you run across a link on Reddit that just closes the day. I'm not going to see anything else that beats this tonight. Maybe not for the rest of the week.

    I am now off to bed fully satisfied.

    [–] I’m sorry, not covered. Under the warranty. Orwellian1 10 points ago in HVAC

    No chance of hail damage. Practically no hot exhaust being recirculated through condenser coil... If the deck was open on the sides, I'm not shocked it lasted that 20+ years.

    Of course i'd scream and throw a full on temper tantrum if I was expected to work on it. I get pissy when bushes are in my way.

    [–] Please do it right Orwellian1 2 points ago in funny

    Shit. Now it does to me as well. Thanks alot. Guess i'll go back to not being a bigot.

    [–] Please do it right Orwellian1 11 points ago in funny

    Oh, you must have misunderstood. I meant to trivialize the concept of race through an attempt at humor. See, "Caucasoid" has a slight resemblance to latin naming of dinosaurs, so I was pretending to be thrilled with falling in the category. I don't actually believe I am an ancient reptile, nor do I believe my assumed reptile nature is superior to other races in any material way. I actually have no idea what coloration the meteor was that is theorized to have struck in the Yucatan region, causing a mass extinction event. I hinted it might have low albedo as another satirical reference to white racists blaming other races for their problems.

    [–] Please do it right Orwellian1 19 points ago in funny

    Fuck that, I just found out I'm Caucasoid. That sounds like a badass dinosaur. I wasn't racist, but now i'm starting to feel like we used to rule the planet before some meteor (probably a black one) tooks us out.


    [–] Brazing Orwellian1 1 points ago in HVAC

    OK, you have yourself a nice day

    [–] Brazing Orwellian1 1 points ago in HVAC


    [–] No ac call in apt. R22 pressures for a dirty 25+ year old RUUD condenser(it was still keeping the house down to 77F in 100Ff weather) Orwellian1 1 points ago in HVAC

    That is because chiller systems are pointed at commercial and industrial, and the manufacturer can't bullshit their way out of admitting bad design. Climatemaster knows their customers are well off homeowners who can afford service calls, and can't call an on-site engineer to eyeball their system.

    Problem geo on a house: Manufacturer blames loop contractors, duct design, installer, and homeowner usage. There are zero records or proof available to show all those things are fine.

    Problem with equipment on big commercial: Uhm, don't try that with us... we have documented, inspected, engineered prints showing every possible load and performance metric for this building. Let me get you in touch with the firm that designed everything this system is using.

    With some rare exceptions, heavy commercial stuff has far less stupid bullshit built in the equipment.

    [–] No ac call in apt. R22 pressures for a dirty 25+ year old RUUD condenser(it was still keeping the house down to 77F in 100Ff weather) Orwellian1 2 points ago in HVAC

    Now if only I hadn't had to fix a bad factory braze resulting in a dumped charge and contaminated system with gummed up TXV...

    That comes standard on climatemaster. Their factory is 10 miles from me. They don't let contractors on site for very good reasons.

    Pump and dump is great, although the geo nazis will crucify you for it.

    Trane high efficiency has great build quality. Unfortunately they are very similar to climatemaster in outrageously expensive components not working worth a damn after 18 months.

    [–] No ac call in apt. R22 pressures for a dirty 25+ year old RUUD condenser(it was still keeping the house down to 77F in 100Ff weather) Orwellian1 1 points ago in HVAC

    If you are savvy, build one yourself. I did. You can buy the coax HX off the shelf, toss in your preferred compressor, and play with metering until you get it humming. I controlled the one I built with 3 relays, and it still pulled some pretty good efficiency. Some percentage of the bells and whistles in geos are the engineers going crazy with no leash because it is high end equipment pointed at high end customers. Frankly, the big name manufacturer geos I deal with have shit software on the boards anyways. parts failures subtract from efficiency. It doesn't matter if the algorithmic usage learning optimizes cool cycles to eventually shave $3.50 a month off your bill if you spend $500 over a couple years in service and parts for one of the thousand crappy sensors they install. Seriously... a thermistor on the TXV out to kick freeze protection codes??? That is just idiotic. That style thermistor is a shit component with a high failure rate, and you should never do an indirect measurement on something that critical. It ought to have an epoxy potted thermistor in the water flow itself, which would have far more utility than a binary state limit on a refrigerant line. It is silly that a freeze protection fault points towards a stuck shut TXV or bad (bare metal) sensor far more often than a flow or water temp issue. They should have a true flow sensor, and actually measure the loop temps for something that important since a geo costs 5k wholesale and I could buy those sensors for 15$ on digikey. 5k... for a cabinet, single stage comp, variable grundfos, and 200$ HX. Tell me they aren't slapping BS components and gimmicks in to justify the price...

    [–] No ac call in apt. R22 pressures for a dirty 25+ year old RUUD condenser(it was still keeping the house down to 77F in 100Ff weather) Orwellian1 2 points ago in HVAC

    Got that 50-55F water all. year. long...mmm.

    Sounds like you are comfortably in a flowing water table, lucky dog.

    I wish I could like geos. too much money for too little benefit compared to decent conventional + good insulation. There are exceptions to that, and I do recommend occasionally. Most of the time I talk customers out of them despite the stupid amount of profit in installing one.

    [–] Condenser coil hack job Orwellian1 3 points ago in HVAC

    what qualifies as "hack job" in this sub speaks volumes about those using the insult.

    [–] No ac call in apt. R22 pressures for a dirty 25+ year old RUUD condenser(it was still keeping the house down to 77F in 100Ff weather) Orwellian1 2 points ago in HVAC

    Definitely. I've worked on lots of geos over the years and treat them as you describe. They require everything to be perfect to get any performance out of them.

    The only quibble I'd toss at you about refrigerant is the substantial difference in power curve (capacity) on 410 compared to r-22 at the top of the temp scale. I know it doesn't look like it would be all that serious because it is past the 95f point, and you would think that takes it out of regular operating parameters, BUT...

    The performance is based not on what the official temp reading at the airport, but on what air is actually passing across the condenser coil. One summer I logged data on 60+ calls as a little experiment. I recorded official temp, ambient air in the customer's front yard, and actual air temp entering the condenser coil. After 11:00 am, 2/3 of the time the air at the condenser was 5-15f higher than official temp and front yard ambient. Fences and eaves... Many of these systems aren't struggling because it is 95 out. They are struggling because they lost 15%+ of their rated capacity fighting 110f air. Forget about a 100 or 105 degree day. The curve on r-22 is less a curve, and more a angled line. 410 has a significant curving drop in high ambient.

    It isn't a huge issue. I'm not one who spends all day whining about 410a. It is a decent refrigerant. That being said, I do keep its properties in the back of my mind when troubleshooting a seemingly perfectly running system that is struggling on very hot days.

    [–] No ac call in apt. R22 pressures for a dirty 25+ year old RUUD condenser(it was still keeping the house down to 77F in 100Ff weather) Orwellian1 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in HVAC

    Old timey tech here: High head on old r-22 systems with good performance is somewhat common.

    Evaps get banged up from being cleaned too often, maybe a touch of restriction, so techs bump up the charge to raise suction above freezing in mild temps. Add that to condenser coils getting dirty and dented, you get high head. Recips + r-22 is a very robust system. 410a Scrolls dislike the charge being out of spec, and will let you know about it with noise and performance loss. Old r-22 systems will keep trucking in some truly horrible circumstances. I'm not positive if that is entirely a mechanical and refrigerant difference, or if tighter engineering in modern equip to optimize more difficult efficiency plays a significant role as well.

    Another thing that many modern techs don't realize is the "beer can cold" charging method was not just because all of those techs were just dumb and lazy (although that definitely contributed). In very hot climates with old equipment, you can get perfectly charged systems that hit all the subcool/superheat charts perfectly, that just stop running in the middle of a hot afternoon. They needed the cold vapor hitting the compressor to keep it from tripping thermal in 100+ temps. So, we overcharged them a bit. A touch of flooding the beginning of the evap was a small price to keep the compressor from shutting off for 4 hours during the hottest time of the day. The customer being comfortable trumps trying to match the specs set for a system 15+yrs ago when it came off the line.

    When I started forever ago I was just like many here. I'm a bit of a geek, and I knew The Right Way to do things. Eventually I figured out that every once in a while, you have to toss the book and do what works. Over the past 2 decades I have experienced some of the subtle flaws in the HVAC industry, and am more accepting of some of the more pragmatic, less technically correct approaches such as slight oversizing and not holding manufacturer performance and operating data as 100% reliable.

    [–] Alternative theory of gravity, that seeks to remove the need for dark energy and be an alternative to general relativity, makes a nearly testable prediction, reports a new study in Nature Astronomy, that used a massive simulation done with a "chameleon" theory of gravity to explain galaxy formation. Orwellian1 1 points ago in science

    You make these statements with far more authority and certainty than I have heard from any formal talk or explanation from a physicist.

    I will never understand the amount of vehemence people invest in competing theories. Dark matter is probably a thing. Lots of good evidence for it. Nobody's children will starve to death if people look at reasonable alternatives. Pointing out the weaknesses of the concept won't detract from science.