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    [–] LAPRAS Pokebattler Raid Infographic! OttoVonWong 3 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Absol has a high 50% catch rate, I think. Not sure of Marowak.

    [–] Why RayRay being held back so much? OttoVonWong 6 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Once Ray Ray goes black, Niantic's profits never go back.

    [–] What would you do to this kitchen on a small budget for maximum value? OttoVonWong 21 points ago in HomeImprovement

    In San Francisco, the washing machine can be sublet out for three grand, since the sidewalks are the toilets.

    [–] Niantic confirming just one free pass every day OttoVonWong 1 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    One free raid pass = ordinary Two free raid passes = extra The preception of this event would have been very different, if Niantic just let the typo go through.

    [–] Offical Chinese leak "Body Slam" for Slaking OttoVonWong 5 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    It's good but not meta changing and doesn't make CD Slaking significantly better than non-CD Slaking.

    [–] My mother made this arch for 5 years OttoVonWong 3 points ago in gardening

    Mother's obviously holding them up.

    [–] Update forced: 0.143.2 OttoVonWong 24 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    New minor bugs is all I can think of.

    [–] This is such an underrated line OttoVonWong 41 points ago in futurama

    I did do the nasty in the pasty.

    [–] new lures available in shop! OttoVonWong 56 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Very fair for Niantic's bottom line.

    [–] Is Jeremy about to have another kid? OttoVonWong 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in thegrandtour

    Some say he once impregnated an orangutan and fathered a hamster while James May explained the birthing process in great detail. All we know is he's callled the Stig.

    [–] Back ! ... Wow. OttoVonWong 29 points ago in FuturamaWOTgame

    What do you say, wanna go around again?