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    [–] Man edits Wikipedia page to get backstage pass at a show P5r5z 650 points ago in ActLikeYouBelong

    The only thing I got from what you said is that I need to start editing some wikipedia articles asap if I want to do this with a big band.

    [–] WHERE IS THE GOOD FOOD!!!! P5r5z 288 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    "I've explored Europe as a fat woman"... Now she's going home as a slim man?

    [–] πŸ…±NN πŸ…±ESTROYED P5r5z 186 points ago in dankmemes

    Changing my facebook profile picture and writing texts on FB and Reddit!

    1like=1prayer /s

    [–] The Iron Courtain is still there: employers still pay several times less for labour in the East than in the West P5r5z 41 points ago in europe

    This is presented is such a shitty way, that makes me cringe. First, the color diference between 13- 25 is so strong and much less than ~25-42.

    Second salary simple does not work this way. If you increase the salary (w) whoever had their costs of production increase will increase the price (p) of their products. So you should look at the (w/p) cost of living in those places instead of just the w. Probably the discrepancy would be much lighter.

    Third, and a educated guess, by having cheaper labor you probably will have more people producing more in a couple ears. I mean, if you're in a single marked the effect tends to spread (hence the reason why countries that are more rinch are in general richer even in poorest areas), the EU is ~24 years old give it some time and look how the countries, in general have improved.

    Forth, AND MOSTLY IMPORTANT, YOU CANNOT RAISE W WITHOUT RAISING PRODUCTIVITY. Why would anyone employ someone that does not produce as much and the next person if they both demand the same W? No one would. W should come from the amount the worker's work increases for the company (why education/experience increases W) not from charity or social demand.

    Tl;dr. Data set is correct, but bad presented. Simply increasing wage makes no sense. Don't trust graphics realized by political parties, they are trying to get voters (it's their business), not doing charity and releasing public info.

    [–] What event happened in your life which caused some character development for you? P5r5z 11 points ago in AskReddit

    Somewhat feel you, I dated the same girl since I was 14 (23 now). Somehow miss the memories, growing together, however I am so relieved that we broke up. After all that time she became someone who I do not want to be with.

    Sucks, but I'm better without than with someone who I'm no longer feel confortable with.

    [–] Get the Chopper. Stop the bomb. P5r5z 7 points ago in gaming

    This SO MUCH. "BF4 feels like BF3.5" Oh look, "BF1 is not the same as BF4, BF1 sucks".

    Well, guess what? BF4 is still a beautiful game, plays really well and has a huge player base. You can (and should) play both, one for whatever want at the time.

    Edit: grammar

    [–] To protest gun violence P5r5z 6 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Welcome to reddit, you aways need a /s.

    [–] Ambition P5r5z 6 points ago in Demotivational

    I missed you CrashDaddy and the demotivationals!

    [–] The Iron Courtain is still there: employers still pay several times less for labour in the East than in the West P5r5z 5 points ago in europe

    Look at the color diference between 5.5 and 16, and 26-32. The first one shows almost no diference, and the second one is huge. The data is ok, the presentation sucks

    [–] Some kids are just great P5r5z 6 points ago in funny

    I hope you're joking...

    [–] Kim Jong-un's bodyguards protecting his limo P5r5z 5 points ago in gifs

    Dude, it's north korea, they don't use imperial. He probaly said "just 685 more Kims".

    [–] I am Jeff Silverman, a Data Analytics specialist who, thru analytics, has captured terrorists, broken drug rings and even helped out commercial companies trying to save their businesses. AMA! P5r5z 5 points ago in IAmA

    Hey Jeff,

    I also enjoy analysing data as a hobby. Any advices for who is beggining to do this? (Using R and Stata right now)

    Also, nowdays geting the data fets is fairly easy, but asking the right questions, filtering properly and indentifying/removing outliners is harder. Any advice?