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    [–] How/Can I write a bot for automatic refresh excel data? P5r5z 1 points ago in AskProgramming

    Damn that’s nice! Thanks a lot. I would rather do it myself, after all, I will need this skill later in life. I have tests in the upcoming weeks, but near Christmas/January I will pm you!

    [–] How/Can I write a bot for automatic refresh excel data? P5r5z 1 points ago in AskProgramming

    Thanks for the response. It’s like the first one, the html one!

    Also any ideas where can I learn some pyton programing, is this basic enough for me to do as first bot? I don’t think there’s a lot of javascrip, because its a simple total credit/used credit page, I need to keep the used up to date. I currently do this manually once a week, but if the bot allows me to, I’ll do it every day.

    [–] [Serious] What are some real life activities you can enjoy alone, but also have a reasonable chance of meeting other people? P5r5z 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Gym/sports like climbing. You need a partner for actual climbing, but can go boldering by yourself.

    Whenever I'm studiyng abroad, I aways go climbing and this is where I met most of my friends, they're usually nice and helpful people there, that don't have bad habits (drinking too much/doing drugs).

    [–] Marijuana users have more sex than abstainers, Stanford study finds. The trend applies to both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups and religions, every health status, whether they were married or single, and whether or not they had kids. P5r5z 1 points ago in science

    Yeah making citations that someone said something does not prove anything, I can find authors saying crap anywhere on the internet.

    It might be that a common factor causes both. From the people I know, the ones that do drugs are more open minded (this is not a good nor a bad thing) and consequentially intended to have sex faster. The ones that don’t do drugs, usually have a ritual to have sex, things must be in place for them. I would say its that difference in personal preferences and personality that makes this correlation possible.

    There’s no hint that if you smoke weed, you’re going to have more sex. You may get to know easier girls, who are high and than you have sex. As I said, correlation=/=causation. Would not surprise me an article saying “people who drink have more sex than the ones who doesn’t”, -no fucking way, drunk people are easier to get in bed with, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???-

    [–] "Why'd I get so much wetter than you guys?" P5r5z 1 points ago in funny

    Fair enough, I do think that they would never charge the same price, but something like 0,50 should be good.

    The price is in fact absurd, I do agree with that, thankfully most places I've been to let me go inside with my water bottle and refill it.

    [–] "Why'd I get so much wetter than you guys?" P5r5z 2 points ago in funny

    I do agree with everything you said, except that once you change your preference for something it does alters the value of that for you. If everyone does this, than they are willing to pay more and the parks are going to explore that.

    But as I said, I'm pretty sure they go a bit over the line, but I'm also not sure if they are the ones selling the water/foods or if the rent the space/sell licenses for people to do that. If it's the second, the rent for the park does drive the prices up by a hudge amount

    [–] Get the Chopper. Stop the bomb. P5r5z 5 points ago in gaming

    This SO MUCH. "BF4 feels like BF3.5" Oh look, "BF1 is not the same as BF4, BF1 sucks".

    Well, guess what? BF4 is still a beautiful game, plays really well and has a huge player base. You can (and should) play both, one for whatever want at the time.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] Man edits Wikipedia page to get backstage pass at a show P5r5z 571 points ago in ActLikeYouBelong

    The only thing I got from what you said is that I need to start editing some wikipedia articles asap if I want to do this with a big band.

    [–] WHERE IS THE GOOD FOOD!!!! P5r5z 286 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    "I've explored Europe as a fat woman"... Now she's going home as a slim man?

    [–] Ambition P5r5z 6 points ago in Demotivational

    I missed you CrashDaddy and the demotivationals!

    [–] The Iron Courtain is still there: employers still pay several times less for labour in the East than in the West P5r5z 1 points ago in europe

    I do agree with the first point but we can say that for the short term (explained latter). But in the long term they will probably be earning more, mos likely because the best employees remain and were promoted now that the entire production is automatic (yeah a informed guess, but it seems to be they way things are going and the worry of most). Sure this lead to unemployment shortly after, and after every big tech advance we had an increase in unemployment, since the industrial revolution.

    It will still go on, just think about drivers (the main job for man worldwide), and secretaries (the main job for woman worldwide) and self driving cars/ai advancement respectively. The good news is that those people don't stay unemployed forever, they will get jobs on the new industries that come with new tech.

    Just think that the costumer base does not desapear, it just has a change in preferences, so jobs desapear here and apear there (after 1-2 year, but still). This is actually the main reason why I think most people should have an investment account and more than 1 income source (eg job+investments), you anything happens you should be good for ~2 years.

    [–] The Iron Courtain is still there: employers still pay several times less for labour in the East than in the West P5r5z 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in europe

    Not much lower, but lower. The data shows a much lower diference because it's not divided by the cost of living. For example if someone makes 100k/year in NY, and someone makes 80k/year in Wisconsin, the quality of living from the guy in Wisconsin will be much better than the one in NY. Also the productivity and the wage are Macro, not micro, so the same car factory might have a close productivity but fieldworkers dont (due to trucks and germans having more tec). Now that might cause a snowball effect, like more tech-> more money-> more tech. But try to remember that most people try really hard to make tech cheaper so they can have more profit, and most companies have made billions doing this. So the gap will be smaller every time due to the difficulty of new groundbreaking tech and the increasing agility of catching up.

    The point that profit flows to those countries is somewhat questionable, because as someone has mentioned, the people at those countries say that the profit stay in the factory-countries. I myself I in the middle, based on the latin american countries, they have really high import rates as profit taxes and forced international countries to open subsidiaries on their market ground. Part of the profit does goes around the world, other factories in Asia/Europe and part does go to the HQ, but keep in mind that to take profit out of the countries they do have to pay stuff and they do pay workers (the main excuse they have is that by bringing those factories to their countries they are generating jobs, does make sense in the short term but not so much on the longer)

    Now I do agree with options from b to d, specially because I think they are complementary. I do not agree with A, because, as you said, the countries nowadays are seen as labor countries, if they do increase (forced) W, they lose this advantage (short term) and will probably have people taking jobs for much less to get the advantage back in the long term. You need to have a stable economy for plans b to d work, (almost) no one wants to star a business knowing that if they fail, they are going to have a bad time.

    The reason I agree with b - d is that, every country has something they are good at, you usually have to find that (like NZ and sheeps) or improve you advantage (like south korea). Those are not easy paths and usually are long term, hence why most political parties casually mention them but rarely actually do them (they probably will not receive the benefits of doing it during their ruling period, this happened in Brazil in the beginning of the century). But thats where the EU benefits come in, you have a safe guard for innovation and a huge market without many restrictions and problems if the idea succeed.

    Sorry for the long response. I stated more opnions here than in the first one where I tried to keep myself neutral, given that my main problem was with the dataset presentation and the idea of increasing W for the sake of it, witch I still think it's a bad idea in most cases (some exceptions like recessions and even so it's not that easy, of course)

    Edit: just to add to my opinion, I do think that instead of bashing the EU or Companies, we should pressure the gov and EU to be as productive as it's expected from us/companies, while keeping the privileges that we have from them. What we have now is some people going the other way, bashing the EU, trying to get more privileges without doing much. Have their parents not told them "first you do your obligations and than you have your demands"? Demanding and expecting something without offering will get you nowhere.

    [–] The Iron Courtain is still there: employers still pay several times less for labour in the East than in the West P5r5z 5 points ago in europe

    Look at the color diference between 5.5 and 16, and 26-32. The first one shows almost no diference, and the second one is huge. The data is ok, the presentation sucks

    [–] The Iron Courtain is still there: employers still pay several times less for labour in the East than in the West P5r5z 40 points ago in europe

    This is presented is such a shitty way, that makes me cringe. First, the color diference between 13- 25 is so strong and much less than ~25-42.

    Second salary simple does not work this way. If you increase the salary (w) whoever had their costs of production increase will increase the price (p) of their products. So you should look at the (w/p) cost of living in those places instead of just the w. Probably the discrepancy would be much lighter.

    Third, and a educated guess, by having cheaper labor you probably will have more people producing more in a couple ears. I mean, if you're in a single marked the effect tends to spread (hence the reason why countries that are more rinch are in general richer even in poorest areas), the EU is ~24 years old give it some time and look how the countries, in general have improved.

    Forth, AND MOSTLY IMPORTANT, YOU CANNOT RAISE W WITHOUT RAISING PRODUCTIVITY. Why would anyone employ someone that does not produce as much and the next person if they both demand the same W? No one would. W should come from the amount the worker's work increases for the company (why education/experience increases W) not from charity or social demand.

    Tl;dr. Data set is correct, but bad presented. Simply increasing wage makes no sense. Don't trust graphics realized by political parties, they are trying to get voters (it's their business), not doing charity and releasing public info.

    [–] Which sentence makes you angry? P5r5z 1 points ago in AskReddit

    "You don't give/don't know the value of..."

    just thinking about this makes a little angry.

    [–] 🅱NN 🅱ESTROYED P5r5z 185 points ago in dankmemes

    Changing my facebook profile picture and writing texts on FB and Reddit!

    1like=1prayer /s

    [–] Travelling to England and Germany P5r5z 1 points ago in fountainpens

    Thanks I'll try to memorize that. I will search for the pronouns.. and try to get everything right when speaking

    [–] Travelling to England and Germany P5r5z 1 points ago in fountainpens

    Just went to sleep and all those comments, it does sounds like a great place. I'll prepare my wallet. And I speak some german, so I guess i'll try to practice it! I do want to buy different nib sizes, thanks again!

    [–] Travelling to England and Germany P5r5z 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in fountainpens

    Thanks for the tips, I know where those shops are in Munich (been there before). I'll do a pen hunt in them. Thanks for the advice!

    Edit: by the way, do you know if I can get the cartridge converters for the Lamys there?