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    [–] Mexico's president-elect will cancel planned $1.36 billion U.S. helicopter order Peppyperoni 2 points ago in worldnews

    So you're entering into the second happiest time of boat ownership. I hope you have some fond memories of the tim3 between the two?

    [–] Why my microwave makes me lose Wi-Fi connection. Part 1? [OC] Peppyperoni 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    I had this problem about a month before my microwave died completely. I was guessing something was going fucky with the magnetron or whatever it is that does the microwave making. Or something else. When I got a new microwave I no longer lost signal while cooking.

    [–] Build twisted column with bricks Peppyperoni 43 points ago in specializedtools

    With no way of knowing which hole you had the pin in last. They need to make it like a cribbage board so you don't lose your place.

    [–] The results are in! The grand total for today’s carnage is $2,505 Peppyperoni 42 points ago in Skookum

    I had no idea mallets were so expensive. We've probably got $100k in wooden ones alone! That's a sick ashtray though dude.

    [–] Mr. Doug Ford hates this movement Peppyperoni 17 points ago in ontario

    Meanwhile Doug Ford, who wore pants today probably hates kilts.

    What a stupid fucking post. Do we know he hates straws or do you just want me to think that he is an asshole?

    [–] Mr. Doug Ford hates this movement Peppyperoni 5 points ago in ontario

    Take your probably and your spiffy team speak and kindly fuck off.

    [–] ...aaand, now I need to change my pants Peppyperoni 3 points ago in gifs

    Did he build houses stores and banks? The mousetrap box is great. I've gotta remember that for April fools.

    [–] Bimini top Installation question Peppyperoni 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in boating

    That's the solution. OP might also need to move the tension bar fittings or cut the tension bars to get the frame level when it's properly tensioned. Although even after that it looks like it might be awful low.

    This is why the trade of marine canvas exists. Despite what mail-order boat toppers try to tell you their boat tops do not often just plop onto a boat with ease. I would like everyone to remember all the time and effort they spent pissing around with stuff like this from mail order and then think about why your local custom shop was so expensive. You're only buying half the job, the bimini. You're not paying for a guy like me to build it for your boat and not leave till it works and you're happy.

    Source- I make biminis and often get paid to put on bimini-in-a-box's when they don't workout right And another dude who tried a convertible top

    [–] Cost of building boats? Peppyperoni 1 points ago in boatbuilding

    Thank you very much! Good luck boat building! It's nearly as fun as padding!

    [–] Cost of building boats? Peppyperoni 1 points ago in boatbuilding

    Yes, fir ply frames. It paddles amazing. Tracks super straight and coasts forever (feels like it anyway) and very fast. It's a joy to paddle. The first time out you feel unstable but in a few minutes it's great. You'd really have to try to tip it.

    I don't have much experience with nice kayaks, I've mostly used really shitty ones but I love this boat. I'm making another as we speak.

    [–] Some of the needles I use as a Sailmaker! Largest is a NM: 300, Size 29 Peppyperoni 2 points ago in sewing

    Sweet! Where do you get them from? And what's with the end on the big one? Does it fit in a punch or something? Looks like a machine needle.

    [–] ELI5:How do rollercoaster designers account for the varying weight of passengers? Peppyperoni 2 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I actually just repaired some 'crash dummies' for an amusement park. They are large bags that get filled with water and strapped in.

    [–] I Hate it when... some idiot says “the two happiest days of a boaters life is when you buy the boat and sell the boat”. I always reply the happiest time is when I put her in the water and the safest is when I have to take her out of the water. Then I say it sucks to be you. Peppyperoni 4 points ago in boating

    I think the sentiment is partly relief that your boat sold because you bought a new one. The other half is relief you got your money out. If you think about all the work you've done and all the work you haven't done, but should do, when a guy comes along and buys it it gives you great joy because he might recognize the care you've put into it and also overlook all the deficiencies. It's a bittersweet moment. I didn't understand it either till I sold a boat I almost completely rebuilt after I already owned the next boat for a few months.

    [–] When you want a lathe but all you have is a drill and grinder. Peppyperoni 5 points ago in Skookum

    There's a company in Guelph, Ontario that makes skookum as frig bike trailers and stuff called Wike they are fucking awesome and will sell all the parts they make their trailers out of. Their hitch is an awesome rubber thing with a bracket that goes on your bike and attaches with a pin. You might think a rubber hitch sucks but I've had my trailer loaded so heavy I couldn't lift the bike and the hitch was fine. I've left it outside the last ten years and it's getting a bit fucked now but still works.

    I'd love to work for these guys. They're cool shit. I had my bike stolen and called to order a new bracket and they sent it to me free because my bike was stolen!

    [–] Why I won’t be taking my family to the U.S. this summer | Steve Paikin Peppyperoni 2 points ago in canada

    I felt better giving to a dictatorship than I do giving it to a warmongering fascist. At least Cuba has something like 90+% literacy. They got that going for them at least.

    [–] How to remove this burn stain? Peppyperoni 1 points ago in boating

    It's pink mold. You will not get rid of it.

    [–] Popcorn analytics [OC] Peppyperoni 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Do you think you could make an app that listened to you pour the kernels in a bowl to count them and then listened to them pop to tell you when they were done? I always burn a batch waiting for them to finish and then the next batch I jump the gun and pull out early. I've dreamed of an app that could give you a percentage popped or something.

    [–] Where to camp when Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park is booked? Peppyperoni 1 points ago in canada

    The Cape Croker Campground is fabulous and worth checking out. Bluewater park in Wiarton is nice, right on the beach, but not very private or rustic. Quite a few private campgrounds in Sauble Beach and oliphant as well. Miller Lake further up the peninsula has a couple and is nice.