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    [–] Tale of Symphonia gone from the Australian PlayStation store P5r5z 3 points ago in PS3

    Looks like , you can track a game price there and get emails whenever it’s on sale.

    [–] I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ask Me Anything. P5r5z 1 points ago in IAmA

    Just graduated in economics and really enjoy data analysis.

    What do you look and expect from people working in the area? And from people on higher/managing positions?

    [–] Multiplayer RP like Neverwinter Nights? P5r5z 2 points ago in gaming

    Second to that. Best Mmo I played to date. I can just log in and if I want to explore and relax, I will, if I want big quests and “hunt”some monsters/get crafting materials I can, and if you wamt some more hardcore stuff you have fractals and raids. Game is great!

    [–] Just this week.... P5r5z 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Good for the second one, you don’t want to underperform your peers

    [–] MMOs P5r5z 1 points ago in gaming

    Second to this as well.

    Been playing since launch and the maind thing for me is that, you can play it as casual as you'd like, or as hardcore as you'd like. So whenever work (and back then studies) demanded more time, I woundt feel like I was missig something (or wasting my subscription money).

    Also, it kinda gets rid of the questing like in the comic. You can grind if you want to, however you can also just explore if you feel like it.

    Best MMO I ever played.

    [–] give it your best shot P5r5z 1 points ago in RoastMe

    You look lime Kurt Cobain and Sarah Jessica Parker children.

    [–] Ubisoft needs to stop with this Always Online bullshit; Epic Games Store is literal Spyware and worse. P5r5z 2 points ago in pcgaming

    Not to mention once the master server is done, so is your time playing it.

    This is exactly how I feel. I don't feel like I own the game if its always online. Also when the master server is done, so is your chance of playing the game ever again.

    [–] Lamborghini SC18 Alston revealed "New Sesto Elemento" P5r5z 25 points ago in carporn

    How terrible would it be if we had companies for both markets?

    Oh we already do!!

    But sure, keep that anti-rich atitude, I’ve seen a lot of winners like that. /s

    [–] Cozy with a view P5r5z 3 points ago in CozyPlaces

    I like the idea, would you name it CozyPorn or EarthPlaces?

    [–] Entire comment section predictably comparing new Brazilian president to Trump because muh fascism P5r5z 4 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Is he?

    He trying to get “america first” trade deals sounds quite different.

    Also the scene is quite different, for example, a developing country can benefit simply from importing because it does not have the reserves you need to develop new sectors, income per capta is low, interest high, making hard for private sector to invest in new markets/tech and the gov has to deal with security/health/education. In developed countries you have low interest, high ppc... it’s easier and cheaper to get a low rate loan for you crazy idea that might turn the world up-side down.

    Same goes for taxes, the US has a fairly simply tax system, income/vat. Brazil’s tax system is chaotic complex and high, their total tax as % of profit is 68.4% (Venezuela 64.7%, Sweden 49.1%, US 44.0% and Denmark 25.0%, for reference). The point is the US and Trump are a total different scenario than Brazil and Bolso.

    The sensationalism and fear surrounding Bolsonaro is through the roof, if you hear to what he says, he genuinely wants to improve Brazil, he also knows the way most economists would agree is the best, while also improving the quality of live from people there (security/education/reduce bureaucracy).

    Right now, theres nothing we can do to reduce the fear or improve brazil’s quality of life. However I hope that once Bolso start working the fear surrounding him reduced and he get some results. However brazilians still have a long way to go, they still have to change things in congress and senate. Their “battle for a better Brazil, for everyone” is probably just begging, hope they are able to see this.

    [–] Entire comment section predictably comparing new Brazilian president to Trump because muh fascism P5r5z 40 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Not really. Most people that say this do not even know what they are saying.

    One of his mains proposals are: get good trade deals (for both) with developing countries, reduce crime and simplify taxation in Brasil (one of the most complex systems in the world).

    He’s not really like Trump except both valeu their countries and are anti-pc.

    People on Reddit need some economics lessons. Badly...

    [–] Jair Bolsonaro elected president of Brazil. P5r5z 3 points ago in worldnews

    The dude wants to make good trading deals (for both parties) with developed countries, and make life in Brazil generally easier, from less crime to easier taxes.

    You all need some economics lesson’s. “Goodbye Amazon”; “this guy is Trump”.

    [–] Tekken 7 Season Pass 2 Remaining 3 Characters... Who You Hoping For? P5r5z 1 points ago in Tekken

    I also want Julia and Kuni so much! Both are unique and fun to play with. For the third I would say Zafina, I, particularly, have no interest in her, but I can see that she would be a good addition to the roster (also unique and fun).

    [–] What event happened in your life which caused some character development for you? P5r5z 11 points ago in AskReddit

    Somewhat feel you, I dated the same girl since I was 14 (23 now). Somehow miss the memories, growing together, however I am so relieved that we broke up. After all that time she became someone who I do not want to be with.

    Sucks, but I'm better without than with someone who I'm no longer feel confortable with.

    [–] Police departments that collect more in fees and fines are less effective at solving crimes. P5r5z 3 points ago in science

    Yeah, the good old “if your revenue comes from the problem, you don’t want to solve the problem”.

    [–] Past and Present GameStop employees, what are your best cringe stories? P5r5z 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Man I hate this kind of people. Are they fans of the series? Do they want it to be successful? Have they anything to lose of the kid buys the game?

    There’s 2 scenarios:

    Kids buy the game; more $ for Bethesda, more budget for the next ES, kid may also become a fan, buying ES6 or even Oblivion, even more success for the ES franchise...

    Kids do not buy the game: none of the above, less success for the ES series.

    [–] Absolute Badass nearing 39K karma! P5r5z 1 points ago in iamverybadass

    He doesn’t care about Reddit! He’s account is 18 days old and no carma! He doesn’t care about anything, he’s a cool guy! /s

    [–] Help geting a S2 Singlecut! P5r5z 3 points ago in PaulReedSmith

    I tried to send them an email a while ago, but unfortunately no one replied. I’ll try calling prs again, tried today but no one answered. I’ll look for the shops, but we’ll be staying in Miami for most part of the trip. And no shop around there has them in stock, unfortunately. I’ll try calling the ones in Baltimore.

    [–] Kim Jong-un's bodyguards protecting his limo P5r5z 4 points ago in gifs

    Dude, it's north korea, they don't use imperial. He probaly said "just 685 more Kims".