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    [–] What experiments/tests do you think the government are doing that we have no idea about? Penguin_Cafe 3 points ago in AskReddit

    That's becauae the US got a sweet deal to get all that data for free to use in their new chemical and biological weapons labs. Most of the "scientists" and leaders responsible for Unit 731 got off scott free and became prominent members of Japanese society in exchange for that data.

    [–] chuds_irl Penguin_Cafe 52 points ago in Fuckthealtright

    Omfg I'd hate that purely because it would ruin the plot and make no sense, but fuck it the delicious Alt right tears would be salty

    [–] Another Facebook find Penguin_Cafe 16 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    Because it's 2018 and memes are starting to literally destroy the newly conneted world

    [–] How do you know? Penguin_Cafe 27 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Yeah you can tell how fucked powerful people are in this country by their assumption that ALL men raped somebody in high school. Like??? I guess its probably normal at those prep boy boarding schools rich people send their heirs to.

    [–] BoJack Horseman - 5x07 "INT. SUB" - Episode Discussion Penguin_Cafe -2 points ago in BoJackHorseman

    Yup, I've been saying she's worse than Bojack in a lot of ways since Season 1, but people shot me down. Glad they are developing that side of her character further.

    [–] What a silly hypothetical Penguin_Cafe 3 points ago in MurderedByWords

    This is a dude who was literally nominated by Trump exclusively so he can shield Trump if a criminal case against him reaches the supreme court (which it undoubtedly will). Also he forced a girl who was raped to delay her abortion.

    This is not a good or nice man, if the rape accusations are true than that's just the cherry on top. Just because he totes out his boring white daughters as some type of sick testament to his "purity" doesnt mean he's someone with no dirt.

    [–] What a silly hypothetical Penguin_Cafe 6 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Um they are both going beore the senate on Monday dumbass

    [–] Throwing sodium in the river Penguin_Cafe 7 points ago in interestingasfuck

    You dont see enough old newsreel footage as evidence for things on Reddit

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in greentext

    I'm not accusing of you of thinking rape is good, but your argument invalidates a lot of real victims from getting justice. Only if someone is raped in a way that leaves physical evidence, and they immediately go to a police station without washing or changing clothes, are subjected to rape kit, and hopefully have witnesses, only then will there be solid forensic evidence to try the rapist. Unfortunately, while cases like that do happen, the vast majority of rapes are not reported right away, and many aren't reported until months, years or decades later. In the case of the latter, we just have to reconstruct the events using supplementary evidence rather than physical evidence.

    So no, we can't just dismiss all delayed reports as false.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in greentext

    Fine bro, literally cut yourself off from social events and all women just in case! Life is scary and of course there's shitheads out there, just live life and expect that your life won't be ruined by an incredibly rare occurrence like this, I mean you literally have as high a chance, if not higher of getting shot to death in a mass shooting every time you leave your house as you do of being falsely accused of rape.

    Go to parties with your friends, and stay away from crazy ladies. But don't silence real victims because you're scared for yourself. Might as well take away guns while we're at it, and turn public spaces into TSA checkpoints.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in greentext

    Guess what boi, I don't know you and I've literally never met you irl. See, I think this is why people on this website are so off kilter, the only way anyone would ever believe a rape accusation is if the actual rape occurring is in the realm of possibility. People here are literally afraid of women off the street they've never seen before accusing them of rape. The only time an accusation would be taken seriously is if you have some type of history with the person, and the timeline and testimony of the accuser line up with whatever you were doing at the time.

    Do you seriously think these accusations work by women just pointing at someone and then that man is arrested and has his family and job taken away without any further thought? Idiots.

    Addition: To put this simply A woman can't falsely accuse of rape if they don't know who you are. If you ever realistically think that a woman you know is about to falsely accuse you for whatever reason let others know how you feel and DISTANCE yourself beyond a reasonable doubt. Nobody falsely accuses someone of a felony unless they believe they have very good reason to ruin someone's life, and if you think a woman you know hates you that much, get yo self out of there.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 0 points ago in greentext

    I guess we should just give the Catholic Church a free pass for raping all those kids then huh? It happened 30-50 years ago! Hardly any evidence around for that I'd say except flimsy witness testimony

    Go read a book

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 0 points ago in greentext

    Do you just not read or what? The justice system is exactly why we are having this conversation. How can we possibly know what is false and what is true in cases where there is no evidence, or the crime happened years ago? You seem dangerously close to suggesting that anyone that was groped, harassed, or raped as a teen or child should keep their mouth shuts or get ready to be charged with accusations of committing falsehoods. I'm just saying the closest we can get to justice in these cases is listening to the supposed victim, and listening to what the accused has to say. Otherwise all the burden falls on the victim to prove their victimhood, which would doubly victimize the vast majority of accusers who actually were victims.

    All of this is just a Alt-Right incel bullshit conspiracy anyways. How many actual real world cases are there are of men being falsely accused of rape and tried for it? Probably a few dozen at most, and that's no worse than any other crime that's been falsely levied at others, and hardly worth worrying about in a population of 360 million. The vast majority of rape accusations are true, and both men and women are victimized by rapist on a daily basis in numbers in the hundreds, if not thousands.

    The only reason this post is trending is because of the Kavanaugh hearings and a mix of alt-right and Russian bots trying to discredit his accuser so he can be railroaded through to defend Trump from prosecution when the hammer drops. How could it be this post is on the front page the exact same day he is accused of rape, fucking coincidence huh? Luckily for the bots and paid accounts, there are plenty of neckbeards on this site that will go along with this narrative and are misogynistic piss babies who are angry women won't sleep with them. Men are not the "real" victims, and I have no doubt Kavanaugh actually raped that woman and this is a propaganda hit job. Nice job helping the Nazis and Russians

    [–] Megathread: Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Public Hearing On Kavanaugh Accusations, Vote Postponed Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in politics

    How is it moral to punish a child for their parents poor judgement? I hate to break it to you but minors cant be held culpable for being born. You seriously think if someone gets pregnant they should he held at gunpoint to give birth to a child they cannot raise or afford, and then that child you forced to exist should be cursed to a life of poverty and possible abuse because you want the life but don't care if they live?? Go fuck yourself, either let people correct their mistakes or help the life your forcing into this world have a fighting chance. I cant believe sick psycopaths like you believe you are morally right.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in greentext

    Yes and I am simply stating how do you know if someone is lying if there is no evidence or it happened years ago? You literally cannot sometimes, and that's why some innocents end up ostracized in the court of public opinion. Nobody is arguing that if someone is found out to be a false accuser that they shouldn't be punished

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in greentext

    That is literally what we are arguing about?

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in greentext

    Well if she scared you so much then you did the right thing by distancing yourself, but just know if she was saying what I was saying she didn't mean that innocent men should be thrown under the bus, just that it will happen in an environment where we actually believe the victim as opposed to one where men are always protected.

    Here's my advice, if a woman seems liable to falsely accuse you for whatever reason. Keep your distance, if she's a coworker notify your employers and your family and friends about your concerns, and make sure you are never in a compromising position with this woman. In the unlikely chance you are falsely accused, then you'll have an alibi and evidence to show you were wary of this happening which will put the burden of proof on the accuser and not you, and if it's a false allegation there will be no proof.

    Although I don't give that advice just for false rape allegations. Literally if you ever feel like anyone in your life might accuse of a crime you did not commit, you should follow the steps above. Also you should definitely cut someone out of your life you believe is liable to falsely accuse you of something.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 1 points ago in greentext

    No I don't want it to be that way, but as long as we have a justice system that relies on witness and victim testimony and places the burden of evidence on the accused, there will always be innocent people who are treated like criminals because of false accusations. Whether that's with murder, stealing, cheating, rape, or any other crime under the sun. I'm just saying the current system we have where we actually believe a rape victims testimony is much better for everyone than the old system where the man was always protected unless they were caught in the act.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in greentext

    Ok but I literally did not say that men accused of rape are guilty until proven innocent did I? I said that in cases where the statute of limitations has expired or there is zero tangible evidence, evidence needs to be gather from both sides and any possible witnesses in order to decide who is telling the truth and who isn't. More often than not, since the statue of limitations is expired these types of cases won't be charged in a criminal court, and will often be decided in the court of public opinion, which will never be fair in the first place. I was just emphasizing that there is often no clear answer, but that doesn't mean the accused didn't do it, or the victim is lying.

    Treating every rape or sexual harassment claim as a criminal case that can only be proven true by solid forensic evidence puts heavy burden on the victim who might not have any proof except their lived trauma. Does that mean they should never come out, or that they should always be considered liars in cases with no evidence or witnesses? No. Should men automatically be vilified and driven from society if accused with no evidence? Also no.

    I'm just saying in a system like this, innocent people will slip through the cracks sometimes, and so will guilty people who really did rape someone. We as a society cannot say to all rape victims, "unless you have forensic evidence to prove your victimization beyond a reasonable doubt, you are not to be believed". Cause if we do that, lots of people will get away with being a rapist, way more than every innocent man who has been falsely accused under the new system. That is unacceptable, and I don't know why that is such a hard concept for you guys. I don't want innocent men to lose their lives because of false accusations, and as a man myself I would never want that to happen, but as long as people are people you can never stop false accusations. All we can do is try to make the process of understanding what happened fair both to the supposed victim, and accused.

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe 2 points ago in greentext

    Why are you so terrified that this woman will accuse you of sexual assault? Because she explained she believes that people who claim they have been raped should be listened to? Did she threaten you, or are you just brainwashed into believing that any woman who believes in victim justice is one step away from falsely accusing you? Sounds like you have some mental hold ups and fears to work through buddy

    [–] Anon speaks the truth Penguin_Cafe -18 points ago in greentext

    I usually just lurk here but I've got to point out the flaw here, which is that for all of history women have never been believed over a mans word regardig rape, and that has only changed in the past few decades, and mostly the past few years really.

    In the past if a woman, especially a young girl, accused a man of rape and there wasnt a lot of evidence to back it up or it happened a while ago, not only would the man go completely unpunished but the woman would be crucified and villified for what happened to her. Even today many prominent men get off with little to no punishment for real rapes. Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Crosby, etc. All known rapist yet not one of them have lost their wealth or been formally charged with any crimes.

    Man children in this thread are acting like all women are shreikeing fiends just waiting to destroy all sweet innocent men and their 9-5 45k a year jobs for ???? The cold hard facts are that no man has a higher chance of being falsely accused of rape than he does of any other crime. Unless of course he's an actual rapist or someone that might act on impulses that might not gel with our modern sex culture of consent and respect.

    Nobody in our society is trying to shield women from being punished for false accusations, instead we see a hesitance to immeadiately dismiss what a woman has to say like we did in the past. If there is solid evidence the girl lied, then they get punished accordingly and there is plenty of cases of that. But the fact is that there is no evidence for a lot of sexual crimes because a) They happened many years ago and the victim was too tramautized, or too scared to submit themselves to a rape kit and trial, or b) It wasnt something you can get solid evidence from, i.e. groping, unwatned kissing, sexual harrassment, etc.

    So you have two options now when an accusation arises with the conditions of A and B and no other evidence: 1. Dismiss the victims narrative altogether, and dont look any further into it, protecting the man accused entirely (the old way), or 2. Take the victims word until evidence proves that she's beyond a doubt lying, and in the meantime search for corraborating witnesses or confidants who can verify the events accused.

    Yes, sometimes there is no resolution for either side, and I have no doubt some mens lives were ruined by false accusations that were never resolved. But should we dismiss all accusations to protect any men in the future from falling into the same fate? Fuck god damn no, because the alternative is letting women be raped in mass with no consequences. Sorry its just a fact of life that innocent peoples lives will be ruined by horrible peoples false accusations in a justice system that's far from perfect. Remember there are plenty of people on death row who never harmed a fly that are framed for murder.

    Just trust the women in your life, dont put yourself in a compromisng situation if you feel that something is iffy, and if you feel that something is iffy make sure there are people around who know exactly how you feel. As long as you arent an actual creep, 99% of the time you wont be accused of shit, and by and large more real victims will see justice. Sorry for the rsnt but men in this thread are fucking retarded.