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    [–] Wikileaks confirms US destroyed Soviet? Moon Base PanzerZug 1 points ago in conspiracy

    How do we know that UR is USSR and not some other unknown entity?

    [–] Scritches Equal Smiles PanzerZug 0 points ago in gifs

    That's probably the only smiling dog that hasn't petrified me

    [–] Today is my second month being clean from heroin and 22 days clean from suboxone. I still fill like crap, but it’s a start right? PanzerZug 1 points ago in pics

    You can do it mate, i gave up drinking and smoking on Friday. I know it's nowhere near as hard as what you did but let's do it together! Take it day by day and whatever you do, resist temptation!

    [–] My Chiappa Rhino I daily carry on the farm. PanzerZug 1 points ago in guns

    Cause you never know when a zombie is gonna creep up on ya

    [–] According to Conservopedia, Stalin apparently started World War 2. PanzerZug 3 points ago in ShitLiberalsSay

    33.000.000? Where did they pull this number from, straight outta their little white arse?

    [–] cursed_fleshlight PanzerZug 2 points ago in cursedimages

    What on earth is this

    [–] You can't even trust weather forecasters in media anymore. They blocked this guy for this. PanzerZug 2 points ago in conspiracy

    That moment you don't realize that the majority comes from western companies taking advantage of shitty pollution laws that they themselves lobby for.

    [–] 🚫 SS PanzerZug -26 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] Coco-nfused PanzerZug 1 points ago in ConfusedBoners

    Risky click of the day