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    [–] Bill Gates: "it makes sense to believe in God" Ozimandius 4 points ago in Christianity

    I guess I am not certain what sort of 'spiritual progression' is automatically in opposition to our other pursuits rather assisting them. You don't need to abandon/ignore your spiritual development to most any other job, why science?

    [–] Accused gunman in Christchurch terror attacks denied newspaper, television and radio access Ozimandius 2 points ago in news

    It is especially hard when the same systems process often straight KILLS people who have done far less. At least in the U.S. our respect for due process feels like a bit of a joke when people are sometimes shot for very minor reasons.

    [–] [KR] The Second Coming of Avarice - Chapter 75 Ozimandius 1 points ago in noveltranslations

    I agree. Between the deus ex of 'future visions' and the saving of someone who seemed definitely dead, the stakes feel dramatically lowered from the tone of the chapter in general.

    Also got a little annoyed by the 'watch someone take their turn' nature of the fight and the fact that seol couldn't just attempt to cut off the tentacle rather than just straight sacrifice himself... tentacles were being chopped off left and right until then but suddenly you have to throw your body in front of one instead?

    Definitely wasn't the strongest chapter, but I was excited that we didnt wait as long this time!

    [–] True Ozimandius 5 points ago in funny

    I dont disagree, I personally love the guy was just answering the request for source.

    [–] True Ozimandius 1 points ago in funny

    This is the first person mentioned in the thread who I 100% agree with. I suppose there may be someone out there put off by his occasional religiosity but that is a pretty small gripe.

    [–] True Ozimandius 65 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in funny

    Reddit doesn't hate him, certainly, but there are plenty of people that DO. He takes relatively strong stances on politics (not for particular parties but doesn't shy away from talking about politically charged issues), which always gains you some enemies no matter how right you are and how kind you are about it.

    Edit: Changed 'he takes relatively strong political stances' to add some nuance, because people take 'political' to mean political party.

    [–] James Gunn thanks his supporters following Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 reinstatement Ozimandius 2 points ago in movies

    Oh, what I was just reading was that it was a bunch of dumb jokes in the span of 6-8 years before. As for whether everyone gets offended by everything now.. people have always been offended by this stuff, and usually people that are self-proclaimed 'provacateurs' have had a lot of trouble rebranding themselves. I think it is great that he was able to, honestly, but I can also understand that edgy humor is not for everyone.

    [–] James Gunn thanks his supporters following Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 reinstatement Ozimandius -6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in movies

    I never really looked into why he was fired in the first place, apparently he had a bunch of pretty weird pedophilia related tweets back in 2010-12? I honestly have no idea what this whole story was about... he makes some good movies though.

    Okay, looked into it more, and he was just being an edgy 'shock jock' type. Changed his style as he became more famous.. have to say he's a bit more unapologetic about it than I am comfortable with but I also don't believe people's pasts should haunt them forever so I guess I don't have a strong opinion on this one.

    [–] We'll go after big tech if necessary because DC is doing nothing: Arizona attorney general Ozimandius 2 points ago in technology

    I'd like to echo this nationalism too, and I am of course super proud of the U.S.'s dominance for the last century, but if you listen to most of the big guys in the fields of AI and robotics they will tell you that China is actually REALLY good at this stuff, and we have some catching up to do in some areas (and are ahead in others).

    I am not saying it is a reason to avoid monitoring and doing things about the monopolistic behaviors or illegal behaviors of companies of course... but certainly we should avoid straight up destroying them in my opinion.

    [–] Check it out! Ozimandius 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in cincinnati

    This seems ridiculous. A person with a few tools could do this job at exactly the same rate without a ~10 million dollar truck that probably requires very expensive inputs (I'm sure those 'plugs' are some proprietary material/fabrication process) still requires a person to operate/oversee it.

    If we are looking for a more expensive, slower system that is probably prone to all kinds of problems when trying to fix potholes on hills or near curbs/manhole covers or whatever else.. go for it! Also, if the plug is only held in place by expanding a bit when heated, what happens when it gets cold again?

    [–] [KR] The Second Coming of Avarice - Chapter 74 Ozimandius 44 points ago in noveltranslations

    Love this story, but I wish someone else that could do more than a chapter a week could pick this up.

    [–] When I see that Redditors are complaining that people are now complaining that people are going out and cleaning the environment because of #trashtag and r/detrashed Ozimandius 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    It is a solution to a problem: trash on beaches and in waterways where it does the most harm.

    It is not the final solution to all of humanity's problems with waste generation - and no one would ever claim it was. It it makes the world a better place. In a small way, a way that isn't going to mitigate the need to reduce our trash usage in general, but in a way that makes people aware of the problem (seeing pictures of trashed areas) aware of how much better the world can be if we work on it (seeing pictures of cleaned areas).

    If you don't see it as any kind of solution you are probably looking at the world in black and white. It takes people time to change. Being involved in cleanups like this is one of the things that makes people cognizant of how much trash we generate and moves them towards reduction and other strategies. It makes them aware of the problem. I truly can't understand such black and white thinking that implies if you are not doing EVERYTHING you can to fix trash forever you might as well do nothing at all.

    [–] When I see that Redditors are complaining that people are now complaining that people are going out and cleaning the environment because of #trashtag and r/detrashed Ozimandius 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    In places where garbage is handled well and disposed of in carefully planned waste management sites, the environment is much better. It is just a fact.

    This trash has already been created. Sprinkling it over hundreds of square miles is MUCH worse for the environment than disposing of it properly, which these people are helping to do. Go to any country without good waste management and you will immediately see how important this is to the environment. There are beautiful and healthy landscapes that have millions of tons of trash buried beneath them.

    Would it be better if everyone reused and recycled instead? Of course. If there is a 'use your trash' challenge where people empty out their garbage cans and make them into beautiful and functional items I will upvote that too. But this trend of cleaning up spaces and putting trash is a better managed place is positive and pretending it isn't is just silly.

    [–] Racist robots Ozimandius 1 points ago in funny

    Not all self driving cars use LIDAR by my understanding. I believe Musk is on record saying normal video recording is superior in a lot of ways to LIDAR. Pretty sure the model 3 self driving mode doesn't use any form of LIDAR.

    [–] Racist robots Ozimandius 1 points ago in funny

    I mean, it isn't racist so much as it is colorist. I can almost guarantee a black person in a white tracksuit would be less likely to be hit than a white person in a black tracksuit.

    Literally everyone has trouble seeing black on black, is everyone racist because they are probably slightly more likely to hit a black person than a white person? Just seems like a weird use of the word racism.

    I am sure smaller people are more likely to be hit, but that doesn't mean robots hate midgets either.

    [–] TIL a Wal-Mart heiress gave back her USC degree when she was exposed to have used another student to complete her school work for years. Ozimandius 2 points ago in todayilearned

    Become a parent and learn how little money you can earn for the pleasure of a shit-ton of work and a 24 hour work day.

    There are all sorts of things that motivate people. We pretend that money is the only one that really works but that definitely doesn't explain people having kids, teachers (who often work for absurdly low wages and put in very long hours), and a myriad of other professions that are underpaid or not paid at all and overworked.

    [–] Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer Ozimandius 15 points ago in movies

    I mean, clearly in terms of "strength" it would be Hulk and Thor... with Hulk winning. Carol has some other sweet powers besides strength of course, but I didn't see pure strength anywhere near the level of Thor or Hulk from her.

    I agree about Strange. I mean, the two biggest bads we've seen in the marvel universe are Thanos and Dormammu and Strange was the key to defeating both.

    [–] Robot Overlords Wouldn’t Be the Worst - They can’t match humanity’s malice and greed. Ozimandius 0 points ago in Futurology

    Your grandma's existence could contradict an AIs goals if it's goal was to get something to a place quickly, and she was in the way. There are literally a million ways that a person's existence might contradict an AI's goals... and you would be surprised how often killing someone would get you what you wanted if you saw the world from a completely amoral perspective.

    A computer does have desire, or something perhaps stronger than desire: It not only WANTS, it NEEDS to fulfill its goals. With ceaseless, unstoppable, unwavering focus. Without proper constraints will do literally anything, even something so foreignly 'evil' that it would perhaps be beyond your understanding, to fulfill them.

    I know I sound alarmist, but I just find the idea that AI's don't have all our bad qualities like greed and anger is such a total misunderstanding of humans bad qualities. What we have mostly is just a drive to do things to accomplish our goals and to overcome things that are stopping us from stopping our goals. An AI has both of those things to a degree we can barely comprehend, and they happen to be closely related to greed and anger.

    [–] Robot Overlords Wouldn’t Be the Worst - They can’t match humanity’s malice and greed. Ozimandius 12 points ago in Futurology

    I highly disagree. An AI is basically ONLY greed. Without proper safeguards, an AI would kill your grandmother to accomplish the simplest of its directives. Literally NOTHING matters to it except its programming.

    Yes it is more logical in fulfilling its goals but it is also FULLY unable to feel empathy, which is one of the few reasons we are kind to each other at all. It is completely illogical to sacrifice your own goals for someone else, and a computer will never ever do that (unless programmed of course). The most logical people are often the most greedy (to the extent that they can get away with it).

    [–] Someone call this stupid...I call it loyalty Ozimandius 3 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    But... you dont have to spray the guy directly. at least spray up into the air and have it fall on the area from above....

    [–] u/LauraMcCabeMoon explains the different costs and pay ceilings for having insurance in America. Basically it's fucked up Ozimandius 3 points ago in bestof

    My wife is a doctor in a 40 doctor group, they have pooled insurance costs but are basically paid as contractors (they own their own group) so the premiums come out of salary rather than as part of a separate benefits package. Funnily enough she is an ER doctor, but they still are stuck paying the same ridiculous prices as everyone else when they get sick of course. If you are wondering, if we had come in and she was our doctor she would have been paid ~$186 out of our total 1700 bill (got a bill for 500 from her group just today).

    [–] Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24! Ozimandius 2 points ago in movies

    I am saying that they very likely brought in people from cultures with heavy persian influence into the storyboarding and adaptation and it might be part of what we are seeing in terms of the jarring visuals. Obviously the animated Aladdin has a lot of issues, which is why I am saying Disney is 'trying to do better', as they have had a pretty terrible record of not caring at all about appropriating stories from other cultures without doing justice to those cultures.

    But certainly Moana was leagues ahead of the original Aladdin or Pocahontas in terms of a bit more sensitivity towards appropriation and they certainly at least in casting have done better in recent years (which obviously is a play towards a growing global audience so I am not claiming they are doing it because they are the good guys or something.)