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    [–] OwO Pearlescen7 2 points ago in creepyasterisks

    Will you introduce her or let her find her furry way?

    [–] Ever just feel like secondary friend? Pearlescen7 1 points ago in CasualConversation

    You can never be real friends with this way though. Since I was a guy pretty good at a lot of things and also who had good manners in high school, people generally thought that I am too good for them and we couldn't get a balanced relationship. The thing is I know I am saying this in a arrogant way here but I was never arrogant near people and everybody was precious to me. I could never got the friendship that I wanted. So I decided to act more like them and give up from some pieces of my personality. Not surprisingly, it worked. In the end you shouldn't have too high standarts and should adapt to the place where you are to get better relationships. When you are going to hang out with someone who is better than the others get on his level. Vice versa.

    [–] Ever just feel like secondary friend? Pearlescen7 1 points ago in CasualConversation

    Let me tell you my story. I have a friend group of 4 which was only me and B guy. Then C and D got into the group and after some time even though I treat better to B and we spend more time with him, he started giving his priority to C guy. D guy was always like "thirdary (lol) "friend to everyone so I started getting closer to him and noticed that he is caring me more than B and C does (Gotta tell that C was a latecomer too. (Like a year late)). So I stopped giving the priority they don't deserve to B and C. Boom! I already feel more precious and less secondary. I know that I always have a friend that I can do something with, guaranteed. Even though it's sad, you have to do this sometimes. If you are not getting the response of your time and priority, stop wasting them.

    A wise guy said that: Never treat someone as a priority when they treat you as an option.

    (Writing this to my S Memo and putting a widget to the main screen of my phone helped a lot in the process.)

    [–] Oh really? Pearlescen7 1 points ago in gaming

    Night Sword from FFTactics as well.

    [–] What is something you own that is unconventional? Pearlescen7 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Who would prefer something like that!?!? Ugh.. Thank you so much kind stranger

    [–] List of the games where you can pet Neko Girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Pearlescen7 0 points ago in Games

    Then it's time to create one?!

    Edit: Since i know some programming i can spend literally all of my summer trying to do that lol.