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    [–] Credit to: Goodboyhere on ifunny PandaSplosion 1 points ago in gaming

    You mean credit to Cyanide and Happiness. Goodboyhere is a thief of their work.

    [–] Machine learning? PandaSplosion 12 points ago in funny

    Leave without me. I'm home.

    [–] Smart Technique PandaSplosion 1 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in aww

    Agreed. This applies to what people feed their dogs too. Majority of people feed their dog “kibble” which is terrible for the dogs health. It’s like feeding a human McDonald’s every day for every meal. Dogs deserve better than the shitty food from Purina or Iams or even Blue Diamond. All kibble is shit dog food. There is a documentary on Netflix called Petfooled that goes over just how shitty kibble is for dogs and people don’t care because it’s cheap. Ever since watching that documentary I’ve switched to feeding my Aussie a freeze-dried raw diet from simple food project because I don’t have the time for a raw diet or the money for a raw diet but their food is as close as I can get with the real nutrition dogs need.

    [–] How I'm Feeling About My Two Favorite FPS Franchises PandaSplosion 2 points ago in gaming

    These people have fucking families to feed and mortgages/rent to pay. Are you seriously going to blame DICE devs for doing their jobs? How about I walk into your place of work, give you a shit job to do and you quit on the spot because I gave you shit to work with. Will you do it? No you're just an internet warrior that doesn't consider this part.

    [–] Beat Saber: Nunchucks PandaSplosion 2 points ago in gaming

    This is how a normal person will try to be cool and swing the nunchucks around and then slam themselves in the balls.

    [–] IamA CEO of a Ketogenic dog food company and dog health nonprofit. AMA! PandaSplosion 3 points ago in IAmA

    From someone that loves dogs. The Kibble you typically buy at the store or even ones that brand themselves as "No Grain, Whole Meats" kibble is still bad dog food. Any kibble in general is bad for your dog. It's better than nothing, but its like eating fast food every day. It's heavily processed and they use low quality trash meat to make their kibble. Dogs need a species appropriate diet just like a human does to be healthy. Kibble is not a species appropriate diet its the bare minimum requirements to stay alive. Personally I use a food called Simple Food Project

    [–] Fortnite in a nutshell.. PandaSplosion 11 points ago in funny

    There's no gear to worry about aside from your weapons. There's no attachments on those weapons. Loot searching is not as deep as PUBG, it's grab a gun, grab materials and go.

    I wouldn't say the skill ceiling on fortnite is higher. The concept of building is just a different mechanic. In PUBG getting shot means more than in fortnite because fortnite has shields and you can take a few hits before you can build a wall or hide behind a structure. In PUBG you need to constantly be aware of what cover is available and where people are. People with good aim are much more deadly in PUBG than fortnite because fortnite still has Blooming RNG on their shots. I'm not saying good aim doesn't matter, it's still a shooter, but there's a little more RNG in fortnite than PUBG.

    THIS IS MY OPINION, but I think PUBG is the more tactical game where Fortnite is more run'n'gun. I would say their skill ceilings are comparable but with very different gameplay at the highest levels.

    [–] Fortnite in a nutshell.. PandaSplosion 8 points ago in funny

    I play both games and I love both. Fornite is free. Fortnite is also more "kid-friendly" with the style of gameplay.

    Fortnite is also easier to START playing. It has a lower skill floor than pubg. I'm not saying Fortnite isn't a hard game because at the top-level the skill ceiling is also quite high, as is pubg. Each game has their own mechanics and their own pace.

    But at the end of the day, Fornite is free and PubG is $30 which makes it easier to access and the skill floor is lower which makes it is easier to get into and more kid-friendly.

    [–] Black Panther IRL PandaSplosion 1 points ago in funny

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    [–] Zuckerberg Hits Users with the Hard Truth: You Agreed to This PandaSplosion -8 points ago in technology

    Yes you did. You just didn't read their TOS beforehand and thought that after the fact you could pick and choose what to give. Kid, jesus christ it's in their terms.

    [–] Zuckerberg Hits Users with the Hard Truth: You Agreed to This PandaSplosion -9 points ago in technology

    When you install the app, they ask for all the permissions listed above. You said yes and signed their contract. After the contract is signed you're now going back and saying "well, I know I signed the initial contract and my signature is right there saying you're allowed by me to access all my stuff, but now I don't want to agree anymore". That's not how contracts work. Just because you swiped some checkbox that says "I don't want this" doesn't mean they have to stop. There is no law preventing them from doing it. You've already given them 100% access by signing the contract. Or do you not understand how contracts work? As long as you have the app installed the initial requirements are still active. They've just given you something to feel good about and making you feel like you have a choice. If you want to end the contract, you uninstall the app and wipe the data.

    [–] I was crushed, severely injured, and nearly killed in a conveyor belt accident....AMA! PandaSplosion 9 points ago in IAmA

    The new guy isn't dumb for turning it on. You can claim he "should have checked before turning it on" all day, but what it comes down to is what OP admitted he failed at. He didn't do LOTO procedures. In most places I have worked at when a technician fails to do LOTO is immediate termination.

    [–] India hits 20GW solar capacity milestone, 4 years ahead of schedule. A new target of 100GW by 2022 has been set. PandaSplosion -1 points ago in technology

    "Capacity" is just the nameplate maximum rating of the solar installation. Just because it's interconnected doesn't mean it's operating or that the switch is closed or even that it's producing that much. The utilities could have these farms operating at only 50% capacity.

    [–] Top congressional Democrats call on Facebook, Twitter to urgently investigate and combat Russian bots and trolls PandaSplosion -1 points ago in technology

    Again, they can pressure these private companies legally all they want to investigate. It is up to the private companies if they oblige or not. If they don't do it, great, they remain to be what we expect of them. If they investigate and censor users then that is totally within the rights of the company imposing their power over their platform which the users agreed to the rules by making an account. It does not, however, prevent those platforms from looking like total twats for doing so.

    [–] Top congressional Democrats call on Facebook, Twitter to urgently investigate and combat Russian bots and trolls PandaSplosion 1 points ago in technology

    The constitutional protections of free speech do not apply to the social media platforms. These social media platforms are not government run agencies they are private companies with their own rules. By making an account on these platforms you have agreed to their rules. If Twitter and Facebook choose to censor you, that is their right as a company.

    [–] Top congressional Democrats call on Facebook, Twitter to urgently investigate and combat Russian bots and trolls PandaSplosion 7 points ago in technology

    The constitution of free speech protects american citizens, not foreign agencies.

    This is for Facebook and Twitter to decide on what they want to do as, unless what the russians are doing violates their TOS, it can't be controlled by the government what they do on those platforms.

    But it's still not an argument of Free Speech when referring to non-US people.

    [–] Just before going live... PandaSplosion 21 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    This is from reporters in Wisconsin. The sign in the back says Green Bay I43 North and Milwaukee I43 South. These reporters are actually pretty nice people.

    [–] I'm currently 22, what should I start doing/stop doing to make sure my body isn't falling apart by the time I'm 40 or 50? PandaSplosion 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    If you're not into exercise, please please please Stretch daily and sleep in proper positions. I have nerve pain in my leg at the age of 25 daily that's just now slowly getting better after Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy because of bad sleeping positions and not having any flexibility.