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    [–] Buckler recommendations? Parsley_Sage 1 points ago in wma

    WEIGHT 2 lbs. 2.7 oz.

    THICKNESS 1/2"


    Blade length no?

    [–] Buckler recommendations? Parsley_Sage 9 points ago in wma

    Malleus Martialis sell a couple of nice ones.

    And as BKrustev said the HEMA Shop/Knight Shop sell some perfectly serviceable ones from various manufactures.

    [–] Soo Kyra... (Potential Spoiler) Parsley_Sage 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in assassinscreed

    It's basically all short trysts. There aren't any individual romance plots they're all part of people's individual quests. Some of them are minor characters in the main plot and so will turn up again afterwards

    [–] Definitely one of my top favorite moments. I'm a grown man, but my heart was in disarray during this scene. Parsley_Sage 49 points ago in witcher

    I didn't actually play much Gwent until my second playthrough when I played everyone and unlocked 100% of the cards.

    Didn't play enough Gwent, Ciri died.

    [–] [Megathread] The latest updates on Netflix's The Witcher (+everything we know so far) Parsley_Sage 3 points ago in witcher

    It just occurred to me, how are they going to handle Emhyr? It's going to be pretty obvious no matter what they do...

    [–] Definitely one of my top favorite moments. I'm a grown man, but my heart was in disarray during this scene. Parsley_Sage 10 points ago in witcher

    This is easily in the top three moments for me as well, along with the ending of Something More and the fight at

    I suppose they're all Ciri moments now that I think about it.

    [–] Definitely one of my top favorite moments. I'm a grown man, but my heart was in disarray during this scene. Parsley_Sage 131 points ago in witcher

    Deep down I knew she would be all right, since that's probably how the story was made.

    Considering for all I knew at the time this could well be like the 80% point of the game and considering how many important (albeit nowhere near as important as Ciri) characters could have already died I wasn't 100% sure I hadn't gotten a bad end somehow.

    [–] Probably the best feeling I got in the game when I realized what the Cult system meant. Parsley_Sage 3 points ago in assassinscreed

    I can't remember which one it was but I found one standing on a dock, pulled her into the sea, held he under the water (i.e. confirmed the kill) and swam off into the sunset

    [–] New Dragons Dogma game is fun Parsley_Sage 10 points ago in DragonsDogma

    DD had microtransactions, the inane RC rewarding fetch quests... They were an early form of "pay to reduce the grind".

    [–] I am a historian of Classical Greek warfare. Ask Me Anything about the Peloponnesian War, the setting of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Parsley_Sage 1 points ago in AskHistorians

    I noticed in one of the questions you mentioned Alkibiades, while the war itself is very much the backdrop for the events in the game (at least to the point I've gotten to) the well known characters of the era Socrates, Herodotus, Perekles, Aspasia, Sophocles etc. are front and centre. Alkibiades is presented as a flamboyant, libidinous extrovert continually frustrating to and frustrated by Socrates ( who also finds him amusing) is there any truth behind this depiction or is it just fictitious? I know he was known to be a successful general and fought on both sides of the war after being expelled from Athens.

    [–] Oh my Socrates.. (He is exactly like what i'd imagine him being like) Parsley_Sage 7 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in assassinscreed

    I have been so intrigued about whether Socrates and Alcibiades were in it.

    Oh boy is he. I had no prior knowledge about Alcibiades and he kind of blew me away, I wonder what someone who's familiar with him would make of him.

    [–] Freya Allan as Ciri. Mockup by Bosslogic Parsley_Sage 8 points ago in witcher

    Ciri was six or eight the first time Geralt sees her although he doesn't know it. About nine when they meet at Brokilon and 15 at the end of the saga.