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    [–] TIL Jimmy Carter still lives in the same $167,000 house he built in Georgia in 1961 and shops at Dollar General Owyn_Merrilin -14 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago) in todayilearned

    He murdered babies. With bombs, I'm not talking about abortions. Obama was Bush round 2 on foreign policy and almost completely ineffectual on domestic policy -- aside from when it came to building on Bush's domestic spying programs and going after whistle blowers, he was great at that. But he gets a pass because of the d next to his name and, arguably, the color of his skin.

    [–] ELI5: Why do Marvel movies (and other heavily CGI- and animation-based films) cost so much to produce? Where do the hundreds of millions of dollars go to, exactly? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    And it was created in response to movies where they just straight up killed an animal in an inhumane way instead of using special effects. One of the bond movies (I think it was You Only Live Twice?) involved several real sharks getting shot with real spear guns, for example. And then there's cannibal holocaust, which involved a turtle being ripped apart on screen while still alive.

    [–] [True Story] I wish for a helicopter ride. Owyn_Merrilin 35 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    I've got one. My dad, my cousin, and I went on a camping trip when I was a kid. My cousin wished we'd have an adventure. The night we got there, it started pouring rain, and we discovered that the tent leaked badly. We had to leave in the middle of the night, find the nearest walmart, get a tent, and put it up in the rain.

    That night we learned the hard way that, like Bilbo said (and like Robert Jordan had recently shown all of us, as we had been reading the Wheel of Time, which makes a point of showing the mundane unpleasantness involved in going on a grand adventure), adventures are nasty disturbing uncomfortable things that make you late for dinner.

    [–] Top 10 anime fights Owyn_Merrilin 27 points ago in Konosuba

    It's a JoJo pose, they tend to be anatomically impossible.

    [–] That price better include 101 actual Dalmatians. Owyn_Merrilin 7 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    Only in the sense that Blu-Ray and HD DVD are, well, HD DVDs. It's a different format from the same company. They aren't even technically the same tapes, although it did use the same tapes as S-VHS, which was a follow up to VHS that never really took off, but had similar video quality to laserdiscs. They were mechanically the same, and you could punch a hole in the right place on a VHS tape to get an S-VHS player to treat it like an S-VHS tape, but VHS tapes had a crappier tape formulation, so they were marginal for recording in S-VHS format, and I doubt they'd work with D-VHS machines at all, at least on the digital modes. The newer formats were all backwards compatible with the older ones, so a D-VHS VCR could generally play and record the analog video on S-VHS and VHS tapes.

    [–] someone had to say it Owyn_Merrilin 5 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Well what's the point of having a label maker if you can't go full double D sometimes? :P

    [–] Guys, I figured it out Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in StarVStheForcesofEvil

    So it is the romancing the stone approach to fire building.

    [–] Guys, I figured it out Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in StarVStheForcesofEvil

    What exactly are you tossing on that fire?

    [–] Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Siamese Fighting Fish Owyn_Merrilin 5 points ago in RealLifeShinies

    Plus it's a betta. If animals that are bred specifically for crazy color patterns count, this sub could be nothing but bettas, guppies, and neocaridina shrimp.

    [–] someone had to say it Owyn_Merrilin 24 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Nothing negative, I'm just about to graduate.

    [–] This monstrosity from Libya with a BMP-1 turret. Owyn_Merrilin 28 points ago in shittytechnicals

    We're talking about an armored up civilian truck made by some guy in a garage. I'd call it impressive.

    [–] someone had to say it Owyn_Merrilin 138 points ago in TumblrInAction

    TIL digital label makers cost less than $20. I should get a label maker. I'm about to lose access to the one in the lab.

    [–] That price better include 101 actual Dalmatians. Owyn_Merrilin 22 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    Laserdiscs can come close to DVD quality, unlike VHS tapes. They also usually have a letterboxed version, again unlike VHS tapes. And there are some VHS tapes that are actually worth something, mostly low budget horror films that never got released on a more modern format. But Disney's tapes aren't on the list.

    [–] ELI5: Why are people now so much taller than they were hundreds of years ago? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    It's citrus flavored. I don't think anything but mountain dew kickstart has any actual juice in it, and if it does it's not much.

    Edit: Even kickstart has next to no juice in it. It's only 5% juice.

    [–] ELI5: Why are people now so much taller than they were hundreds of years ago? Owyn_Merrilin 0 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    It's kind of true. We don't have a de jure nobility. Just a defacto one. It doesn't make much difference in modern democracies where titles of nobility, if they exist at all, are almost entirely ceremonial, but there have been historical situations where that made a difference, like in medieval europe, where nobles weren't necessarily wealthy and the wealthy weren't necessarily noble.

    [–] What exactly is Alexander packing... down there? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in ShittyDaystrom

    Ah, I didn't realize the show actually mentioned it. He definitely did seem to have a few age jumps, but it was common on TV at the time to do that kind of thing. Pregnancies can be good sources of drama, and sometimes actresses just get pregnant for real and they decide to make them pregnant in the show too, but babies and very small children don't make for very good TV, so they tended to find some way to write them out for a while and then come back much older after not a whole lot of story time.

    [–] What exactly is Alexander packing... down there? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in ShittyDaystrom

    If Klingon children mature so much faster than human children,

    Is that a thing? I know a certain baby klingon grew up real fast in Discovery, but that was due to time travel fuckery, and he took the long way to get there. It actually is a thing for the Moclans, but we legally can't call that Star Trek or them Klingons, so...

    [–] Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order? Owyn_Merrilin 8 points ago in Konosuba

    Also the name of the piece is "Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku oppai," except the o is the wo (they're pronounced the same) from the title, instead of the o from oppai. In other words, the whole thing is a boob joke.

    [–] People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco Owyn_Merrilin 9 points ago in offbeat

    In San Fransico, or in the country as a whole? That's a completely different issue, and it does come down to not enough regulation and too many houses in too few hands. The banks would rather let a property fall apart from lack of upkeep than sell it for less than they paid for it, and they own all of those houses.

    [–] People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco Owyn_Merrilin 4 points ago in offbeat

    He's suggesting we increase the supply of housing, period, which will drive prices down over time due to there being more of it. Reaganomics is about letting rich people hoard their wealth. This is more about diluting the value of it.

    [–] People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco Owyn_Merrilin 22 points ago in offbeat

    That's not trickle down economics, it's just supply and demand. Right now demand is high and supply is low, which drives prices up.

    Real economics isn't generally that simple, but it is more true than usual when there's a mismatch between supply and demand this big on an inelastic good.

    Or in other words, trickle down economics are supply side economics. This is really demand side.

    [–] Dehumanization - The key component to far-right ideology. Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in ForwardsFromKlandma

    Wait, do jews and black people not exist already? Because I've never actually seen a wolf-rat or a horrifying roach/beetle hybrid before.

    [–] Saru et al are just Discovery’s night shift Owyn_Merrilin 11 points ago in ShittyDaystrom

    Well of course. They survived the aftermath of Neelix's leola root stew, didn't they?