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    [–] Buyer's remorse from my facebook connection Penguin_Cafe 3 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I have a history degree and am currently travelling the world and get paid to do it (although I have to teach) but hey I like teaching! The person in this post is just an entitled idiot, he could have any major and it wouldn't help him (or her).

    [–] Kidnapped Penguin_Cafe 0 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Russian troll be gone! You are an enemy, stop trying to brainwash Americans

    [–] Official Discussion: Isle of Dogs [SPOILERS] Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in movies

    Just saw the movie in a Japanese movie theater with Japanese friends and a Japanese audience. Everyone enjoyed the movie and thought it was good. I actually have only been to a theater here a few other times where the audience laughed and got so vocally engaged with the movie.

    I think westerners talking about why the Japaneae should be offended is far more racist than anything Wes put in the movie. This is a western movie made for western audiences, Japanese people understand that. Not to mention I've seen my fair share of Japanese movies with similar plot points just with the "understandable" ethnicities switched.

    I'm not trying to call you a racist or anything, Im just saying white people criticizing the movie about how it could be perceived as racist without even consulting the race in question is just another form of racism called the "great white saviour" complex. Trust that Wes did his homework and there were plenty of in jokes for Japanese audiences that western audiences wouldn't catch. No need to act like we know what's right and wrong for peoples of other cultures.

    [–] Stealth +100 Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in funny

    You vs. The guy she tells you not to worry about

    [–] Movement to call migrant detention centers 'concentration camps' swells online Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in politics

    WE should go to these camps and demand to be let inside, to see for ourselves and hear the charges. These are children being stripped from their parents and locked in warehouses and tent cities in the desert, on our tax dollars. We are paying, and if they wont let us in we should tear down the walls.

    [–] Republicans called one "treason," but I can't find mention of the other on Fox, Drudge, or r/the_donald Penguin_Cafe 19 points ago in Fuckthealtright

    Because he's black and the only way to be an effective leader is to swing your Dick around and bully smaller countries. Bowing is nothing more than a gesture of respect in Japan, not a sign of subservience.

    Why it's ok for Trump to salute a North Korean general? Well I guess you are expecting these people to have some modicum of principles (hint: They dont)

    [–] Huckabee-Sanders Defends Ripping Children From Parents, Because It's "Very Biblical to Enforce the Law" Penguin_Cafe 3 points ago in politics

    I don't really believe in any of this myself, but part of me really want their to be a god with these rules because it means Trump and his whole cabal of sick fucks are going straight to hell. Cosmic justice in a way

    [–] New York files suit against Trump, alleging his charity engaged in ‘illegal conduct’ Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in politics

    Has anyone in the Turmp family ever done something good for their fellow human beings? Every single story is about the preying on the weak and stealing from the vulnerable. Whether it be Donald with his and his illegal executive orders and regulatory capture, or his filthy children and shit like this. Or all of them working together. Almost incredible that such horrible people actually exist and how we are not all burning this shit down yet is beyond me.

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    Unfortunately it looks like you are on a big plane

    [–] Norway PM Says the U.S. Is Losing Global Sway Penguin_Cafe 7 points ago in worldnews

    Whether Chinese cultural hegemony is wrong, right, good, or bad is up to everyone to decide for themselves. I'm not trying to make a statement about whether it's bad or not, just about what is happening and what will continue to happen with the degrade of the Western alliance.

    Really, it might be better for African people to have Chinese investment, all I'm saying is the West forfeited it's influence over these communities by not investing in their well being like the Chinese do. Will they become Chinese? No, but China will increasingly be seen as the most legitimate state actor.

    What I'm really talking about is not the destruction of the West and Democracy, but the irrelevance of them. Our entire modern international order is built around the legitimacy of democracy and the rule of law. In the near future we very well may be seeing a world where western democracies have little say in the international order due to their small size. This is in an American isolationist scenario, or worse, a scenario where America becomes an authoritarian actor itself.

    That is the more subtle cultural issue and I should have been more clear. A total dynamic shift In global politics is what the world faces. What happens when the international rule of law is shaped by authoritarian actors? Personally I don't think it would be good, but I guess history books won't know the difference.

    [–] Norway PM Says the U.S. Is Losing Global Sway Penguin_Cafe 18 points ago in worldnews

    Not as apparent as when the West does it, but China is meddling quite a bit in world affairs already beyond border issues. Just look at Chinese investment in Africa over the past decade, it's absolutely insane the amount of money they've poured into the continent, and they now own a ton of resources there and are becoming the dominant cultural force in that region. With the African continent having the highest population growth rates, that is millions upon millions of more people that will grow up under the sway of Chinese corporate (an by extension, government influence).

    I say government as well because Chinese industry is intimately tied to the totalitarian communist party's wants and needs. You absolutely do not sneeze without government approval in China, so all these investments are being carefully scrutinized and utilized undoubtedly.

    As far as why that's a threat to Western ideology, well just look at the facts. China's culture currently, and always has, revolved around the idea that the individual is inconsequential to the power and will of authority. This cultural ideal is not only still pertinent in the current "communist" government, but delicately maintained and enforced. The government displays absolute control over it's nearly 2 billion citizens, implementing new technologies every year that allow it to spy on and evaluate their citizenry more effectively. It doesn't stop there, Chinese tech companies (such as Trump's beloved ZTE) actively put these spy technologies on devices, and there is little doubt the Chinese government doesn't have the ability to tap in and spy on whoever is using this tech. The most recent case being Chinese citizens being arrested after travelling abroad for conversations they had on whats app.

    This all boils down to the Chinese government actively trying to subvert democracy on a global scale, and they are already under way. With huge cyber campaigns against Australia, multiple countries in Europe, and the US, they are really trying their best to influence word affairs. If the US and western alliance is destroyed like ol Trumpy so desperately wants, they have free reign to spread their industry (and the spy technology that comes with it), people, and authoritarian cultural ideals across the world with little to stop them. Much in the same way America tries to spread and enforce "democracy" on a global scale currently.

    Truth is, without the US supporting western democratic ideals, they simply don't really exist on a larger global scale. The vast majority of people on earth live under some form of authoritarianism already, and even those that live under democracies don't really have a say because of how corrupt and non-representational democracies become over time. Both China and Russia are biting at the bits to spread their influence, and without the West using its resources to stay the dominant cultural force, authoritarianism will become the norm the world over.

    Don't have faith in Europe salvaging any of this either. The GDP and populations of Europe's largest economies are nothing compared to the power of US economic output. Not to mention their military resources don't come close to America's. America turns it back on Europe, and Europe is beyond fucked.

    [–] U.S., Japan decline to sign G7 agreement to reduce plastic waste in oceans Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in worldnews

    Lol you can say "fuck this shit" all you want to but it won't change a damn thing. Japan is Japan, you either go with the wa or suffer. Not sure why I'm being downvoted, I've lived here for a long while now and it's just the truth.

    [–] 'Fox & Friends' host calls North Korea summit a meeting of 'two dictators' Penguin_Cafe 5 points ago in Trumpgret

    They already did this with the term "racist" now half of America doesn't even know what a racist is, but they believe it isn't them (even if they are).

    [–] U.S., Japan decline to sign G7 agreement to reduce plastic waste in oceans Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in worldnews

    Yup and if you don't do it they usher you out like your a toddler and explain how to put it on.

    Source: Live in Japan

    [–] Feminism makes men afraid of women Penguin_Cafe 3 points ago in NotHowGirlsWork

    He's referring to the people that are currently destroying the world who look like him. Plus, there's nothing wrong with admitting the past was fucked and trying to build a better future by not making the same mistakes.

    Only lazy fucks want to sit around blaming others for their problems

    [–] Trump claims U.S. is ‘respected again' in the world. 'Preposterous,' say allies and diplomats. Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in politics

    Lol I live in Japan and I literally have to convince people that I'm not a Trump supporter or an advocate of current American policy in order for people to even give me the time of day. I lived here in 2015 when Obama was president and they thought it was so awesome and everyone was so much more positive about America. Respect is gone and American are the laughing stock of Earth now.

    [–] Lawmaker 'Disturbed' That FCC Made up DDOS, Lied to Press Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in technology

    Idk, Indian people managed to oust the British by boycotting them when most of them didn't make enough to live anyways. They worked as a unified people to support eachother and be self dependent so they wouldn't have to rely on British industry. Americans could easily support eachother in a mass boycott with how much wealth we share as a collective.

    Fact is Americans are just weak willed and lazy, too priviledged for too long