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    [–] C3 artwork that Dad has been drawing lately PametOyster 3 points ago in Corvette

    Very nice. Anyone owning a steel-bumper C3 would love to have a print. Especially me. What is the medium? Acrylic? Oil? On paper? Awesome. Can my car have a private sitting? Haha. First time sellers? Issue 100 numbered, signed prints at $100/each and see what happens. I'm in for one. If they all sell in one day issue 200 more at $500/each!

    [–] The '69 big block resting in it's new abode. PametOyster 1 points ago in Corvette

    They etched/roughed-up the surface of the concrete.

    [–] The '69 big block resting in it's new abode. PametOyster 1 points ago in Corvette

    Check YouTube for videos of these floors being installed. Some are amazingly like glass.

    [–] The '69 big block resting in it's new abode. PametOyster 1 points ago in Corvette

    Epoxy floor. Love it. Bit the bullet and had a flooring company do it due to the lifetime guarantee. Had I done it I would have saved $ but not the hours of labor and fume-breathing. Harder than concrete but somehow easier on your feet (or back!), no dust, oil beads-up and wipes off with a rag, wash it with anything (Dawn). Company had hundreds of color combinations and sports team logos they would clear-coat into the floor for you. Lifetime warranty important because if not applied properly the epoxy will lift/peel. Definite "wow factor" when seen up close for the first time by friends and neighbors.

    [–] My 61' PametOyster 1 points ago in Corvette

    Great photo! Nice job. Great car.

    [–] Yamato and Arizona as they were in 1941 [1775 x 983] PametOyster 4 points ago in WarshipPorn

    Inter-service power struggles, disrespect, squabbling, thievery and rivalries contributed much more to their poor decision-making, strategy and execution starting at Guadalcanal. Japanese naval doctrine at that point in the war was obsolete and desperate in my opinion. Their "doctrine" was obsolete and sinking by late 1943.

    [–] Massachusetts Bail Fund spots a Worcester CO with a nazi tattoo PametOyster 1 points ago in boston

    Martin Bormann haircut, goatee, gun, nazi tat, hates scals, conspiracy theorist. nazi.

    [–] America in the 70s PametOyster 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    and the 60's! Carlings.

    [–] One of the earliest photographs of baseball in California, 1860s. PametOyster 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    From HatBox: While many have cited the creation of this hat to have been in the 1880s, there have been accounts of the first Boater originating in 1822 in the English town of Luton in Bedfordshire.

    [–] As badass as they come (1944) PametOyster 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    M-10 an amazing tan destroyer. Fastest-rotating turret, quick firing, outrun any tank, 75mm gun with armor-pirceing projectile. Very successful tank-killer.