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    [–] [GPU] GIGABYTE Radeon RX 5700 XT GAMING OC 8G - $370 PantherU 1 points ago in buildapcsales

    If you do it lemme know how it goes, I'm rocking a 5700 Sapphire Pulse and it hasn't had many issues.

    [–] Work/light gaming laptop for my desk w/ $900US after tax budget PantherU 1 points ago in SuggestALaptop

    I ended up going this route (ASUS TUF Ryzen 7-3750H & GTX 1660ti) from Walmart. It wasn't where I wanted to purchase from (I have like $500 in store credit with Amazon), but I had the cash so I said screw it.

    Having a beefy processor was important to me, and I figured a 1660ti is a hell of a GPU at the price point. I figure it's not like...super "gamer" looking, so it's fine. I'm happy to spend some $ and get some extra RAM and a beefier SSD, so if you have recommendations there I'll gladly take them.

    [–] ThEy CaN't Be NaZiS. AlL nAzIs ArE DeAd PantherU -2 points ago in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

    “I know that word NAZI sounds cool though...”

    Strictly speaking phonetically, without any historical or political context, yeah that word does sound pretty cool.

    [–] Play Avengers - Japanese Twitter PantherU 6 points ago in MarvelAvengersProject

    Hulk better pay it off if he doesn’t want his credit score to fall

    [–] Ben got an endorsement PantherU 4 points ago in ToiletPaperUSA

    My favorite part of the Behind the Bastards episodes is when they point out how he doesn’t have a basic understanding of how a glock works.

    [–] Quiet night at work so why not? PantherU 1 points ago in RoastMe

    Like your top, you have a bland, shapeless lack of defining characteristics.

    [–] What are some good hdmi cables out there? PantherU 6 points ago in buildapc

    100% this. Back when I was in college, my parents got sold a $50 "GOLD PLATED" HDMI cable. I came back and showed them the basic $10 (at the time) cord. They missed the return window by a week.

    Since AmazonBasics has been around, I've gotten something like five HDMI cables from them, not a dud in the lot. Come to think of it, everything I've bought that's AmazonBasics has been an excellent piece of consumer hardware. And if my parents had bought the expensive gold-plated HDMI cord, they would have been able to return it due to Amazon's excellent return policy and replace it with an inexpensive cord with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction from AmazonBasics.

    Buy AmazonBasics. There when you need them.

    - Jeff B. Medina, WA

    [–] [Bar Graph] Players pictured in NBA logo PantherU 1 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Hey man, you think you’ve got it bad? I went to Milwaukee, when it had more students than Nebraska, but it was a mid-major. 95% of sports fans on campus were Badger fans first, maybe like 3% MKE and 2% Marquette.

    Try living in a world where everyone asks you why you’re not a Hoosier fan.

    [–] To hell with your societal norms, Calradia is progressive as f*ck PantherU 1 points ago in mountandblade

    No I mean the snowflake was the person who took your comment too seriously and downvoted you.

    [–] [Bar Graph] Players pictured in NBA logo PantherU 8 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    He wasn't directing it at you, but Purdue's got such an inferiority complex towards IU that they just assume everyone without a flair is wearing a sweater while throwing a chair like a goon.

    [–] [Bar Graph] Players pictured in NBA logo PantherU 18 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Yeah but their John Denver song is the coolest.

    [–] US unemployment to remain in double digits until November election, White House predicts PantherU 2 points ago in politics

    Of course. I feel like this is the way you get conservatives to quit the bullshit (as much as they can quit that bullshit) and get real.

    [–] US unemployment to remain in double digits until November election, White House predicts PantherU 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in politics

    There's absolutely a way to sell it to the conservatives too. You just have to give it a certain something in the message that's tangentially related to one of their condescending world views. You know, "Put America to work" or something like that.

    Say you wanna spend $10 trillion over 10 years. Put the ones they view as "super lefty commies" like AOC and have them propose $30 trillion, the Democratic administration proposes $15 trillion, the GOP plan will be something like $2 trillion and you'll meet in the middle.

    March the head of the Army Corps of Engineers out to the forefront. Conservatives won't dare talk down to A.C.E.

    The whole country will be "doing their part." Not everyone will be [insert condescending bootstraps/sleeve-rolling syllogism here] but the rest of the country will contribute by working to contribute to pay for it. You have to increase taxes, yes, but you put in the language that this tax increase can ONLY go to the national works project and there's absolutely an end date that cannot be extended without another passing of a bill by Congress, signed by that president. Really kick up the WWII metaphors in their head by making it sound like their taxes are like the old war bonds.

    If you need to, highlight how much China and Europe and the rest of the world saw how America was able to take advantage of its natural resources to build the world's greatest infrastructure of the "golden age of the country" from World War II to the 50's (really stress the 50's, they love that shit), and now they're copying and improvising and we're falling behind. If we want to be #1, we have to all do our part.

    They'll eat that shit up.