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    [–] F I J I Owyn_Merrilin 2 points ago in VaporwaveAesthetics

    "Please live forever?"

    [–] Indoor rat hunting. WCGW? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Try putting a little peanut butter on the bear, too. Good luck!

    [–] Guys, let’s remember that a guy died, ok?! Owyn_Merrilin 2 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in stupidpol

    Honestly I agree. It's not like his death is going to achieve anything. An old man died, but there's no way he hasn't set up plans for his obnoxious reserves of money to continue his legacy, so he may as well still be alive. I said the same thing when Osama Bin Laden died and people were literally dancing in the streets. It's an empty spectacle that just feeds hatred without even having the benefit of channeling it into something productive.

    [–] Twitter wokies outraged by adult men dating ... adult women Owyn_Merrilin 3 points ago in stupidpol

    That's why the rule is half your age plus seven, and only applies to people over the age of 18.

    [–] Indoor rat hunting. WCGW? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Ah, so it learned after stealing the bait once. Smart little bugger.

    [–] Indoor rat hunting. WCGW? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Did it avoid the trap, or did it just steal the bait? You need to use a bait that gets stuck in their teeth so they can't just grab it without triggering the trap. Gummy bears work well.

    [–] Indoor rat hunting. WCGW? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Seriously. Whatever it was was strong enough to shatter glass -- possibly even after a ricochet. I would not want to be hit in the ankle at point blank range with something that can do that no matter what size the projectile was or how it was propelled.

    And I'd probably prefer the ankle to most other spots I could get hit.

    [–] RE: The attempt by political satire by "The Simpsons" recently. Owyn_Merrilin 4 points ago in stupidpol

    mediocrity sells when it's the only thing on the market.

    For evidence I give you everything on TV since the 2008 writers strike. Golden age my ass, the good stuff is never actually on. It's all day marathons of third string reality shows on every channel.

    But since it is every channel, they all do alright in the ratings, and have no reason to change to something more entertaining -- that would cost more money.

    [–] What foreign actor did the worst American accent in a movie? Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Not transatlantic, that's a different fake accent and it has more to do with rich boarding schools. Broadcaster English just used to be more exaggerated because it was designed to be understood despite terrible recording technology. Starting some time around the 70's it got less pronounced, but it used to be almost as broad as a brit doing a bad American accent (wheras transatlantic sounded more like an American doing a horrendous British accent.)

    [–] What foreign actor did the worst American accent in a movie? Owyn_Merrilin 3 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    So would full on 50's action hero General American. Imagine a lantern jawed guy who pronounces "robot" as "robutt" and puts the emphasis on the first syllable. We just loosened up on having exactly the right accent earlier than the Brits did.

    [–] What foreign actor did the worst American accent in a movie? Owyn_Merrilin 3 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Americans have had a generic/non-descript accent done in movies since they had sound

    Brits have the same thing, though. It's called Received Pronunciation and it's their equivalent of "General American," which is the American broadcaster accent. Neither one is a real regional accent. They were based on one but designed to be easily understood on crappy old radio sets.

    [–] Concerning genre innovation, or: "more of the same" vs. "some gamers won't eat anything they've never seen before." Owyn_Merrilin 2 points ago in truegaming

    It's not necessarily wanting to play the exact game so much as not wanting one genre to completely supplant one that's superficially similar. Look at (first person) shooters -- we didn't move away from late 90's/early 2000's style arcadey arena shooters because the gameplay got stale.We moved away from them because they were designed for a mouse and keyboard and didn't work on consoles. But console shooters work on PC, so basically everything since Halo figured out how to build a shooter around an Xbox controller is built that way. We still get the occasional throwback, but they're mostly indie games lacking the polish you'd expect from, say, a modern Jedi Knight or Unreal.

    Another example, space combat sims. Totally dead genre that's been primarily replaced by the FPS, and secondarily by those boring ass space trading sims. Because, you know, being a space trucker doing literal milk runs for hours on end before you can upgrade your ship enough to not instantly die when you run into pirates is totally a good substitute for being Luke Skywalker launching out of a carrier to do everything from escort missions to bombing runs.

    Again, there's the occasional indie game -- usually with heavy Euro-jank, because for whatever reason the American and British devs prefer space trucker crap -- but it's low budget and amateurish. We aren't getting anything with the production values of even the first couple of Wing Commander games, let alone the slick, multi-million dollar projects the genre was getting towards the end of its life.

    [–] Me when I found out Sayla basically disappears after the original MSG because her actress was busy Owyn_Merrilin 8 points ago in Gundam

    Seems like if Sayla had been politically active, she'd have ended up more like Mineva during and after Unicorn. Running some kind of pro-spacenoid but anti-war (or at least anti-war crimes) organization. She's got just as much claim to legitimacy as her brother, and more than Mineva does.

    [–] anime_irl Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in anime_irl

    Definitely looking forward to them, especially if that clip is any indication of what they'll look like. It just blows my mind that Yuru Yuri of all series got a proper, higher than normal budget OVA telling its own story. Most shows these days, especially slice of life stuff, don't get OVAs so much as the occasional bonus episode to tide fans over between seasons. This, though, this is an honest to god OVA from the last series I'd have expected to get one. It usually doesn't even use the whole 25 minutes for one story, and here there's a whole hour of one continuous plot line, plus two more normal length episodes.

    [–] Trump's "chosen one" comment and spat with Denmark shows his "psychotic-like state" says doctor who first warned about president's mental condition Owyn_Merrilin 6 points ago in worldnews

    There's a rule of thumb for how long an animal can live that says everything gets some large number (I think a billion?) heart beats. It's not literally true but it illustrates how, for example, whales -- with their slow, efficient hearts and circulatory systems -- live so long, while shrews -- which have very fast heart beats and will starve to death if they don't eat a ridiculous amount of food proportional to their body weight every day -- don't.

    Trump was dumb enough to take it literally.

    [–] Shadow of a Millipede walking. Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I wouldn't even say they're uncommon, you're just not super likely to run into one indoors. They like warm, dark, damp spaces. So you're more likely to find one in your shed than in the house, aside from maybe your bathroom. We found one living in the back of a toilet once when I was a kid.

    [–] Shadow of a Millipede walking. Owyn_Merrilin 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    gotta say those grubs awakened something in me.

    [–] If that was only an inkling of its box office potential Owyn_Merrilin 3 points ago in PrequelMemes

    After building their entire empire on the back of a healthy public domain, no less!