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    [–] Saw this on another sub. This gif is hot! PenguinsPuffin 8 points ago in actuallesbians

    I replayed this more times than I'm comfortable admiting.

    [–] Papa John's Pulls NFL-Associated Ads Citing 'Negative Consumer Sentiment' PenguinsPuffin 1 points ago in television

    I really try not to hate people but I hope nothing positive for this guy. I've met him a couple times a long time ago. Total dick. Screams about prices and what we're going to do for him. I know someone who has worked with him. Totally sabotaged an event he was paid to be at. Fuck him and his shitty pizza.

    [–] SHRM-CP PenguinsPuffin 1 points ago in humanresources

    I've been reading the online study material, taking notes, then going over flash cards and finally taking a ton of pre test. It's so much material that I am also overwhelmed and I'm not sure what is actually relevant. I'm worried I'm spending too much time on one subject (organization to be exact). I feel exactly the same about not being prepared. I've only been in HR for a year but I was an operations manager for 4 years before that and some of this material I've never heard of before or I think "that's not quite the way I did it." I think I'm going to put 60 -70 hours into this, I would be so embarrassed to fail.

    [–] sex question PenguinsPuffin 2 points ago in actuallesbians

    I second these responses. It's totally normal and she should be proud of herself. The sheets will wash.

    [–] Either my girlfriend is cheating on me or I'm paranoid PenguinsPuffin 1 points ago in actuallesbians

    I think you've already answered your own question by saying you don't trust her. Relationships don't work without trust. I would bid her a farewell and let her know you need someone who respects you more than that.

    [–] Tifu by cleaning my clothes washer debris filter PenguinsPuffin 2 points ago in tifu

    Oh, this happened to me. I'm handy, I can tackle lint removal! My fiancée even complemented me! Two hours of being a slave to the washer pouring out water little by little my slightly smaller ego calls a repairman.

    [–] Haven't Talked To You in 10 years? PenguinsPuffin 50 points ago in creepyPMs

    You may be right. However, I struggle to believe having a open and frank conversation about appropriate behavior would have resonated with him.

    [–] Haven't Talked To You in 10 years? PenguinsPuffin 1010 points ago in creepyPMs

    He hasn't yet, but he read it

    [–] Haven't Talked To You in 10 years? PenguinsPuffin 877 points ago in creepyPMs

    I know!! That was the worst part!

    [–] What is the most fucked/messsed up thing you have ever witnessed? PenguinsPuffin 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Im an operations manager at an airport working outside in the middle of summer. I hear tires trying to brake, and as I look up, I see a motorcycle and a woman fly over a concert barrier. The woman hit hers face square on a guardrail and the bike lands on top her. When I get to her she isn't wearing a helmet and the bones in her face are so broken I can't tell her age. Her pulse is slow and I am trying to keep her awake. While I'm asking her general questions she just keeps repeating, "Am I ok?" I tell her that she is fine while her cheek bone is sticking out of her face.

    [–] Triumphant Thursday Thread for the week of February 16, 2017 PenguinsPuffin 10 points ago in personalfinance

    I was given a small promotion with a 4,500 raise this week. I put half of it into my 401k and the other half into savings.

    [–] Just a little rant - I'm tired of straight men not respecting lesbian relationships PenguinsPuffin 4 points ago in actuallesbians

    Yes, I did. Except the "eased" part. I announced to the entire bar that he likes to pretend he's a woman.

    [–] As a bi woman, how do I tactfully respond to a lesbian I'm flirting with when she starts grilling me about my attraction levels? PenguinsPuffin 6 points ago in actuallesbians

    It's unfortunate you had to spend your night justifying your sexuality to this person instead of getting to know each other. She seems pretty insecure about something, and maybe justifiably so. However, if the roles were reversed and I had to explain to a bi girl why I'm a lesbian I would politely tell her to fuck off.

    [–] Just a little rant - I'm tired of straight men not respecting lesbian relationships PenguinsPuffin 13 points ago in actuallesbians

    I once had one of my guy best friends make a dating profile as a girl and try to date me. When I confronted him about it, he said he thought he could ease me into a relationship with him. Never ceases to amaze me.

    [–] 2 months/6 months PenguinsPuffin 1 points ago in GermanShepherd

    Yesss! I love them before they grow into their ears and are still awkward in their bodies!!! So cute!!!