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    [–] "Soon" taking bets. OttoVonWong 1 points ago in FuturamaWOTgame

    Welcome.... to the repost of tommorow!

    [–] [News] Team Change Item OttoVonWong 0 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    I'd like to see something like you only get to keep one of each Pokemon. It makes resetting a challenge.

    [–] New loading screen featuring AR and Smeargle OttoVonWong 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in TheSilphRoad

    What happens with Mr Mime, stays with Mr Mime. Except that bad taste in your mouth.

    [–] Life Cycle of Coffee OttoVonWong 1 points ago in gardening

    Bushes would complete the circle of life.

    [–] Best Expected Candy Strategy for Palkia during the double candy event? OttoVonWong 1 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    This best strategy for any double candy event is usually Tyranitar as a third stage evolution.

    [–] I think this belongs here OttoVonWong 1 points ago in zoidberg

    Crosspost? Why not Zoidberg?

    [–] Happy Valentine’s Day! OttoVonWong 2 points ago in nuclear

    My love for you requires redundant isolation valves for containment.

    [–] I made a gift box OttoVonWong 2 points ago in pokemongo

    Meowth that's right !

    [–] Is shiny Luvidisc still available? OttoVonWong 2 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Yup, got one after the event start.

    [–] Shiny Cleffa ? OttoVonWong 7 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    John Hanke's wallet thanks you.

    [–] Valentines Event 2019 Raid Boss List OttoVonWong 8 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Krabby, the gift that keeps on giving.

    [–] Baby Happiny live! OttoVonWong 14 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Gotta walk fast, if you want to be the very best like no one ever was.

    [–] New boxes OttoVonWong 15 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    If lures last more than 60 hours, I'll have what she's having.