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    [–] If dogs can be put down for biting a 6 year old, then humans should be put down for raping and killing one Pathlessflyer 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I’m not sure I understand the whole “hUMaNs aND DogS AreN’T THe sAmE” argument. People think that this argument is invalid because a dog doesn’t understand what it’s doing but a human does? Wouldn’t we want to kill these people even more knowing that they knew what they were doing?

    [–] I’ve found the answer y’all Pathlessflyer 2 points ago in wowthanksimcured

    I think most of us on Reddit should probably be doing something more productive

    [–] I’ve found the answer y’all Pathlessflyer 1 points ago in wowthanksimcured

    This subreddit is such a circle jerk of self pity lmao

    [–] Stealing a homeless mans beloved pet Pathlessflyer 2 points ago in trashy

    Unfortunately I was just in Portland for a week a couple of months ago, I wish I could go back and save the pup though

    [–] Stealing a homeless mans beloved pet Pathlessflyer 0 points ago in trashy

    I know, that was more for all the people downvoting me 😅

    [–] Stealing a homeless mans beloved pet Pathlessflyer -3 points ago in trashy

    It was a whole group of human trash passed out on the sidewalk in broad daylight from taking who knows what, I wouldn’t have felt a speck of remorse taking that dog from them.

    [–] Stealing a homeless mans beloved pet Pathlessflyer -28 points ago in trashy

    One time I saw a group of homeless people with the most obese and dirty husky I have ever seen. It was just laying on the sidewalk with a piece of pizza by it’s face. I wanted to steal it so bad, it was so sad.

    [–] Finally hit 135 on my bench press and it feels amazing Pathlessflyer 6 points ago in gainit

    I’ve been stuck at 215 for 1RM forever now, I feel like I have a huge mental block keeping me from 225

    [–] Aouch... Pathlessflyer 291 points ago in sadcringe

    One time when I was in middle school I didn’t check my phone for an entire week to see who would text/call me and I didn’t have a single notification

    [–] Survey: Drunk shopping is a $45 billion industry Pathlessflyer 1 points ago in nottheonion

    I once ordered a samurai sword and a playboy from the month/year I was born while I was wasted. My girlfriend made me trash the playboy but I got to keep my sword!

    [–] Physique Phriday Pathlessflyer 5 points ago in Fitness

    Finally getting back into lifting/exercising after nearly 2 years of sitting around.


    Looking for some motivation to keep going to the gym plus some pointers on what I should focus on. Thanks!

    [–] Finding a Job for a teenager. Pathlessflyer 1 points ago in needadvice

    I work in a group home with individuals who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. It pays well and it’s something that actually makes a difference in others lives. I spend about 50 percent of my time doing homework or playing games on my laptop and the other 50 percent helping out the clients. It’s really a pretty great gig! If they have anything like that around you I would highly recommend it.

    [–] Suggesting that poor people shouldn't be popping out kids they can't afford isn't classist, it's common sense Pathlessflyer 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    All I’m saying is that in the United States of America anyone can access birth control. Anyone who says they cannot is either too lazy or too stupid. You can buy 100 condoms on amazon for 15 bucks. If you can’t afford 15 bucks for condoms you shouldn’t be reproducing. There’s tons of community health programs that give this stuff out for free. I’m sick of people being too lazy and playing the victim.