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    [–] So This is Basically Fire Emblem Parsley_Sage 2 points ago in fireemblem

    Do you think we can start using Skeleton Mentor instead of Jeigan?

    [–] This guy embodied the five virtues. Parsley_Sage -2 points ago in witcher

    Why is there a /r/witcher and a /r/wiedzmin? It's not like Wiedzmin is in Polish or anything...

    [–] Why is thigh girth on SPES locust Pant are so big(67cm on S) Or my 60cm thigh are very small ? Parsley_Sage 9 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in wma

    They're meant to be baggy around the thighs. The most important measurement is the lengths followed by the waist size.

    Ideally you want them to kind of blouse a little one they're on (the leg holes go just below the knee and above where the calf muscle bulges...)

    [–] Lords of Battle Gambeson ratings? Parsley_Sage 3 points ago in wma

    They're padded so cushion you from blows to some extent so they might give the illusion of providing protection but like Tea said the reason you can't find information about their newton rating is because they aren't newton rated. Some of them don't even cover the armpits. And the single layer front closure is also problematic (most HEMA gambesons either have an overlap on the front or zip up the back or have some other similar solution.) So a thrust could just go through the front, slipping in between the two sides.

    The fact is they're just not fit for this purpose.

    [–] Waterproof Case Parsley_Sage 1 points ago in funny

    it's a combination of electricity and execution...

    [–] My sister is studying abroad in England and snagged this picture of Harry looking right at her! Parsley_Sage 44 points ago in pics

    No wings but...

    j/k He's actually a member of the Household Cavalry (from the The Blues and Royals regiment) who (in addition to being a regular armoured division) are the Queen's bodyguards and ceremonial guards.

    [–] The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Parsley_Sage 3 points ago in pics

    Shows how much attention I've been paying I guess.

    [–] H.P. Lovecraft: Fear Of The Unknown -- Documentary that looks at the life, work and mind behind the Cthulhu Mythos. (2008) Parsley_Sage 1 points ago in Documentaries

    Le wrong generation

    Among the many things that terrified Lovecraft he was also afraid of the past. Anything more than about 100 years old is damnably ancient to him. possibly also Cyclopean and Daemoniac with gambrel rooves

    [–] Gandhi was a pedophile, Mother Theresa liked to make poor people suffer, what other revered historical figure was actually not so great? Parsley_Sage 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in AskReddit

    Lovecraft hated and feared everyone who wasn't like him and also everyone who was exactly like him.

    He hated scientists but was fascinated by science and had friends who were scientists.

    He was an anti-Semite and thought of Europe (especially Eastern Europe) as a ancient land of evil and he married a Ukrainian Jewish woman (and presumably loved her).

    He was an odd bird.

    [–] Questions from a Beginner Parsley_Sage 5 points ago in wma

    Neyman has many strengths, shipping people the things they pay for is not one of them. You might get lucky... or they might lie to you constantly about sending it out to you for a year... if you can get what you want from a wholesaler then sure...

    [–] Questions from a Beginner Parsley_Sage 5 points ago in wma

    SupFen stuff is made from stolen designs by sweatshop workers out of questionable materials. It's basically counterfeit SPES and Neyman stuff.

    If you are worried about heat there's also the SPES AP light - it's about as protective as the SPES AP but 1kg lighter and its meant to be cooler too...

    [–] TIL that in Finland, doctoral candidates who receive a PhD also receive a top hat and a sword Parsley_Sage 3 points ago in todayilearned

    A spadroon was kind of an attempt to make a more military version of the gentleman's smallsword for officers (popular in Britain, France and America) by giving it some cutting capacity. The only problem is that instead of being good at everything most of them tend to be a bit crap at everything.

    [–] TIL that in Finland, doctoral candidates who receive a PhD also receive a top hat and a sword Parsley_Sage 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in todayilearned

    Possibly, don't know if they'd let you, you might be able to get someone like Regenyei Péter to make one slightly cheaper, I've never seen him do one with brass fittings before though so he might charge a bit more. What you could also do is get a much nicer blunt sword for about the same money - it's the scabard that's the real killer. A nice scabard costs more than a nice sword. Regenyei offers decent scabards for about €110 and upwards but not one that matches the kind they use.

    It's personal preference but I prefer just about every kind of sword, including the (in theory) less martial smallsword to the 18c spadroon which that Finnish sword resembles. I pretty much agree with this guy here

    I was mostly assuming that the sword was most of the cost though. For €1000 that's an absolute ripoff. You could get a really beautiful rapier for like €600... but it's the hat that makes up most of the cost. I don't know how much tophats cost, I've never been in the market for one but that's a lot of money honestly.