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    [–] This is it people, we’ve hit peak 1984 PedeNeedsSpeed 2 points ago in The_Donald

    It took him 2 sentences to justify committing violence on a minor and to feel good about it. And then he projected what he is doing onto the victim. Like saying I am going to rape that person because they are a rapist. Marxism is a helluva drug.

    [–] Remember just a few months back when a group of Catholic Mom's said "if the Left destroyed Kavanaugh, it can also happen to our sons". And the media dismissed them as paranoid. PedeNeedsSpeed 47 points ago in The_Donald

    The really unbelievable part is that these woman assumed it could happen to their sons when they got older. Even just 2 months ago it couldn't be imagined the Marxists would come to destroy their 14 year old kids with the full support of journalists and the media.

    [–] Remember just a few months back when a group of Catholic Mom's said "if the Left destroyed Kavanaugh, it can also happen to our sons". And the media dismissed them as paranoid. PedeNeedsSpeed 85 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in The_Donald

    In retrospect it seems naive to think the only tool the Marxists might use to destroy their sons would be false sexual allegations. Apparently false accusations of any kind will do. Also it appears this video has been completely scrubbed from the internet.

    [–] MAGA Teen does not owe ANYONE an apology!!!! PedeNeedsSpeed 38 points ago in The_Donald

    Do they also ask rape and domestic abuse victims to apologize? The premise of this question is as enraging to me as anything that has been said in the past 2 days.

    [–] James Woods ~ Speak To The People,We Will Listen PedeNeedsSpeed 16 points ago in The_Donald

    I am calling it right now ... the major networks will contrive a reason to not cover the SOTU.

    [–] Snopes Introduces New 'Factually Inaccurate But Morally Right' Fact Check Result PedeNeedsSpeed 6 points ago in The_Donald

    If it wasn't for the "PARODY" flair .... if you put a gun to my head and made me say if this was real or not, I would have to toss a coin.

    [–] Fullsized image Lawyer Representing Covington Kids @Barnes_Law Receives Bomb Threat PedeNeedsSpeed 17 points ago in The_Donald

    And on redacted they think the side wearing red baseball caps are the violent ones. As always, reality is the exact opposite.

    [–] US Constitution Section 3 gives GEOTUS the unequivocal authority to give the SOTU whenever and wherever he wants! PedeNeedsSpeed 4 points ago in The_Donald

    Sure there must be a section that talks about a Government Shutdown and how the Speaker of the House has dictatorial powers to control access to the House of the People??

    [–] MAGA Lightning Strikes Again: HuffPo parent to lay off 7% of staff. womp womp PedeNeedsSpeed 53 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in The_Donald

    If the Trump era ends without a couple of the Leftist media outfits collapsing ... I will be very disappointed. I view this as more important than swamp drainage. I assume Soros is the only reason half these places still exist.

    [–] Scorcher! Bringing the heat! PedeNeedsSpeed 24 points ago in The_Donald

    "Alt Right Trolls" ... also known as ShareBlue Employees.

    [–] "MAGA KID" Answers NBC's Question: Are you sorry? ––– FUCK NO! ––– #STAND-YOUR-GROUND-MAGA! ––– FUCK ☭! PedeNeedsSpeed 160 points ago in The_Donald

    Did a Major Network reporter just ask a 13 year old boy if he had an apology for being a victim of a social media mob that fabricated horrible stories about him and now are causing his family to deal with death threats on a daily basis? DID THAT REALLY JUST FUCKING HAPPEN???? HOLY FUCKING SHIT.

    [–] I can’t take it any longer. You guys win! PedeNeedsSpeed 5 points ago in The_Donald

    If you think that is the first and only time the media has lied to you, you’re a special kind of stupid.

    I think this is the most succinct way I have heard this expressed.

    [–] Paid victim actor - EXPOSE THEM ALL PedeNeedsSpeed 14 points ago in The_Donald

    They disowned him faster than the Cherokee disowned Elizabeth Warren.

    [–] And tonight I saw possibly the biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen. CBS overnight news is covering the maga teens...cont PedeNeedsSpeed 9 points ago in The_Donald

    Iv'e heard like 10 people in the past 24 hours just casually say like it's an indisputable fact "Well the MAGA hat is a symbol of racism". The media spews it ... the retards repeat it.

    [–] Dear left. This is why your apologies mean nothing to us. PedeNeedsSpeed 31 points ago in The_Donald

    Because you said it repeatedly for 2 years, and your viewers are imbeciles?