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    [–] Seriously??? Fb strikes again PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 8 points ago in trashy

    If you sweat enough to have to change your bedding on the nightly, there is most likely a problem.

    [–] Seriously??? Fb strikes again PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 21 points ago in trashy

    Night sweats are a symptom of many ailments, including HIV/AIDS.

    [–] Iggy Pop and his cockatoo PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 41 points ago in gifs

    Iggy Pop, the cockatoo owning, knee brace wearing, banana sharing rock star. I never imagined he lived a life like this. Never book a judge by his cover, I guess.

    [–] Yah! Full Box PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 108 points ago in aww

    Happy, Happy, Concerned.

    [–] Zoomies PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 413 points ago in gifs

    "I don't know why, but I AM RUNNING"

    [–] Sunbathing 😍 PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 33 points ago in aww

    That is the blackest happy cat I've seen.

    [–] It's softball, not soft-wall PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 72 points ago in gifs

    The outfield walls at Mississippi State softball field have a thin layer of padding. I guarantee she was black and blue the next day, though.

    [–] 🔥Lion's Mane Jellyfish🔥 PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 1198 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I always thought this jellyfish looked like an eyeball that had been ripped from its socket.

    [–] Worker offers water to Armadillo looking for groundwater PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 216 points ago in gifs

    What does an armadillo smell like? Because they look like they smell like rotting meat and foot cheese.

    [–] 100% Completion + My Collection PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 28 points ago in gaming

    This only makes me want to see your battlestation. You are type a at its finest.

    [–] So true. PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 20 points ago in gaming

    Zentorno owners are like "wtf, mate?"

    [–] Caught a squirrel trying to break into a car. PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS 441 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in funny

    But the cup holder is air conditioned and it feels good...