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    [–] To true PANDA032 4 points ago in memes

    Ahem pulls out actually it’s “too” not “to”

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    [–] Plz help PANDA032 1 points ago in gay

    The thing is I’ve liked this straight boy for a while, and then another guy that I wasn’t really into asked me out, and I said yes bc I was really happy when he did. But now I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m just dating him to get over the straight boy and now I feel bad. And I don’t wanna do this to my bf so I feel like I should break up with him until I have my feelings figured out.

    [–] Gilbert is daddy PANDA032 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Are there seriously no comments on how his name is “GILBERT GOTT FRIED”

    [–] Plz help PANDA032 2 points ago in gay

    Yeah, it does make me sad when I think about how he likes a girl, I guess I just gotta focus on that

    [–] Plz help PANDA032 2 points ago in gay

    That’s the thing, I already asked him out so I can be rejected, and I was really happy when he rejected me which may sound really weird, he was just nice about it. And then I was over him for a good couple of months, and then when I was having a mental breakdown recently, he was there for me the entire time and then checked up on me throughout the rest of the day to make sure I was fine. It’s just I spend so much time with him bc of school and choir so it’s not like I can just stay away from him. He already confirmed he’s straight and rejected me, but for some reason I can’t seem to get over him.

    [–] At this point do i just tell em to stfu? PANDA032 1 points ago in gay

    I’m sry I instantly started hearing “Helpless” from “Th Hamilton Musical” when I was reading this

    [–] This is the only man who knows how to play this game PANDA032 1 points ago in gaming

    Wait! What is this game called, the last time I saw it I was really young and never remembered what it is!

    [–] At what point is social anxiety a disorder? PANDA032 1 points ago in Anxiety

    Yeah I’ve been dealing with it for 4 years now, and it’s getting worse, it was just normal for me so I never really saw it as a BIG problem, but looking into social anxiety disorder I feel like it’s already pretty bad

    [–] At what point is social anxiety a disorder? PANDA032 1 points ago in Anxiety

    I’ve tried meditation, but bc it takes a long time to master it and I’ve only been doing it for less than a month, it only works for like ten minutes and then I get hit with a lot of nervousness and nausea. And it annoys me bc I feel it just hanging out now and not only while I’m in choir. Also do you suggest any preventative treatments?

    [–] At what point is social anxiety a disorder? PANDA032 1 points ago in Anxiety

    It does interfere with my daily life, I’m a senior in high school, and I’m in choir and the effect it has on me is makes me nauseous when I sing so a lot of the times I have to take a breather and just stop so I don’t throw up right in the moment. And recently it’s been having that effect just hanging out with people and not only in performance or rehearsals. So almost all the time I feel like I need to force myself to throw up and come back and I’ll be fine.

    [–] Same guy asking if he has social anxiety disorder PANDA032 2 points ago in Anxiety

    I do consider myself an introvert, it’s not that I’m good at making friends, it’s that I gave myself the opportunities to make so many friends in all the activities that I do and some outside of those activities. I do eat regularly, I never really eat breakfast, and I don’t really feel dizzy I just feel extremely nauseous. I’ve never heard of anything you listed to make me more calm sry. I’ve tried meditation and I know it takes a long time to master, but since I’ve only started like mid last month, and I haven’t been consistent with it, it only works for about 10 mins and then I’m hit hard with anxiety and nausea right after. And I want to label it bc if it is a big problem like I think it is, maybe I should get help. I know I should talk to a counselor, but idk maybe I’ll try it. Thnx so much!

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    [–] [Video] Mortal Kombat 11 - New Gameplay Reveal Trailer PANDA032 1 points ago in PS4

    Can there be an MK where everyone is apart of it even if they died in a previous one?